8 Signs You Are Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

Are you in love with your best friend? It can be difficult to tell. While it might seem like you’re in love with them, the way you’re feeling might not be quite the same as “love.”

When you find yourself caring for someone deeply, prioritizing them over other people, feeling close to them, and wanting to be with them all the time, it could be that you’re in love with them.

Many things can lead someone to believe that they are in love with their best friend. It is more common than one may think.

When you have a best friend, you can know that they’re your best friend by how comfortable they make you feel. You can tell they’re your friend because of the way they’re there for you in tough times and want to cheer you up when things aren’t going well.

But sometimes, you feel that it is more than friendship; you start feeling that it’s love. If this happens, there are many signs to look out for. For example – Having an obsession with their every move, thinking about them all day long, and being bummed when they don’t respond quickly to your texts or calls.

At the beginning of a new relationship, it’s natural to feel some kind of spark – even if it’s just a little one. And as relationships progress, those sparks can grow into full-blown fireworks.

Below are a few signs that you are in love with your best friend-

1) Things Are Suddenly Different.

When you start seeing your best friend in a different light, it’s actually really cute. Suddenly, you find yourself attracted to them; your heart starts to beat faster, and you feel butterflies in your stomach when you see or talk to him/her. You feel like no words are good enough for this person that means so much to you.

It is a cause of great confusion when you feel like doing things with your best friend that normally couples would do. You don’t want to lose your best friend, but you also feel like you have fallen in love with them.

2. You Crave for their Attention.

You may look at them and wonder why they seem more attractive than usual or why their voice sounds more appealing. When they say something funny, it makes you laugh harder than expected. All of a sudden, this person becomes the most attractive person in the world to you.

You can tell if you’re in love with someone when you feel like they make your life better and you want to spend time with them. You don’t feel any second thoughts or uncertainty about your feelings for them. When you’re in love, you know that the person is all yours and they belong to you.

You might be falling in love with your best friend if they’re the one who you turn to for attention more than anyone else. When you are out with a group of friends, you will find yourself paying the most attention to the person you share this special bond with.

You can’t seem to stop gazing at them, not really paying attention to anyone else. It feels like they’re taking up a lot of space in your head. You don’t pay attention to other people the same way as before.

3. You Can Turn To Them For Everything.

.When you love your best friend, you’ll feel an urge to talk to him/her about every detail of your day. If you think they’re on your mind all the time, it’s because you are more than just friends.

When you turn to them, no matter what the issue is, it’s a sign you’re quite fond of them. They’ve been your go-to for anything, and now you have started seeing a romantic partner in them.

You’ve known them for a while and feel at ease talking to them. It feels natural to see them as your go-to person.

4. Jealousy

It is essential to distinguish between being in love and being infatuated with someone. The former is the deep, intense feeling of attachment. The latter can be defined as a passionate, short-lived passion or desire for someone you are not already in a committed relationship with.

It could be that you are in love with your friend but don’t know it yet. When someone else pays attention to your best friend, being jealous is one of the most obvious signs you have feelings for them. You were besties for years, but all of a sudden, you discovered they are in a relationship, and now you feel unwanted and jealous.

5. You Notice Little Things About Them.

You love to spend time with them and notice little details about them. There is a constant feeling like you’re in love, but you are not really sure.

Maybe you notice that they’re wearing a new shirt, or they have a new haircut, or they’ve got something on their teeth. Maybe it’s the way they move their hands when they talk to you or the sound of their voice when they tell a joke.

But even if it’s not any of those things, maybe it’s just the way they are with you. The way that your best friend holds your hand when you’re being particularly vulnerable with each other.

When you have a crush on someone, it increases your awareness of a person. You notice all their little habits and might feel like you’ve never been around them before; it also changes the way they look or sound to you.

6. You Always Want to See

The feeling of love can be confusing. Some people say it’s a choice, others say it’s a chemical reaction, and then there are those who say love is simply a complicated mix of biology and sociology.

If you find yourself craving to see your best friend all day and it’s interfering with your ability to focus on other things, it could be a sign that you are falling in love with him/her. You may have had good friends before, but there’s something magical about taking that friendship to the next level.

You develop this habit to remember the little details of meeting your friend, and each time you do, you feel more connected to them, even if it’s not always for very long. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll always see yourself finding excuses to meet with your friend.

7. You Get Nervous Around Them.

You will always feel a little nervous around them. You’ll notice that seeing them makes your heart race, and it would take a little while before you can speak.

That feeling when there are butterflies in your stomach? It’s from the excitement of being in love. When you fall in love, it’s usual to have changes in your own behavior.

So many people feel nervous around their crush. Whether it’s because you’re not sure if the person likes you back or because you’re scared of rejection, it can be hard to know what to do in this situation.

8. You Try to Look More Attractive.

If you’re making more of an effort to look nice when you’re going to see your best friend, it’s because you’ve started developing feelings for them.

You put more effort into getting dressed because you know that you might run into your friend. You want them to notice how attractive your outfit looks, and it makes you happy to feel special in their eyes.

It is very common to fall head over heels for someone who is your best friend. If these feelings don’t go away after a few days, then it’s time to take a closer look at what’s really going on.

It may be time to revisit the way that you have been treating them and consider if there has been anything that has made them feel unloved or neglected by you. The sooner this is addressed, the better it will be for both of you.

It is very common to fall head over heels for someone who is your best friend, and it is not easy to recognize the signs of this love. If you find yourself thinking about this person all the time or wondering what they are doing, or feeling a sense of loss when they are not around, then it might be a sign of love.

It is complicated because many other factors can contribute to those feelings, such as intimacy, familiarity, and security.

The only way to be sure that you’re in love with your best friend is by analyzing the way you feel about them and how they treat you.



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