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9 Tips To Make him Miss You More

When a man says he missed you, it makes you feel happy and needed. It’s never easy to be sure that your man thinks of you and misses you when you’re not around. It is strongly believed that – “absence

How Do I Keep a Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him?

With the new, more accessible forms of dating apps and the high availability of casual-type sex, getting in bed with a man has never been easier. With no pressure on either party to maintain the relationship, you’re left wondering what

9 Signs He Just Wants You Sexually

At times, when you are in a relationship, you feel like something is missing. There is no spark; often, you find yourself questioning whether your partner might have said or done something that has negatively affected you. You feel that

8 Great Tips for Dating When You’re Overweight

The dating scene can be difficult for anyone. However, it can be especially challenging for overweight people. Dating when you’re overweight often comes with the pressure of justifying your weight while staying true to yourself. It is important to remember

Tips to Feel Less Nervous While Texting Your Crush

You feel nervous about texting your crush because you don’t want to come across as desperate or needy. You’re afraid that your crush is already interested in someone else and will reject you. Texting is a great way to avoid

8 Signs You Are Falling in Love With Your Best Friend

Are you in love with your best friend? It can be difficult to tell. While it might seem like you’re in love with them, the way you’re feeling might not be quite the same as “love.” When you find yourself

9 Tips To Get Over Someone You Never Dated

There are a variety of steps you can take to get over someone you never dated. Different methods may work for you depending on how invested you were in this person, the amount of heartbreak you feel, and your willingness

9 Reasons Why He Won’t Ask You Out If He Likes You

So, you’ve been crushing on this guy for weeks now. He’s so cute, so sweet, so charming… but he won’t ask you out. It may seem like he’s not interested in you at all – but is that really the

Why Do I Crave Male Attention So Much?

Women crave male attention for many reasons, like wanting to feel good about themselves, to be cared for, and desired. When they get attention from someone they like, it makes them feel so happy and excited, as if their life

My Boyfriend Lacks Ambition. Will He Drag Me Down?

You are in love with a man who has no goals and ambitions in life. He has no motivation for the future. When you are passionate about your professional career and life goals, having a boyfriend with no ambition makes

When You and Your Boyfriend have Nothing to Talk About

In the initial days of dating, often, conversations between you two will sparkle like fireworks. You could listen to your boyfriend chat about everything for hours. Your friends and family members always pointed out how you spent hours on phone

6 Tips to Help a Friend Through a Breakup

If you have a close friend who recently went through a big breakup, or if you’ve experienced this type of situation in the past and you were unsure of what to do about it, you must carefully read this post.

Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Care When You Cry?

Many of us have this habit of crying during an argument. Irrespective of how strong your logic is, how well-reasoned you sound, whenever you have a fight with your boyfriend, you just can’t stop crying. Experts believe that tears have

8 Signs You Are Insecure In Your Romantic Relationship

People, who feel a lot of insecurity in a relationship often wonder if their spouse is the right person for them? On the contrary, individuals who do not have any insecurity face lesser problems. They feel more happy and satisfied

How to Overcome Power Struggle Stage in a Relationship

For most of us, relationships are like a series of magical moments. Initial days are filled with nervous excitements that keep our spirits soaring. The excitement makes you feel alive; you develop this urge to share every moment with your


How to Deal With an Indecisive Partner

Before entering into a romantic relationship, we all have a few completely unacceptable personality traits in our minds. Personality traits like – dishonesty, selfishness, manipulation, judgment, and aggression are deal-breakers. In addition, one bad trait your partner should not possess


The Ideal Age Difference in Relationships for Success

Experts believe that there is a lot in common between Age and Love. When the age gap is high, irrespective of who is older and who is younger, both men and women face an onslaught of negative opinions from people


How To Be Emotionally Strong In A Relationship

Be it a relationship, personal life or professional career, knowing how to be emotionally strong in tough situations will have a very positive impact on your life. Stress can have numerous negative effects on your mind and body. When you

My Boyfriend Has Bad Hygiene, How Should I Tell Him?

My Boyfriend has poor hygiene. His breath is not fresh; his feet stink; I have also seen dried snot in his nose.I genuinely love him and have already raised a few of these hygiene issues, but sometimes I am afraid


Why Won’t My Husband Touch Me?

Sex is a great way to maintain intimacy and enthusiasm in the relationship. It is not a very pleasant feeling when your partner stops showing interest in physical intimacy. It can be a worrying sign when there is no sexual


10 Signs Of A Bad First Date

Many of us struggle to identify the signs of a negative first date, but it can be much easier to spot these signs if you read between the lines. When it comes to first dates, we all have this habit


Difference Between Love And Obsession

Love is a powerful emotional connection that involves intense feelings of affection, attachment and passion. Many times people mistakenly identify the feeling of obsession as love. For relationships, people always look for someone who is loyal, devoted and committed to


11 Traits Of a Serial Cheater.

When a new relationship starts, both partners try hard to give their best impression. This makes it difficult for you to judge whether they are the right choice for you. Everyone tries to show their best side when they meet

How to Overcome Dating Anxiety?

While dating and relationships should be a source of pleasure and happiness, it becomes a big source of anxiety for many of us. It will be wrong to believe that anxiety settles down as the relationship grows; in fact, it


6 Signs You are in an “Almost” Relationship

As we age in our life, we expect our relationships to grow accordingly, but this is not the case if you get stuck in an – “almost relationship.” One cannot define a relationship in black and white, and when it


7 Signs You Have A Clingy Boyfriend

Nothing brings you more joy than living in a happy and healthy relationship, and nothing gives you more frustration and irritation than living with a clingy boyfriend. You love and care for him, you enjoy the time you both spend


How To Deal With A Nagging Husband?

Do you deeply love and care for your partner but hate when they complain and nag all the time? It is common for people to link Nagging exclusively with women. You must have heard husbands whine about their nagging wives,

How Soon is Too Soon To Move in Together?

One of the happiest feelings in the world is when you think you’ve found someone you want to live the rest of your life with. But many times, these new and exciting emotions lead you to make unhealthy choices. Stable

12 Obvious Signs He Wants to Marry You

Since the birth of Romantic Relationships, the women have always looked for clues and signs from their Romantic Partners; they wonder, “will he marry me?”, “Is he looking to settle down? You want to know about what the signs to

What Does XOXO Mean? Where Did it Originate?

Most of us are familiar with the term XOXO; it is commonly used when writing letters, signing cards or sending a sweet message to loved ones. The term XOXO is universally seen as a sign of expression of love and

How to End a First Date the Right Way

Some people are fascinated about their first date, while others may get extremely stressed. You are anxious to know whether things will go in the right direction or not. Is he going to blow your mind, or will it be


Toxic Relationship Habits You Need to Quit

Making a relationship successful requires a lot of work. It is much more than romantic dates and fun moments that you spend together. The key to a successful and long-lasting relationship lies in having strong mutual understanding, mutual respect, trust,


How to fix a relationship that is falling apart

When things are not right between you two, everything seems to fall apart. Negativity surrounds everywhere; there are heated and tensed moments throughout the day. There was a time when you two would cherish each moment spent together, but now


How To Make A Rebound Relationship Work

What is a rebound relationship? Why is it considered bad? Rebound relationships occur when you start dating Someone new immediately after your breakup. Breakups can be painful, and it’s not easy to get over them; they hurt you physically, mentally,


How to Deal with a Flirty boyfriend

You fell in love with this fantastic guy, he was so charming when you first met, but it seems now that he flirts with every girl he meets. The fact that your boyfriend has now become quite a flirt is


What Does It Mean When A Guy Plays With Your Hair?

Is it normal to feel confused when a guy touches your hair? You may be wondering why he did it and what does it mean? Although it is not uncommon, the girls who experience it sometimes find it a little

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