Arranged Date But Haven’t Heard From Him

You went on a date with a really nice guy, and it felt good. You left the date feeling happy and eager for more. 

He took you to special places, talked to you for hours, and made it a point to text or call you every day. You were really looking forward to see him again. But now, suddenly, he’s gone.

In situations like these, it is easy for people to blame themselves for the mess. It is important to understand that most of the time, when he leaves without explanation, it’s not your fault.

Maybe he is just a jerk.

What to do When He Disappears After Arranging a Date With You?

When he asked you out, things seemed to be going really well between the two of you, but now it has been almost a week since he’s contacted you, and it makes you feel confused.

You wonder what should be your next step. Should you text him now? Or should you wait?

There is no clear answer to the question – ‘How long it should take for a guy to text you after he asked you out?’. If a guy has already asked you out on a date but is still hesitant about texting, be patient & don’t jump to any conclusions.

If he puts you in a situation where you have no confirmation about the date, there’s no harm in sending him a text asking for an update.

Beating around the bush and waiting for his text will not do any good.

When you send him a text asking him if the plan is still on, he will probably appreciate your confidence and excitement.

Many experts advocate the three-day rule as a guideline when it comes to sending a text to your date. 

If a guy doesn’t call or text you back after asking you out on a date, it’s easy to feel disappointed and think the worst. When people close to you have had terrible experiences in situations like this, it makes you feel even more disheartened.

When he is not contacting you, it could be because of various reasons. Maybe he is busy with something important. Some experts advise that you shouldn’t wait for more than a week for a guy to text you back.

If he is really interested in you, he will not want to keep you waiting. When he is into you, he will be excited to schedule a date with you so he can see you again. Suppose he is busy with something very important. In that case, he will eventually get in touch and let you know why he couldn’t call earlier.

Why He Disappeared After Showing Interest?

If you think your date has disappeared after showing interest in you, it is important to consider certain factors before jumping to any conclusions.

First and foremost, you should try to evaluate his texting habit. Consider the frequency of his texts. Do you talk over texts a lot? Do you text each other every day or only once in a while? It may be that he is too busy to keep up with texting and so he doesn’t get much time to chat over texts.

If you haven’t heard from him in a while, then maybe he has downgraded the level of his feelings for you or stopped seeing you as dating material.

Some people stay very busy with their job and sometimes do not find time to reply to text messages. A lot of people reply to messages after they leave work hours. Many times when they get busy/tired after work, they forget to reply.

When your date forgets to reply to your text, it may indicate that you are not a priority in their life. 

It is also important to note that if he was not having text conversations with you daily up till now, then you shouldn’t worry if you haven’t heard from him for a few days–he might have just been busy.

Try analyzing your last meeting with him. To get to the bottom of the issue, find the answer to these questions-

a) Did you effectively make your interest known to him?

b) What topics did you discuss?

c) Did the date end on a good note?

There is a chance that he was dating you for fun and had no intentions of pursuing anything serious. Some men get an ego boost from going out with as many women as possible. They don’t seek love; all they want from you is your company so that they can have a great time.

There is also a chance that he has figured out that the two of you are not compatible with each other. When after initially showing a lot of interest in you, he suddenly disappears; it could be because he has realized that the two of you are poles apart.

He is not texting you because he cannot gather enough courage to say it to your face.

Maybe he believes that just because he has gone out with you once or twice, he doesn’t owe any explanation for ghosting you.

When you are really into him, you will not be required to make special efforts to convey your feelings to him; he will just know it. But on the other hand, if you are still confused about him, there is a possibility that he is getting negative vibes from you. He may start feeling that there is no connection between the two of you. This might be the reason why he is having second thoughts about your upcoming date.

If Your Date Has Not Texted You, What to Do About it

If you know you sent negative vibes when he met you the last time, then it will not be a bad idea to make initiatives on your own to let him know that you are excited about going out with him again.

At the same time, you need to know the reason why he kept you waiting for his text. 

It is up to you whether you find his excuse reasonable enough or not. 

If you don’t feel comfortable taking the initiative and sending a text yourself, then don’t. Think about what you want and then take action accordingly.

When you are waiting for his text, it is normal to feel the craving to send a text on your own right away. However, experts always advise that you must wait for him to take the next step once you have made your interest known to him.

If you are struggling to control your temptation to call him, ask yourself – why? Try to understand the reason behind this urge. Usually, when you feel desperate to text or call him, it is because you want acknowledgement. This is especially in the case when he is not replying to your texts.

It is important to know that if your date has not been acknowledging your text, it is unlikely that he will answer your call.

Sometimes when he keeps you hanging in the dark, this is an indication that he is not interested in you. Instead of feeling bad that things didn’t go really well between the two of you, you should be thankful that you didn’t waste any more time with this guy.

Again there is no set formula and no science behind what is the right time frame for texting after the first date. If he arranged a date and you haven’t heard from him, it may be because he lost interest.

It is always advisable to wait for three to four days before jumping to any conclusions.

If you think that your last date went really well with him and both of you felt a spark, then there is no harm in texting or calling him on your own. This will put you in a better situation to evaluate how serious is he about things. Maybe he is not texting because he is very busy, shy, hesitant, or there is also a chance that he completely misread your intentions.

When you start dating someone you really like, it is important to give him the benefit of the doubt. Don’t allow your insecurities to get the best of you. Avoid your craving to quickly jump to a conclusion; give him some time; who knows, maybe he is ‘the one’.



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