8 Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Do you like someone, and you’re unsure how to let him know? Maybe there’s a guy who needs to know that you have feelings for him.

You may have known him for a long time, or he’s your new neighbor or that guy from the dating app.

It’s totally normal if you find the whole thing intimidating. We all feel a bit uncomfortable putting ourselves out there and risk getting rejected.

We all fear rejection; it is a traumatic experience that can leave a person feeling hurt, invalidated, and powerless. The wounds of rejection sometimes take years to heal, which is why many women feel hesitant to let a guy know that she is interested in him.

But you must know, Even if he doesn’t like you back, telling him how you feel will help you find the strength and encouragement you didn’t know you had that will help you in lots of other areas of your life, apart from your love life.

You are here because you’re not sure how to tell a guy you like him without freaking him out and without it going badly for you. You’ve come to the right place – read on, and we’ll show you.

How do you know if you like a guy?

Let’s start by clarifying whether you’re just infatuated or if you really like him. You don’t want to waste your time reading this article and learning how to tell a guy you like him if your feelings aren’t telling the same story.

If you really like him, it’ll be hard not to think about him constantly, get excited when you see him, feel butterflies in your stomach when he talks to you, or smile for no reason. You might also be jealous when other girls talk to or look at him.

How to know if he likes you too?

If he’s into you, the signs are usually pretty obvious. You will see him making extra efforts to talk to you or spend more time with you. He will also make excuses to be near you or create opportunities for further contact (eg. turning up at the event he knows you’ll be at).

You might even start getting texts from him out of the blue! He will always make an effort to look nice (better hair, nicer clothes, more perfume).

Should I tell him I like him?

Okay, so you have a crush on this guy, and you have a feeling he has one for you too. But are you sure about telling him?

A lot of people see honesty as the key to a healthy relationship. And for the most part, it is. But there are times when you might not want to be totally upfront with a guy you’re interested in.

Examples of these situations can be when 

– He has thrown down pretty clear hints that he just wants to be friends.

– He hasn’t given you any indication that he’s attracted to you romantically or sexually.

– You don’t talk to each other often.

– He is already in another relationship.

Apart from these situations, you should feel encouraged to let him know how much you like him.

Ok, so before we get into the steps of how to tell a guy you like him in a cute way, Remember to:


Verify that he is Single.

You might really like this guy, but it’s a big problem if he is unavailable. If he has a girlfriend or wife and no matter how much you want to date him, it’s not going to happen. You’ll only end up feeling more heartbroken than before. The guy will feel uncomfortable with your advances, so it’s best to check if he is single before it goes too far.

Don’t Try to Trick him.

It is a really bad idea to try and trick a guy into going out with you or liking you back. Most men don’t like being tricked, so this will only result in them losing interest in you. If you do, they will see that you are using them for your own gain, and they will feel betrayed and won’t trust you. If you genuinely like him, you should not play games with him.

Instead, it would be better to have a respectful conversation with him about how you think and what you want from him.

Be Confident.

It’s important to feel confident before telling a guy that you are interested in him. Try looking your best and feeling your best. No guy wants to be with a girl that does not feel good about herself. It is important to have your hair, makeup, outfit, nails done, and just feel confident about yourself. Even if you are not confident with your body, try to wear something that makes you feel sexy. 

Own your Feelings.

Many of us have been there, feeling really into someone but then getting rejected. It’s hard to take that rejection, especially when you know that the person you are interested in is just not into you. But what do you do if they reject your advances? When this happens, it’s best to own your feelings instead of telling them it was a joke or some other falsehood.

Don’t make a big deal out of this. Try to keep calm and continue being yourself. No need to put too much pressure on this. You’re just telling your crush how you feel about him, not proposing to him for marriage.

With so many distractions around nowadays and other women available, no doubt, it sometimes becomes very difficult to capture a guy’s attention.

How to Tell a Guy You Like Him Without Telling Him?

1. Be Straightforward About It and Talk to Him.

It can be really hard to find the courage to tell a guy that you like him. It is a nerve-wracking experience, you think you’re going to confess your feelings, and then you chicken out. You wonder, What if he doesn’t feel the same way? What if he laughs in my face or tells me I’m delusional? 

However, To let a guy know that you like him, the best way is to tell him directly. You can text him or talk to him about your feelings one on one, and you could even ask him out on a date. Men are very direct creatures; they are much more direct than women – if he likes you, he will say so!

To start a friendly conversation with a guy, first, ask him something that’ll make him feel good. For example, say, “Did you get a haircut? It looks good on you.”

Talk with him about something he’s mentioned before, like his weekend football game, for example?

2. Use Your Body Language.

Body language can be difficult to master, but it can convey our feelings more than words. For instance, a hand in a closed fist in front of one’s chest means that the person is resistant to what they are hearing. Suppose the person is looking down and away from you while talking. In that case, they feel sad or lose interest in the conversation.

When talking to him, make direct eye contact, try to lean in, flip your hair over your shoulder flirtatiously, and sway your hips when you walk away. Men are usually much more tuned in to what’s going on with your body than what you’re saying.

Rather than sending him a text message, it will always be better to tell him face to face! Sometimes a deep eye contact is enough to convey what you feel about him.

This way, he can see that you’re fully committed to what you told him, and it will make more of an impression on the guy.

You can use these ways to show him you’re interested, and it’s a way of telling him you like him: He’ll definitely be paying attention.

3. Flirt.

Flirting is one of the best ways to show romantic interest in someone. But not every person may receive it the same way.

When it comes to flirting, some people are more subtle than others. 

It is strongly believed that Men tend to prefer straightforward approaches, while women often enjoy being asked open-ended questions.

Some guys just don’t get it, no matter how clear you sound. They’ll still be clueless. But most guys usually get it in the end.

Be brave, seize the opportunity and take a chance. Try to be more confident and bolder than usual. Make the first move and flirt with him! You may be surprised what happens.

4. Show him that You Take an Interest in things He Enjoys.

When you want to show a guy that you like him, try showing interest in his passions and interests. If he enjoys video games, take an interest in them. If he likes football, watch the game with him and ask questions about what’s going on. 

When he realizes that you genuinely care about what he likes to do, it just might get him to open up a little more. The way you are with him should make it easy for you to express interest in what he’s saying.

Show him you are interested in him as a person, not just his physical appearance.

When you start taking an interest in his habit and hobbies, he might not notice that you changed yourself to suit his taste, but soon he’ll start thinking about you and see you as someone who is compatible with him.

5. Compliment Him about his Looks.

It may seem difficult to approach a man and tell him you like him. However, there are ways to let men know you are interested without being too forward. You can start by complimenting his looks because looking good is the most important thing to many guys. If he has a great body or if he looks better than what you expected, make sure to let him know.

This will also make him take notice of how you look, and it will get him thinking about you. 

6. Smile.

A smile is one of the easiest ways to make someone feel good, and it changes how people perceive you, especially before you say anything.

Smiling makes you seem more friendly, open, and welcoming, which comes in handy if you’re trying to learn how to tell a guy you like him.

Try smiling at him from across the room. Smiling while he’s talking will make him feel really good about himself and make the conversation more natural. When you meet him, smile and give a thumbs up or wink if he does something that makes you happy.

If you really like this guy, it’ll be easy to show him that you’re having a good time when you’re together.

People really like to spend time around others who are smiling because it makes them happy.

7. Listen When He Talks.

If you don’t want to be too upfront about your feelings, there are some subtle ways to let a guy know that you are interested in them.

Listening is a powerful way to convey to someone that they are heard and valued. When you want to tell a guy you like him, try listening better when he talks. Pay attention to the story he’s telling, take note of his interests and hobbies. Showing interest in what he has to say will make him feel like you’re interested in who he is as a person.

8. Don’t let your imagination get the best of you.

Imagining how he might react when you tell him that you have feelings for him can be overwhelming. No matter how great your crush is, he’s still a human being with his own thoughts & feelings.

He might feel nervous or hesitant to share what he likes about you. No matter how perfect he may seem, we’re all flawed people. Don’t let the cuteness get to you – do your best not to hold too many expectations or be too emotionally invested at this stage of the game.

Only you know reasons why you like someone, but sometimes it can be hard to tell if they are worth the effort. If you are ready to take the next step and find out if he likes you back, just ask him! If you don’t put it out, it will be just you all alone.

For your own sake, go ahead and tell him how you feel.

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to celebrate! You can share your feelings with him. If he says no or just doesn’t give you an answer, understand what his intentions are and let him be.



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