Why You Should Never Beg Your Partner To Stay In A Relationship

The pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back can be very intense and may lead you to feel depressed.

It is difficult to accept the truth that your partner doesn’t want you as much as you want them.

You’ve always put his needs before your own, cared for him unconditionally, and invested your every walking moment into making him happy. And, now that he has stopped loving you back, it feels like a great sense of loss. It’s like he is taking your happiness with him as he walks out of the door.

It sucks when you have to beg your partner to stay in a relationship.

But still, many of us desperately try to convince our SO to stay.

When you say, “please don’t leave me” it’s because you’re scared to live without him and are used to having him around.

Doesn’t matter what reason or excuse you have; you should stop begging him to stay.

Promising to do things as per his desire and whims and fancies, ignoring his mistakes, and apologizing when you have not done anything wrong will only lead to losing your dignity in the relationship.

If you think you have done something wrong, an apology or a promise to change things should be enough to make him stay in a relationship. When you beg him, it only degrades things.

If he doesn’t want to be with you anymore, then just accept that. Thinking that begging him will change his mind is just a waste of time.

Below are various reasons that will help you understand why it is not right to beg someone to stay in a relationship.

1. He’ll Stop Respecting You

Begging him to stay in the relationship is not really an option if you want to keep your self-respect. If you make the decision to do everything possible to keep him in the relationship, it will compromise your self-worth.

When you beg him to stay, you compromise on your beliefs, values, and identity. When he sees you making all these compromises just to make him stay, he is likely to lose respect for you.

Standing up for yourself helps you earn more respect. Whereas begging your SO to not leave the relationship will make you lose respect. When you plead him to stay, he might agree, but he will not see you with the same respect ever. 

2. The Relationship is Not Worth It

When you have to beg him to stay or beg him for his love and attention, it’s often a sign that you deserve better.

If you are with the right person, you should never have to beg him to adore you and treat you in a way that you deserve.

When he ignores you and stops respecting you, the relationship is not worth it.

It is important to spend your life with someone who has you back and is there for you. It would be settling if you had to spend the rest of your life with someone who doesn’t make you feel like they need you.

If he loves and cares for you, he will never make you beg for anything. The moment you realize that begging him is the only option, just walk away because it’s time to move on.

3. He Will Start Taking You For Granted

Love is one of the most powerful and complex emotion that we can experience. Apart from being happy and blissful, it can also be a minefield of confusion. We all want to love and be loved, but it’s not always easy.

If your partner believes that you will do anything to save the relationship, they will start taking you for granted.

They might not see any reason to put in any effort to keep the relationship going.

4. He Will Stop Caring About What You Like And Don’t Like. 

When he believes that you are too desperate to keep him, he may start taking advantage of it. This will disrupt the balance in the relationship, and he may stop thinking that you are his equal. The relationship will become strikingly unbalanced and your life miserable.

5. The Relationship Will Hit a Dead End

Hitting a dead-end in relationships is very frustrating. You might be doing everything you can think of to make it work, but you just keep hitting the brick wall.

Sometimes we end up wasting a lot of time in a relationship thinking it’s going to work when in reality it doesn’t. 

When you find yourself pleading with your special someone to stay in the relationship, it’s pretty clear that it’s already at the end. It will not matter even if you manage to save the relationship because things will never be normal again.

You will not receive the same love and affection from your special someone as before.

It will always feel like that your partner is doing a big favor by staying in a relationship. 

They will not fully invest in the relationship, and it will often be you who has to put in more effort, spend a lot of time and invest a lot of emotions.

6. He Will Start Seeing You as a Weak Person

Ideally, when you genuinely love and care for special someone, it should make you feel stronger. But when you plead with him to stay in the relationship, your love and care for him make you feel weak.

When you feel hurt by his actions, it will make you feel weak and helpless.

Requesting him to stay in a relationship takes all the power away from you. It leaves you feeling vulnerable and weak.

The problem with this is that it’s actually a sign of codependency. It means that you’re not sure of your own self-worth, or that you don’t believe in yourself enough to think that someone else would want to be with you if they knew who you really were.

7. If He’s Really into You, He’ll Stay Anyway

When he truly loves & appreciates you, it will be way easier to work around tough problems. The communication will be great, and the two of you will not have any trouble figuring out what’s causing any conflict and finding workarounds.

If he’s really in love with you, there’s no way that you’ll have to beg him to stay. 

8. You’ll Not Be Happy

When you think about your special someone, do you have a smile on your face, or does it make you feel sad? In a healthy relationship, happiness should be the norm. 

No relationship is perfect; it is difficult to be happy all the time. But, if you are always unhappy and crying, it is an indication that your relationship needs fixing.

When you are always requesting him to not leave the relationship, He may start being mean to you.

In some cases, he may start taking advantage of your patience and all the compromises that you’re making.

9. Sufferings

It is a hard situation when you love someone who doesn’t love you back. The pain will be so intense that it will start making you feel suffocated.

While your partner may not have any intention of hurting you, but they’ll still hurt you by not returning your feelings and affections. It is a one-sided relationship that will never be mutual.

They may never care about what happens to you, and they will likely leave without a second thought if the opportunity arises for them to do so.

10. The Relationship Will Start Becoming Toxic

Many people who have been through a toxic relationship often think that this is what love is all about. But the truth is, love does not make you feel bad; it only makes you feel good.

The person who doesn’t treat you well or isn’t giving you the love and respect you deserve does not really love you. When they hurt you physically or emotionally, it indicates that they might not even love themselves.

When you are always requesting and pleading with him to stay, you will soon realize that your relationship has become toxic. Instead of trying to bring back love in the relationship, he may instead take advantage of the situation by controlling and threatening you. You will often see him making threats that he will leave if things don’t go the way he wants them to.

This is why it is always in your best interest to never beg anyone to stay in a relationship.




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