Should I Be Upset If My Boyfriend Goes To Hooters

Many men have this temptation to go to the hooters for the “experience.” Maybe it’s because of his curiosity, or maybe he is trying to test your boundaries. There is always a chance that by asking you things like this he wants to assess how far he can go.

How to react to this situation is a tough question to answer. There are many right answers to this question. If you are in a situation like this, it’s natural to feel confused about what to do.

We asked many women and even went through various online forums to understand everyone’s opinion on this topic. 

Below you’ll find different viewpoints women have about this topic

View Point 1

Feeling hurt just because your boyfriend wants to go to the hooters for the experience is not okay. Hooters is just a sports bar that hires attractive waitresses to serve food to their customers. Yes, their waitresses wear short clothes, but it’s not that he hasn’t seen girls wearing this type of clothing before.

You can find women wearing shorter clothes than hooter girls at the mall. The waitresses at hooters usually wear much more than a young woman wears at the beach or at the pool. And you can’t stop your boyfriend from going to a mall, beach, or swimming pool.

If he wants to go to the hooters and stare at some good-looking girls, he surely will stare at girls at his office, in the subway, and at the malls. He’ll easily find good-looking girls to ogle at wherever he goes.

Plus, there is no chance for your boyfriend to get lucky at hooters. Their waitresses get stared all day long, and they know how to deal with it professionally. Women working at hooters are not prostitutes- they are just waitresses. The only thing is that they are beautiful and wear hot dresses.

Maybe they have a great body and attractive figure, but the most important thing is that out of all the women in this world, he chose to have a relationship with you.

Some guys go to the hooters just for the food, drinks, and bro time.

Rather than worrying about these small issues, focus on improving your physical and emotional intimacy with your boyfriend. When you overthink these things, you’ll start to feel insecure in this relationship sooner or later.

You need to appreciate the fact that just because you are in a relationship with him it doesn’t entitle you to control every aspect of his life. Of course, you have every right to get offended if he gets physically or emotionally intimate with another girl. But, when you ask him to abstain from going to places like hooters and try to impose your version of morality on him, he might start to feel trapped in the relationship.

Viewpoint 2 

It’s ridiculous that he wants to go to hooters; you should not be okay if your boyfriend wants to leer and stare at girls wearing revealing dresses. Maybe some women are okay with this, but still, many women will feel uncomfortable if their boyfriend goes to hooters.

If you feel uncomfortable letting him go to hooters, there is nothing wrong with it. It’s wrong to think that your feelings are not valid.

If your man wants to experience going to a restaurant where waitresses wear really bold and short dresses, it’s natural for you to feel uncomfortable about it.

It’s his duty not to deliberately do things that make you feel insecure in the relationship.

If you are ok with him going to the hooters, no problem, but if you have a bad feeling about it, he must respect your feelings and opinion.

Our society many times objectify women, but that doesn’t make it ok. True, restaurants like hooters are not brothels. It’s a restaurant where attractive waitresses wear hot dresses and serve food and beer to customers.

Most guys go there because their female staff is very attractive. If some guy tells you that he likes hooters because their wings are out of the world, he’s probably lying. When your partner says he wants to go there for the experience, he means he wants to experience looking at hot girls there.

You have every right not to be ok with it. Will he be ok if you want to experience going to a restaurant where awesome-looking half-naked guys serve food to their customers? If he fails to respect that his going to hooters bothers you, then something is not right between the two of you. And, it will be in your good interest to rethink about the future of this relationship.

If he knows that that it will hurt your feelings and he still decides to go, then this is a big red flag for your relationship. Your partner is, in a way, telling you about his priorities.

In a situation like this, it is important that you set healthy boundaries with him. In the absence of boundaries, sooner or later, the relationship will come to an end.

Our take – Whether you should be ok or not ok with it will depend on a lot of factors

  • The type of bonding you share with your partner
  • The level of trust you have in your relationship
  • How well you understand each other
  • Your beliefs and values
  • Compatibility between the two of you

Every couple is different, and every relationship is different. The important thing is if it bothers you, he should not do it. If you are okay with it, then let him go.



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