Signs He Wants To Make a Move and is Getting Ready to Ask You Out

Dating is awesome, but it can often get really frustrating. One of the most annoying aspects of dating is not knowing what the guy wants from you. Aside from a lot of texting and flirting, there are numerous other signs he wants to make a move on you. Below we have put together the most common and most important signs that you should look for. It is believed that Men are difficult to figure out. But, in reality, it’s not that complicated. All you have to do is avoid getting caught up in the drama and try to pay attention to the real signs.
Many times we clearly know the signs that will give us the answer. But, the problem is that we don’t want to know the answer. We are worried that what if it’s not the answer we were hoping for. Will you not be in a better position if you know where you stand with this guy? (so that you can stop wasting your time if he’s not interested)

Signs that he wants to make a move.

If you are having trouble figuring out what’s up with him, you don’t have to worry. When He is ready to make a move on you, he will be upfront about it. He may not say it to your face, but you will be able to figure it out through his actions quickly. Once you figure out that he is interested, the ball will be in your court. Knowing the truth puts you in control and gives you the time to figure out whether this is something that you want or not. Below are a few important signs that he wants to make a move.

1. He Can’t Keep his Eyes Off You

There are many ways for a guy to show that he likes you. The most obvious sign is catching him checking you out. From the moment he lays eyes on you, he will be glued to your every move. Sometimes it is one of the top signs he is getting ready to ask you out. Eyes are windows to our soul. You can find a lot about his feelings by analyzing how he looks at you. When you see him making prolonged eye contact, this means he has started developing feelings for you. You should always lookout for this sign as it is one of the first indications that he likes you.

2. He Always Tries to Know Your Schedule and Plans

Do you always see him asking about your weekend plans or about your general schedule? When a guy shows more than usual interest in your activities and tries to know how you are spending your time, there is a high probability that he is trying to know what’s the right time to ask you out. No one Likes to face rejection. When he knows your plans and details, he will time the date accordingly so that there are fewer chances of you saying no.

3. Strong intuition

If you have a strong feeling that he likes you, then there is a good chance that he does. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he will make a move, but it does show that he wants to be around. When he is giving you strong Vibes, you should listen to them.

4. You Are his Top Priority

When he starts putting your needs and wants before his own, it means that he
has started liking you and is ready to ask you out on a date. He will start making you his top priority when he develops feelings for you. You will never see him making any excuse not to meet you; he will always make an extra effort to see you and be with you as much as he can. Whenever you need help with something, he will make sure that he is available for you. He is trying to tell you that your happiness is very important for him, and he deeply cares for you.

5. He Tries to Know More About You

A man who is interested in you will often try to figure out more about you. He will ask follow-up questions and show genuine interest in your response. This is a sign that he wants to take things further and is ready to make a move. When he wants to know more about you, you might see him liking your pics on social media that you posted a while ago and completely forgot about.
He will ask a lot of questions about your childhood habits, jobs, what you like to eat, where you like to go on vacation and what your ambitions are in life. These are the signs that he really likes you and is really interested in making a move. When we are obsessed with someone, we want to know their every secret. We want to know things like what they eat for dinner, and the TV shows they marathon on weekends. He might hug you and want to touch you more often. He might also take his time talking to you and make prolonged eye contact.

6. His Body Language will Change

Body language is a language on its own. If he is interested, you will see it in his posture, eye contact, and how he interacts with you and the rest of the people around him. When he is not interested, it will be obvious from his body language too. Our body language often tells the story that we don’t want to admit. If he is ready to make the first move, there will be a change in his body language.

7. He’ll be Nervous Around You

When a guy likes you, he will have a hard time being around you. He will be nervous and feel self-conscious around you because he wants to hide his feelings and doesn’t want to mess up his chances. Often, He will get shy and start to stutter or get an uncontrollable blush. He wants to make the first move but is nervous about it, which could make him feel stressed out.

8. He Gives You a Lot of Compliments

Men are not always as upfront about their feelings as women are, which is why they tend to use more subtle methods to show interest. One of the most common signs that a man likes you is when he compliments you constantly. This could be something as simple as telling you that your hair looks great today, talking about how beautiful you are or telling you that “I love your smile.” These are all signs that he has romantic feelings for you and is ready to ask you out on a date.

9. He has a Lot of Curiosity about Your Love Life

If he shows a lot of curiosity towards your love life, it could mean that he is interested in you. When you’re spending time with him and talking about other people, he may ask questions like “How did that workout?” or “When did that happen?” Men usually ask questions related to your love life to figure out if they have a chance with you or not. He may ask about what type of men you are attracted to, or he might just come out and ask- “are you seeing someone?”

10. He Always Carefully Listens to Everything You Say

People tend to remember the little details about people they like. The more someone wants you, the more they will remember about you. For example, if you were at a party, he’ll remembers what you were wearing or how many drinks you had. It is a sign that he really likes you. He remembers if you like your coffee with cream and sugar, your favourite ice cream type, and where you grew up. He may not tell you these things outright, but when he speaks to you about that favourite book or movie that you both share in common, it is because he is interested in you and is ready to make a move.

11. He’ll be Chatty

If he’s interested in you, he’ll think of reasons to talk to you. Every day, he’ll find a new excuse to start up a conversation with you.. Did you notice that whenever you chat with him, he always responds right away and will seem genuinely into the conversation? In-person, he’s timid and nervous, But when you text him, he opens up and becomes more chatty. Every day he sends you funny memes, videos and will find new topics to have lengthy conversations with you.



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