Give Him Space and He Will Come Back

Many of us go through a phase in our relationships where we feel like the guy will break up with us at any moment.

Maybe your partner feels suffocated, and he needs more space. You wonder if opening up to him more & letting him do what he wants will make things easier.

You’re feeling distant from your partner and unsure about the changes that are happening in your relationship. This makes you feel frustrated or irritated all the time.

Will he come back if i give him space?

You need to learn how to give your partner space in these circumstances, or else you might lose him.

If you keep trying to get in touch with him over and over, then you might start driving him away. Stop calling & texting, don’t try to seek reassurance for him at these times.

It might appear like not trying to reach out will be bad for your relationship, but as you’re giving your partner some space, he will actually miss you more.

You might feel more anxious when you don’t know what he’s up to and what’s going on in his mind. You may also find it more difficult than expected to give up this kind of control, which can result in anxiety.

No one likes going through these negative emotions; the thought that you are not doing anything about it makes you feel restless.

This anxiety and restlessness lead you to become needy. Sometimes you get so insecure that you try texting or calling him to seek the reassurance that he is not going to leave you. 

You keep trying to demand more from your partner. You start pressurizing him to spend more time with you and be more available to you, but all these actions push him further away.

Is Your Fear Dictating Your Actions ?

It’s easy to become negative or afraid when things in our relationships get tough. We think we’re going to lose the person we love, which scares us. Despite how tough things might get in the relationship, it’s important to not let the fear of losing him take over. It can drive you to do irrational things. The fear that you are going to lose him freaks you out; you do stupid things that drive him further away from you.

In the early days of your relationship, you were more optimistic. It felt like your relationship was going to work out. You weren’t afraid of getting hurt & you didn’t worry about losing something precious.

The initial dating days were all about positivity. You were in complete control of yourself because you believed that you had nothing to lose.

Your confidence, your fearlessness made you look more appealing to him. 

We always want to be with someone who is more relaxed, confident and secure.

You’re always positive and happy, but as you sensed that your partner was losing interest in you, it made you feel insecure.

You always felt like you had nothing to lose, but now it’s completely the opposite of that. You feel like he will abandon you anytime, and your life will never be the same after this. These constant negative thoughts make you feel panicked.

It’s common for people in a tough relationship to act out of fear of abandonment. You might constantly seek reassurance from your partner that they won’t leave you, or be possessive or even use their excitement to guilt them into staying. This can be damaging to the relationship.

Now all your actions are based on your fear and insecurity. All you want to do is to make him stay; rather than trying to enjoy his company, you now want to control his actions.

He’s beginning to view you as someone who is needy and clingy. He feels it’s hard to control his temptation to run away from you.

You have to control yourself and give your partner space at times like these. If you want a relationship that can last, never let your fear of loss dictate your actions.

How to give Him Space?

Suppose, after being together with each other for so long, you have decided to give him space and spend less time with him. 

This is the perfect opportunity for you to spend some time with yourself. You can now focus on self-care, maybe spend some time with your friends, pursue hobbies that you always wanted to do. Your focus should be to do things that make you a better version of yourself.

The main goal should be to get yourself busy by doing stuff that you enjoy so that you don’t feel the temptation to think about him and miss him.

When you do things that you enjoy, it makes you feel happy from the inside and gives you a lot of positive energy.

Relationship experts and dating coaches will always tell you that in your life, relationships are meant to be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

Only when you feel happy and healthy from inside can you make your relationship happy and healthy.

So, utilize this time to take care of yourself and do things that make you happy.

For how long should you give him space?

When you’re trying to win your man back, it’s good to give him some space and not encroach on their life. But how long should this timeline last & what’s an appropriate amount of time?

Some of us worry that giving too much space to our partners will drive them further away from us.

Always remember, What is meant to be yours will always find its way back. Do not worry about losing him. If you genuinely love & care for him, he’ll eventually come back to you.

There isn’t an exact answer for how long you should give someone space. It’s up to the situation, and it has to vary from person to person.

There is no magic formula. Sometimes the best course of action is to just give him his space until he realizes how much he misses you.

The key is to stick to the plan and be patient.

 Love and relationships are sometimes very complicated, and they are like a constant battle.

To bring things back on track, you need to allow him to reach you on his own. Give him the opportunity to call you, text you, or ask you out on a date. For things to work out perfectly it should be him who takes the first step.

Suppose you feel the temptation to speed up the process. In that case, all you need to do is engage yourself in exciting activities and regularly update your social media profiles.

When he sees your social media updates, he may realize what he is missing in his life, and this might encourage him to make things normal again.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you’re head over heels in love. It’s why it’s important to balance your feelings out by engaging in other exciting stuff.

When you behave in a controlled manner and have strong control over your mind and emotions, it will not be hard for you to give him space.




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