How to Not Be Nervous Around Your Crush

Talking to your crush becomes like a huge task when you’re nervous. We often make dumb mistakes and forget words, our hands start shaking, and we may do or say things we never intended to say.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to not feel nervous around your crush. Many people will advise you to control your anxiety; it sounds easy. Still, in reality, it’s easier said than done.

People want to be confident around their crush, but often these feelings of anxiety & fear can get in the way. It becomes hard to keep interacting with them and build a healthy relationship.

However, If you deal with this situation patiently and more logically, you can easily overcome this overbearing feeling.

Here are some tips on how to not be nervous around your crush –

1. Don’t Overthink.

Your constant overthinking is the reason why you are so nervous around your crush. You may be talking to them, but you’re focused on yourself – wondering how you look, what you are saying, how come you said that thing etc. This kind of thinking is not going to help your crush feel comfortable with who you are as a person!

If you want to keep anxiety levels down, then don’t overthink. It can actually be damaging for your state of mind if you constantly overthink and try to second-guess everything. Try focusing on one thing at a time and keep all your energy & effort focused on it rather than spread it out.

When you focus your energy on a small number of topics and thoughts, that’s when it starts to feel more manageable. For example- just focus on how handsome he looks today or just think about the topic you’re currently discussing.

Many people have this habit of overanalyzing all possible outcomes before they even meet the person they really like. Overanalyzing is unnecessary and can make finding relationships difficult. Avoid falling into these thoughts because it’s a trap and will only make you feel more nervous.

Don’t worry; just try focusing on the conversation at hand, relaxing and just talking with your crush. Act confident, and you will automatically become confident. This is one of the top pieces of advice you can get on how to not be nervous around your crush.

2. Take your time.

If you feel nervous around your crush, it might be time to take things slow. At first, keep the conversation casual and lighthearted. Try something like, “Hey, what’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not working?” You also want to make sure that you’re engaging in activities that he enjoys as well.

Usually, when you’re nervous around your crush, going at a slower pace can help you feel more confident. Once you feel confident with him, you might feel comfortable talking about or divulging into a similar harmless topic.

Dating is a tricky thing and has its ups and downs. Some people are walking gold; others may have a few things to work on. Be open-minded, take your time and always see the good in people.

3. Learn To Be More Confident.

The best weapon to beat nervousness is to find your confidence. When you boost your confidence, not only does it help you to get rid of your anxiety, but it helps you feel good about yourself and make better decisions.

Confidence is all about trusting your abilities, qualities, and judgment.

Confidence is a feeling of trust, self-worth, and personal power. Without confidence, we lose motivation and determination in the pursuit of our dreams.

It is all about trusting your abilities. Some people feel confident because they can do certain things well and feel like there is no limit for what they can achieve. These people constantly amaze themselves with their own abilities, and this self-trust leads them to success.

When you’re nervous around a certain person, your brain will tell you to frantically fill any silence with words. Whereas when you are confident, you will be pretty humble and modest. You will always find the right words to say at the right time.

When you’re confident, you’ll know what to say and what to do. You’ll just listen and try to understand what your crush is thinking.

4. Stop Avoiding Him.

We may feel nervous around our crush because we didn’t get a chance to learn about him, let alone talk to him.

Sometimes talking is all we need to take the tension away. If you are feeling nervous, don’t avoid him. Instead, try to build a friendly rapport with your crush. Focus on the positive and talk about things that you have in common. 

If you avoid him, the nervousness will only get worse. Spend as much time with your crush as you can. It’s better for you to get used to being around him so you can get rid of anxiety.

5. Always Remember He is Just a Human.

Whenever you feel nervous around your crush and want to know what to do, just remember that he is human too. He has his own problems and isn’t perfect like you’ve always assumed he is.

Try taking a step back and thinking about the situation objectively.

People can never be immune to their own insecurities, no matter how much you may think they’re perfect. Even if they appear flawless on the outside, there are still quite a few weaknesses.

6. Talk About Things that Interest you.

Say you’ve got a crush on your colleague, and you’re totally nervous about talking to him. Try talking to him about your passion instead. It’s a great way to get to know each other while staying on the safe side.

We put too much pressure on ourselves and worry about what to talk with our crush. Talking about things that really interest you is an easy way to break the ice and make a positive first impression.
When you talk about something that you like, people will connect with you more. It will make others think you are more confident, and you’re less likely to run out of words (or topics) when talking to him.

7. Avoid Staring at Your Crush.

When you get nervous, your brain starts shutting down. Your thoughts are cluttered, and you’re having a hard time remembering what’s going on. And then suddenly, you realize that you’re staring at your crush!

How to get your crush to like you and make it easy for him to engage with you? One way is making good eye contact. It’s an essential part of your body language and can change the course of one’s emotions. In some cases, just a flirtatious glance can make your crush fall for you.

There is a big difference between having eye contact and staring.

Don’t stare at him, but at the same time, it is also important to not look as if you are trying to ignore having eye contact with him. When he sees you looking at everything but not him, he can easily misread the situation and can assume that you are ignoring him.

When it comes to eye contact, the best approach is to maintain a balance.

8. Take Deep Breaths to Calm Nervousness.

When you get nervous around your crush, just remember to breathe. Breathe deeply and focus on taking deep breaths in and out. By doing so, you will start to calm down and feel more confident.

When you don’t think it’s working, it’s important to keep breathing and try again.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your brain will stop thinking about what could go wrong and instead focus on how well everything is going.

Breathing is a good way to calm nervousness before seeing someone. Just before seeing your crush, start to breathe deeply.



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