10 Signs Of A Bad First Date

Many of us struggle to identify the signs of a negative first date, but it can be much easier to spot these signs if you read between the lines.

When it comes to first dates, we all have this habit of overanalyzing things. However, it is easier than you think to look for signs of a first bad date.

It is not that easy to have a great first date. You might have had a great time, but how do you tell whether your date also enjoyed themselves? Maybe they found you miserable and have decided never to meet you again.

Why is it essential to find the signs of a bad date?

It is not always easy to know a lot about your partner on the very first date. People assume that they will immediately know if their date went well or not. It is true in cases when the date is not just bad but horrible. The truth is most of us tend to overlook the vital signs of a bad first date.

It is important to know these signs right off the bat. Because you will never want to waste your time, apart from this, you will not like to skip these red flags because they can cause severe damage in time to come.


Trying to figure out the signs of a bad first date does not depict a negative mindset; in fact, it is like being practical and realistic. These first dates don’t always turn out great, and they are not always bad. Therefore, you need to look out for the non-obvious signs.

Now that you understand the importance of knowing these signs, you must know what these signs are. Some of these are subtle, while others are more blatant. Keeping them in mind helps you make better decisions for the second date.

1. They Get Too Pushy.

The worst kind of dates are those where your partner avoids engaging in any discussion, and at the same time, you find them very eager to get you home. It’s creepy of them to behave in a pushy manner.

2. They Never Ask Any Question.

Often, you don’t get asked any questions by your partner about yourself on the first date. This shows their definite lack of interest in you and a great interest in themselves. People who show the least interest in knowing more about you will probably spend humble-bragging most of the time.

You will see them bragging about their career, their holidays, their cars, and whatnot. For instance, they may tell you how they try to stay away from worldly things, but a few minutes later, you can see them talking about the latest expensive gadget they bought and how they will spend a fortune on a car they always have wanted.


3. They Are Happily Unaware.

Have you ever been on a date where you felt your partner was so unaware of things? For instance, who speaks rudely to the restaurant staff during their first date? Who ignores the things their partner says on a first date. Things like ordering large portions of stupidly expensive meals make you wonder why they can’t pick up what you’re thinking about their behavior. This gives you an impression that they are in their zone and are considering you like a third wheel on this outing.

This is also a sign that there will be many disagreements if you go ahead and have a relationship with them.

4. They Are Too Busy With Their Phone.

It is hard for many of us to be away from our phone’s screen. But if you see your partner continuously glued to their phone’s screen on your first date, it is a bad sign. If you also feel the requirement to look at your phone throughout the date, this is a bad first date because you are getting bored.

Until and unless there is some big urgency, none of you should pay much attention to your phone’s screen on the first date.

5. They Can’t Stop Talking About Their Ex.

You often see people who get along pretty well with their ex. That’s good for them. But constantly bringing up your ex on the first date is not something cool. This is a sign that you have not moved on from your ex. You are portraying yourself as someone who is not ready for a commitment at this point.

Sometimes, even the slightest mention of your ex can convert a good date into a bad one in no time. It is a wrong topic to discuss because your partner can perceive this as a complaining session; they may feel like the whole focus of the conversation is your past relationship. If your relationship moves ahead, you will get numerous chances to talk about your ex and past relationship, but your first date is not the right time for these discussions.

If you find that your date’s ex is becoming a focus of the conversation on your first date, then it is a sign that it was a bad date.

6. They Don’t Have Any Direction In Their Life.

Bringing up questions about life goals is a smart way to know more about your partner. It is in fact, one of the most common topics couples discuss on their first date. People who don’t have any direction is their life will struggle to contribute to this topic. If there is no direction in their lives, there is a very low probability of forming a meaningful and satisfying relationship.


7. You Are Very Uncomfortable.

It is usual for people to get slightly nervous for their first date. But, being nervous and being uncomfortable are two very different situations. It is a red flag; when you start getting uncomfortable during your date, it could be because they said something weird that you didn’t like, their overall behavior is giving you an off vibe, or maybe you have realized that you two are never going to hit it off.

It is a bad date when you feel weird during the outing; it doesn’t matter even if you cannot find words to explain why it is weird.

8. The Conversations Are Boring.

Often, first dates are awkward, but a boring first date implies something else. It may happen that during the initial moments of the first date, you find out that they are not as fun as you thought they’d be. When you don’t enjoy spending time with them, you two are probably not made for each other.

Many times on boring first dates, there are long moments of awkward silence where you two have nothing to talk about; you feel like maybe you should have invited a friend along. Dating should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience for both of you; however, it is a sign of a bad date if you find it boring.

9. You Both Want Different Things In Life.

If you learn that you both have a completely different idea of life and you want totally different things on the first date, then it will be a bad idea for you to get into a romantic relationship with them.

10. They Leave Too Soon.

Leaving early can be a sign of a bad first date. You think that the date is going decently, things are smooth, and you are having a good conversation; it’s not great, but it also doesn’t seem too bad. Suddenly, your partner tells you that he needs to go somewhere and calls off the date earlier than you expected. Back in your mind, you just know that they are lying and don’t have to go anywhere.

If the date was going well, no one would like to cut it short. Even if you think that date was good and you cannot pinpoint any specific reason regarding what went wrong, you must understand that there is some reason when your date leaves early.



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