Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Making You Feel Bad About Yourself

It is a terrible feeling to have a disrespectful partner. When your boyfriend makes you feel bad about yourself, you don’t have to put up with it.

Some of us get so accustomed to being treated poorly by our boyfriends that we don’t even realize that they make us feel worthless in the relationship.

Our ignorant behavior is modeled by seeing other couples in romantic relationships around us. While some of us are so naive that we are not aware of the kind of respect we should expect from our partners.

This ignorance on our part can even stop us from leaving a toxic relationship.

Every woman seeks a partner who loves her the way she deserves, who makes her feel good about herself. Someone who inspires her to be a better version of herself, who lifts her up in bad times, and is happy to see her progress in life.

If your boyfriend fails to see all the good in you, it is not worth it to be a part of this relationship.

You need to set your own boundaries so that you refrain from choosing partners who are not willing to satisfy your emotional needs. Irrespective of how much you try, sometimes you will not be able to read the emotional intelligence of the person you just started dating. Therefore, if you end up with someone who makes you feel bad about yourself, it will not be wise to blame yourself for the mess.

Below are a few signs that your boyfriend is making you feel bad about yourself-

1. He Is Constantly Judging You.

In relationships, it is more important to be real than being right all the time. You have developed a belief that whenever you are honest with your boyfriend, he will most likely be upset or angry with you for speaking the truth. You are now used to getting disrespected by your boyfriend. You have this feeling that whenever you need him, instead of being supportive, he is more likely to judge you.

For a relationship to be successful, both the partners have to put in an equal amount of effort. Both of you should –
– Uplift each other
– Be empathetic and compassionate to your partner
– Offer support when your partner needs it.
– Encourage them to become a better version of themes.
– Have good communication with each other.

Suppose you feel that your partner is not treating you right. In that case, you should take a step back, re-evaluate the situation, and do a self-analysis of your own behavior before blaming your partner.

2. Constant Criticism.

When your partner has this habit of constantly criticizing you, he may manipulate you to make specific changes to your personality that suit his needs.

Suppose you already feel insecure in the relationship. In that case, your insecurities may be encouraging your boyfriend to be more critical of you. For instance – When you compromise more than you should in a relationship, like never being part of any decision-making process, agreeing to everything he says or does, and always making attempts to appear more appealing to him.

A relationship is meaningful when your partner loves and accepts you for who you are. Suppose you seriously believe in this relationship, and you think he also genuinely loves and cares for you. In that case, he needs to know what you are going through.

When you feel the need to hide certain aspects of your personality, it implies that your relationship has a weak foundation.

3. You Find It Necessary To Hide Things From Your Boyfriend.

When you start to feel irritated and frustrated by your boyfriend’s continuous disrespectful behavior, a time will come when you will find it more appropriate to avoid telling things to your partner.

You don’t deserve to live in a toxic relationship; your peace and happiness should not depend on another person. It is essential to know your strengths and to believe in yourself. How you see your self-worth and self-esteem should not depend on how your boyfriend treats you.

Your boyfriend should never make you feel undesirable or inadequate. Suppose you have tried everything, but still, he makes you feel bad about yourself. In that case, you must consider whether you want to be living in a stressful and painful relationship like this.

Sometimes, your boyfriend is not aware that he is making you feel terrible about yourself. Therefore, it is vital for you to clearly and honestly convey your feelings to your boyfriend before addressing the issue.

You don’t deserve to be someone who makes you feel worthless because –

a. You Deserve A Guy Who Sees Best In You.

Although you believe in yourself, however, you want him to believe in you as well. This is significantly more important when you don’t feel as strong as you usually do.
Not only he should make you feel good about yourself, but he must love you for what you are, without forcing you to make any changes to your personality. You deserve a romantic partner who makes you feel special because, ideally, this is what a good boyfriend does.

b. You Don’t Fall In Love With Someone To Fall Out Of Love With Yourself.

Your love for yourself is something precious; no one should take that away from you. By being critical about everything you do or say, your boyfriend tries to fix things that he believes are wrong with you. By doing so, he behaves more like a bully and less like your special someone, and needless to say, no one likes to fall in love with a bully.

c. They Shouldn’t Make You Feel Unworthy Of Their Love.

When he makes you feel inferior and worthless, he is actually telling you that you are undeserving of this relationship. You don’t want to be with a man who makes you feel that he is lowering his standards for you.

It implies that he doesn’t love and accept you for what you are. You must clearly understand that you deserve true and genuine love and should not accept anything less than that.

d. They Should Feel Lucky To Have You.

When you both get into a relationship and start spending some quality time with each other, you should both feel lucky to have each other. But when your boyfriend makes you feel worthless, you will definitely not feel lucky to have him as a boyfriend.

People get into a relationship to live a fulfilling life, but relationships are fulfilling only when you both genuinely love, respect, and admire each other. It is more or less a disastrous beginning to a relationship when you start dating someone who makes you feel worthless.

e. Confidence

Your self-confidence should not depend on how your man treats you. Doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship. You should always be confident about yourself because you can’t expect someone to love you when you don’t love yourself enough.

You are a wonderful person; love yourself for who you are; you deserve a partner who loves you without pushing you to change yourself.

f. You Want A Boyfriend Who Is There For You In Tough Times.

When going through rough times, having a supportive partner by your side makes things easier. Even the toughest people have to go through hard times, where they start doubting their abilities. You want a boyfriend who is there for you when you need them the most.

You don’t deserve someone who constantly makes you question your self-worth, but someone who picks you up when things are not going right for you. Life is already challenging for most of us; no one needs a boyfriend who adds to these problems.



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