Dates You Shouldn’t Forget in a Relationship

Every relationship will have some special dates, and remembering these dates is always a great idea. Surprising your romantic partner on these special dates helps you to keep the spark alive in your relationship. It allows you to come across as a person who gives a lot of value to this relationship.

Small gestures like this help to add meaning to your relationship and make it a very satisfying experience for both of you. It also inspires your partner to put more effort into the relationship.

People forget things all the time, but if you are one of those people who forget important relationship dates every time, it can be a very irritating experience for your partner. Forgetting important dates like your partner’s birthday or your wedding anniversary sends a message that you do not care much about your significant other’s happiness.

It makes them feel that they are no more a priority in your life. Some people see this as a big red flag in a relationship. When you forget an important date in a relationship, you will need to come up with a very strong and convincing excuse.

Being forgotten by your special someone is a very disappointing feeling. But, when you surprise your partner by remembering important relationship dates, it helps to keep your relationship fresh and alive.

Below are some relationship dates that you should never forget –

1. Their birthday

It is an unfortunate thing when you forget your partner’s birthday. They have every right to be mad at you for being so insensitive. It is natural for them to feel sad & disappointed about it.

You are the person who matters to them the most, and when you forget their birthday, it makes them feel that they are not an important part of your life. This is especially in the case if your partner always makes your birthdays special for you.

Making up for this mistake is very difficult. Maybe you truly love and care for them, but forgetting their birthday sends completely opposite signals. It makes them feel insecure in this relationship with you.

If you want to make up for your mistake, you must-

(i) Apologize.

(ii) Explain the reason why this happened.

(iii) Give them an assurance that it will never happen again.

(iv) Do something special for them.

(v) Gift something meaningful that expresses how much you love and care for them.

2. Your Wedding Anniversary

This is a big day, and you are not allowed to forget it. Your SO expects you to make this day memorable for them every year. This day is a symbol of your love, and making this day special signifies that you still love your partner the way you loved them when you got married.

Forgetting this day is a disaster; it is a very costly mistake that you can’t afford. It can sometimes do irreparable damage to your relationship. 

When you forget this day, it sends a message that this relationship has lost its charm for you, and your partner is not that important to you now. It makes it seem that you have more important things in life right now than this relationship. It puts your partner in a very awkward position and it is natural for them to have second thoughts about their relationship with you. In a situation like this, it is common for people to start feeling insecure about their future.

When you decided to get married to your SO, it was a big life decision. You saw something in each other that made you believe that you could happily spend the rest of your life with each other. Your partner expected you to give them the love and support they deserve.

In an ideal relationship, couples make special plans for their anniversaries to create lasting memories that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

3. Your Child’s Birthday

Children are precious to every parent; your SO expects you to take very good care of them. When you forget your child’s birthday, it sends across a message that you are too busy for them. Your ignorance towards your kids and family will sooner or later change the way your partner thinks about you.

Parenting a child is a big thing for all of us; it is a personal journey you go through together with your special someone. For most parents, their kids are the centre of their world. They are the highlight of their life. Ignoring your kids is never a good idea. It will make them feel undervalued and you’ll lose their trust in the future. Ignoring your family gives them the impression that you’re not fulfilling expectations as a caring parent.

Remembering your kid’s birthday is not a big ask. Forgetting their birthday is an indication that you are not living a balanced life. Treat this as a wake-up call and redefine your priorities in life. Refocus your attention on things that matter.

4. The Proposal Date

When he proposed to you, it was an important day for both of you. It was a big decision which laid the road map for both of your lives. Probably your partner went through a lot for this proposal – picking the perfect place, choosing the right ring, practicing what to say and gathering enough courage to do it the right way. By forgetting this day, you may disappoint him, and it could hurt his feelings.

5. Their Mom’s Birthday

When you are in a long term relationship with your partner, it is normal for you to expect them to love your parents the way you do. When they fail to meet this expectation, it can create big problems for your relationship.

Making your partner meet your parents is a big relationship milestone. It is a symbol that your relationship has now reached an advanced stage.

You want your family to like your SO, and you expect your SO to like your family. It’s a big pressure situation, and you want things to go as smoothly as possible. If you are very close to your family and your partner ends up hating them, it can create a lot of trouble for your relationship. To make this relationship grow further, you will have to make work things out between your partner and your family.

When your partner forgets your mom’s or dad’s birthday, it is okay for you to feel disappointed about it. It makes you feel that your partner doesn’t care about your parents. If you are close to your parents and your partner always forgets their birthday and anniversary, then this may cause some disharmony between the two of you.

On the other hand, when he always remembers your parent’s birthday, it helps in improving the connection between the two of you.

6. First kiss

The day you had your first kiss with your partner holds a lot of essence in your relationship. Always remember this day, try to give a surprise to your partner by reminding them about this day. Making gestures like this adds freshness to your relationship.

Maybe things are not as great between the two of you as it was in the initial days of the relationship. But, when you remember these small details about your relationship, it helps you assure your partner that things are still great between you two and there is nothing to worry about.

How do you make sure you don‘t forget the important dates in your relationship?

We all have that one person in our lives who is so special to us that we want to do everything we can to make them happy. Some people find it difficult to remember all the dates that are important in your relationship. There are many ways you can stay reminded of these dates, such as setting up a recurring reminder on your phone or tablet, writing down a list of the special dates and keeping it in a place where you can easily see it, or even using an app that will remind you of these dates.

It is important to continuously put effort into relationships as they are the foundation of our lives.

In today’s day and age, it is easy for people to become disconnected from the people around them due to busy schedules and lack of time. As a result, we find ourselves unable to maintain meaningful relationships with others.

In order for us to maintain healthy relationships with those around us, we need to make sure that we put effort into them. It helps us in living a happier and more fulfilling life.



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