How to End a First Date the Right Way

Some people are fascinated about their first date, while others may get extremely stressed. You are anxious to know whether things will go in the right direction or not. Is he going to blow your mind, or will it be just an average boring date? Will the wavelengths match? Are you going to hit it off? Will he enjoy your company? While many people focus their complete attention on what to say and how to act during the date, it’s equally important to think about how to end the date.

The last few minutes of your date are going to leave a big impression for the time to come. It doesn’t matter if you are meeting for a coffee or dinner at a fancy restaurant; the ending of your date must go well. 

How To End A First Date?

 Irrespective of how the evening turned out, you must understand how to end the first date properly. You must be at your best even if the date didn’t go as planned. There is always a chance that you want to see this person again for the second date; if this is the case, the last thing you want to do is to end the date by sending all the wrong signals.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have been on a date; they can still get tricky and frightening. People get confused and uncomfortable thinking-

-Who is going to pay the bill? Shall I pay? How much should I argue if he insists on paying? 

-Should there be a kiss? What if I don’t want to kiss him?

Is it ok to discuss the second date? Shall I tell him I want to meet again? 

How should I convey that I am not interested in going out with him again?

 Below are some important tips on how to end your first date, Following these tips, will prevent you from sending wrong signals to your partner.-

Say Thank You

Saying thank you and expressing your gratitude is the right thing to do after your first date. Say thank you if he paid for the bill or picked up the tab or if he had to drive across the town to pick you up. It doesn’t matter whether the date was good or bad; expressing gratitude helps you in leaving a favorable and lasting impression on your partner.

When you end your first date on a positive noting by thanking your partner for spending the time, you make yourself seem like a well-mannered person. Let’s say you don’t want to go on a second date with this person, or you were having a bad day even before the date, or it is just that you do not care whether you give a good or bad impression, whatever the case may be, it is still advisable that you behave in a well-mannered way. Because not all people fall in love at first sight, you must not give anyone a chance to hate you because you don’t care about your first impression.

What If I don’t want to kiss?

If you don’t want to kiss him at the end of the date, you should let him know. To avoid having awkward moments at the end of the date, you can consider laying out the ground rules at the beginning.

If you don’t feel like kissing, you can let your partner know through your body language. Closing your arms, maintaining a distance are examples of body language postures you can make to convey your reluctance for a good night kiss. But in case your partner fails to get the message, you will have to speak up. It doesn’t matter how good, or bad the date was; your boundaries must be respected, he should not pressure you to do anything you are not willing to do. 

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What If I want to kiss?

 Some people tend to overcomplicate things by introducing excessive rules. We burden ourselves with the pressure to perfectly end the evening with all the correct boxes checked. If you really want things to be perfect – you should just listen to your heart. If you are not comfortable with a kiss, you can always wait for few more dates, don’t pressure yourself to do something that you are not comfortable with.

Ask yourself If you are comfortable kissing this person? Do you feel confident and safe? If you are comfortable and excited about having a goodbye kiss, you can use your body language to give him a hint. Having good eye contact and standing a bit closer will help you convey your feeling to him.

Start planning for the next date.

Another important tip for correctly ending the first date is to lock the second date before leaving. If your date is going well and both of you are looking forward to meeting again, try setting up the next date; if somehow you fail to set up the next date, at least let him know when you’ll be in touch again. If you want a second date, you should not leave him hanging.

 Some people prefer using the common first-night phrases like “We should do this more often” or “It’d be fun to meet up again,” but if you enjoyed your time with him, and he is excited about meeting again, you can move beyond these phrases and try deciding on specific details about the next date.

When you are planning on specifics about the next date, it will help you in reading his mind about how he felt about this date. If he shows excitement in making plans for the next date, he probably enjoyed spending time with you. On the other hand, if he is unsure and not interested in planning for the next date, you should change the topic.  

What to do when the bill arrives ?

It is always advisable to assume that you are going to pay the bill and order accordingly. We always hope that our partner will pick the tab, but it is best to be prepared. If you don’t want to pay for that expensive wine, it’s best not to order it.

When the bill arrives, you should wait for a moment. When the server brings the cheque, see the reaction of your partner. If you think he is not sure and is not reaching for the cheque immediately, hold your bag and ask, “Shall we split it?

On the contrary, If he confidently reaches for the bill and offers to pay, ask him if he is sure. If he says yes, then smile and express gratitude by saying thank you. 

What to do if you are interested in seeing him again ?

 If you liked this guy and are hoping that he also had a great time with you, it’s advisable to control your urge and try to avoid showing a lot of haste in fixing the next date. If he likes you, you won’t be required to chase him down. Express your desire for the next date by saying, “We should do this again.” Don’t speak too much about the specifics; keep it short and precise.

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 If you can’t get him off your head, you can message him in a day or two. Speak with him as if you want to be friends with him. When sending the message, start the conversation by following up on the topics you discussed on your first date. Try to pick up from where you left the other night.

 If you are not looking forward to a second date, it will be wrong to give him false hope. For instance, if your partner enjoyed spending time with you and is eagerly trying to set up specifics for the next date by deciding on time and location, it will be bad on your part to agree on his plans now to cancel them later on. Be straightforward and let him know that although you enjoyed your time with him today, Be straightforward and let him know that although you enjoyed your time with him today, you don’t see a possibility for the next date. Show gratitude for his time, wish him luck and tell him you hope that he finds what he is looking for.



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