My Husband or Boyfriend Takes Me for Granted. What Should I Do?

One benefit of a long-term relationship is that you get to know your partner very well; not only will you know their likes and dislikes, but you will also be able to predict their behavior. You both know (or believe to know) all the good and not-so-good things about each other. Knowing more about your partner is key to a healthy and long-lasting relationship. 

Many women complain that in a long-term relationship, there comes a time when their husband or boyfriend starts taking them for granted. They start believing that because you have been around for a long time, you will probably stay in the future as well.

It is tough to be with a person who takes you for granted. You want to be appreciated for your efforts in the relationship. It hurts when you don’t get the respect you deserve. You might feel unloved, especially when you always go the extra mile to make things work. 

boyfriend takes you for granted

So, what should you do if things aren’t improving between you and him? Is there a chance to fix the situation and improve his behavior, or should you just quit? No, it is not too late to fix things. You can try a few tricks to make things better again and make him feel your worth.  

However, before jumping to a conclusion, you should try to understand what is preventing your partner from appreciating you. Can you recall any incident or a moment from where things started going south? 

It might not be your fault at all! You won’t like to let go of all your dreams just because of changes in his behavior. It can take a toll on your health and social life if you don’t rectify the issue before it worsens. Try the following solutions to get the respect and love you deserve:

1. Ensure your partner is loyal to you! 

Has he lost interest in you because he started seeing someone else? Did you consider this reason? Even though it may sound quite unlikely, you should at least look into it. Monitoring your partner’s online and social activities might help. You can even find some online programs for the background check! 

Every woman wants to be in a relationship with a guy who is both loyal and faithful. These are the two most essential traits that every woman should look for before committing to a relationship.

Men who are loyal to their ladies

– Do not have any active profiles on the dating apps,

 -They don’t get stressed out when their phone rings for a message or a call when they are with you.

– They don’t keep secrets from you, whether big or small.

– They set clear boundaries with their female friends. 

Lack of loyalty is one of the key reasons why many relationships fail.

If the person is not loyal and still pretending to be with you, try to get rid of him as soon as possible. You won’t like to be the second choice of anyone because it isn’t what you have signed up for! If it’s not the case, then other tactics will undoubtedly work for you! 

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You should not develop this habit of finding flaws in your partner; instead look for ways to add value to the relationship. It is only when both of you make continuous and honest efforts that your relationship becomes meaningful and satisfying.

2. Let him feel your absence!

Most men work pretty hard to get in a relationship. They start taking it for granted when they know this thing will last forever. It would help if you made him feel that you aren’t another object in the apartment that has no feeling. Make him feel what he has been missing recently. 

Living away from him can be one of the best things that have ever happened to you. If he genuinely loves you, it will help him realize that he can’t live without you. When he comes back, he will have more respect and devotion towards you.

Women want their men to crave for them; they want their husband/boyfriend to miss them when they are not around. 

People take one another for granted after being together for a long time. A small break is needed to eliminate all the negative feelings and rejuvenate the relationship. 

Maintain some distance for a while to see how your man reacts. He will start missing you and regret not expressing everything he felt for you! If your boyfriend is taking you for granted, you can consider switching to another apartment for a while. 

3. Focus on other essential things in your life!

He might be an essential part of your life, but he can’t be everything. You have a career and a life outside this relationship. So, it would help if you gave importance to other things too along with this relationship. Those things also matter and deserve your time. 

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Until things improve, you can try not making yourself always whenever he calls and seeks your company. You man would not want to force you to be with him, but he will certainly miss your presence. His friends and colleagues will remind him that you aren’t there. He will realize how he was taking your company for granted! Try to be busy and learn to refuse specific requests.  

4. Express your disappointments and feelings!

Some men are pretty afraid of upsetting their partners. Your partner may seem exactly the opposite of those men because you don’t express when it hurts. Do not be a happy and supportive girl all the time. You have feelings, and you should express them. 

It is essential to express your disappointment when you don’t get the right response. It should not be an argument or a fight, but he must know that he is hurting your feelings. Express your disappointment and let him know that his behavior is harming the relationship. 

When you eventually express the problem or incident. It will be the moment he might open up and regret his actions! It kills most men when they can’t find out what wrong they did to upset their partners. 

5. Do not bear the entire load on your shoulders!

People start compromising when they get too possessive of their partners. Do not be one of those people who can’t imagine a life outside this relationship. You don’t have to bear the entire load on your shoulders while the other person shows very little interest. 

It is time to address this issue. If your husband or boyfriend is taking you for granted, you must let them know that you do not like it. 

If you are upset and unhappy in your relationship, he will sense something is missing and express it to you. It would help if you expressed your disappointments and feelings to clear up the smoke. Don’t fall for whatever excuses your man put to win the discussion. Just make him understand how important it is for him to put equal effort into this relationship.

6. Spend more time with your friends!

It is not practical for you to switch your accommodations if you are married to him. Is there another way of maintaining some distance? Yes, call your friends and plan a trip or night out. He must know that you have a life outside this relationship. 

Go out with your friends, enjoy the evening, and show that you miss their presence when you get back. Your man will wonder why you are giving more importance to others. He will get more involved with you, and he might even start expressing his feelings. 

7. Be busy!

You will always have work to do whether you are a working woman or a housewife. Get busy and get creative. It will keep your mind calm, and you won’t think a lot about distressing things. It will also prevent you from overly engaging with your husband or boyfriend. 

Things will be fine for him for a few days, and then he will miss you, even if you are living in the same apartment. It has worked for many women, and you should also give it a try!  



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