9 Tips To Make him Miss You More

When a man says he missed you, it makes you feel happy and needed.

It’s never easy to be sure that your man thinks of you and misses you when you’re not around.

It is strongly believed that – “absence makes the heart go fonder”.

Whether you’ve just started dating your partner, been together for a long time, or want to make your ex jealous ― the goal is to make them miss you.

Maybe he is not missing you in quite the same way as you might believe. In fact, he might not even be thinking about you at all.

You may be struggling to find a way to make him miss you. There are numerous things that you can do to get the reaction that you’re looking for.

It’s necessary to do it the right way. It’s not about breaking any rules, but instead doing things the way he likes them.

If you want to develop a great relationship with him, the key is to be in his thoughts all the time. It may be challenging at first, but with a little effort, it helps build up the love and attraction you’re both aiming for.

Below you will find few simple tips on how to make a man miss you.

1.Be Hard To Get.

Maybe it doesn’t go with your personality, but people do respond to the tactic. It’s essential to find a balance between playing hard to get and coming off as cold & uncaring.

Playing hard to get can help make your love life better. But, if you’re too assertive or forceful with your words & body language, it can go sour.

Playing hard to get is a tried-and-true dating tactic that women have been utilizing for centuries. Why? Because it works.

If you’re someone who struggles with the idea of dating, trying to make a guy miss you, or asking your date out on a date in the first place, then playing hard to get might be the answer to your

2. Allow Him To Make The First Move.

When you control your temptation to take the initiate, he will probably be the one who will call you.

When you take time and give space, he’ll start to think about you more. Men love to chase when they are dating someone they really like. Try not to set him up too soon though, he might get distracted.

Restricting contact is an effective strategy for getting back with an ex or finding a new partner. The emotional distance provides a much-needed refresh.

Many people try to play hard to get when they’re interested in someone. However, you can make that guy miss you with a no-contact rule. Not only is this a great way to lead him on, but it’s also the surest way of making him fall for you.

When you give him a chance to take the initiative to contact you, it will help in bringing a lot of clarity to the situation. Because when he contacts you, it is a sign that he is interested in you and probably also wants to be in a relationship with you.

When you allow him to contact you first, it will bring clarity to the situation. Because if he is interested and wants to be in a relationship with you, he will definitely contact you.

If a guy consistently comes to you for dates and makes an effort to connect with you, he probably misses you when you are not around. It is also a sign that he is really interested in knowing more about you and wants to take things further.

3. Stop Being Too Available if you want your man to chase you.

Being unavailable is often a turn-on for potential partners. In fact, studies have shown that people who are constantly available to their loved ones often lose their attraction.

When you get a text from someone special, it’s a good idea to respond just in case they were waiting for a reply. However, if you always see yourself waiting for their text no matter how many texts or calls your crush makes, then it may be a sign that you aren’t giving them enough time to miss you.

When you are always available, he may start to lose interest in you.

It is understandable that you want him to know how much you love talking to him. You may also be having this uncontrollable temptation to reply to his texts.

But, if you can try to keep your phone on mute or maybe away from your sight, it will be a great help.

When he cannot get in touch with you, he will start wondering where you are, what you are doing, and why you are not replying to his texts.

Although many of us may find it awkward, doing this can be healthy for your relationship.

4. Don’t Open Up Too Soon.

Perhaps he makes you too comfortable – which might make you trust him more. You might start believing that this is going somewhere, but you need to learn how to remain cautious and guarded without shutting down.

It is not a good idea to completely open up about your life story within the first two or three dates, and you must be patient.

It will help you make him miss you when you are not around him. When you give everything right away, there’s not much else to talk about. Soon, you’ll have fewer things to discuss with your man.

You can always talk about him to understand him better when you are together. But you can always try and hold talking about yourself if you want.

Be mysterious about your own life; let him try and figure yout out. This way, you will always be in his thoughts.

5. To make a guy miss you Let him be Your Hero.

Men are simple creatures. If a woman gives him a compliment, he feels like a hero. If she tells him that he’s wonderful, he gets happy and excited. His insides start to feel warm and gooey, and his ego starts to swell.

When you make him feel like a hero, he’ll see you in a completely different light. He will be encouraged to develop a deep and inseparable bond with you. This is a new trend emerging from relationship psychology.

In simple words, it tells you- that a man wants to be your hero.

It is believed that a man’s deepest desire is to protect the women he loves and feel needed by her.

It sounds silly and stupid, but it is true: some men want to be needed by the woman he loves.

Experts suggest that in order to make your man miss you, you need to trigger the hero instinct. What they mean is that when you provide your man with something he craves, you will make him miss you at times when you’re not around.

It’s an art to make your man feel like a hero – knowing what to text, what phrases to use, and making special requests to trigger that instinct. And it is very exciting when you know how to do it.

6. Be Hard to Forget.

If you want your man to think about you all the time, you must make yourself hard to forget.

This is not an easy task. Men are known to be more visual and less emotional creatures, making it harder for females to get past their attention span.

When people think of a woman’s need for an alluring appearance, they typically think of specific things like expensive dresses and perfect makeup.

However, suppose you want to be unforgettable in the eyes of your man. In that case, you need to make yourself difficult to forget.

This means that instead of focusing on what is special about yourself to attract his attention, you should focus on having your own signature style.

It could be how you speak, some specific phrases that you often use, the way you smell, or the type of food you eat. He’ll instantly miss you when he remembers your signature style.

To make him miss you, find something that will constantly remind him of you, especially when you are not around.

7. Avoid Saying Yes to him All The Time. (Always saying yes will make him lose interest.)

The best way to get him to miss you is by learning how to say no. Doing this might sound silly, but it can be an effective strategy in your favor.

Being always available for him is exactly what makes him push away, especially in budding relationships.

You become more desirable for him when you are distant and inaccessible. He starts to fall for you and beings to see you as a challenge; either he’ll have to chase you to get into a relationship or risk losing you to another man.

8. If you Want to Make your Man Miss You, Befriend him First.

Ladies, if a man has been flirting with you but doesn’t want to take things further than just flirting, the best thing for you to do would be to befriend him – treat your man like a friend!

This will let him know that he has missed out on something great, and it will give him an opportunity to see how enjoyable your company can be without the threat of being replaced.

If you think that he has a fear of commitment, then you must tread carefully. Don’t tell him that you are already head-over-heels for him if you want him serious about having a relationship with you. He may take you for granted, thinking you are an easy game.

Treat him like a friend, don’t make yourself constantly available for him. Stop showing up at places he expects you to show up.

Giving this opportunity will make to start missing you. When you are distant from him, your thoughts will be in his head.

If he really likes you, he will realize that things are better when you are around. Further, he will want to create wonderful memories with you.

He will realize that he has to win you over and will probably put in more effort to make you think more romantically about him. This is one of the most effective ways to make a man fall in love with you.

9. Get Busy With Your Life.

In a relationship, it is essential to give some time to yourself. When he is busy with his work, you might misinterpret the situation and think that you are unwanted.

Go out with your friends and tell him how you had a great time with them. Maybe, he will get jealous listening to your stories, and he will regret not being the one you have all the fun with.

If you are going through a breakup and the guy tells you that he needs some time. It will be best if you can stay busy and enjoy your own life for some time.

Pursue your hobbies, focus on self-care or take a vacation. You will be less tempted to call or text him when you are busy, and this will make him miss you and want you back.



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