How To Tell Someone You’re Done Trying? 11 Big Reasons Why It’s Time To say I am Done

If you’ve tried just about everything in your relationship and think that there’s no point in trying any more, then this feeling of “being done” is probably happening to you.

In relationships, many of us go through a phase when the only thing that comes up in our mind is ‘I am done’.

The daily struggle to make things work starts to wear on your mind & body. After trying everything to make things work and not being able to, you finally conclude that your relationship is beyond repair. This makes you lose all the motivation to continue in this relationship.

It can be hard to end a relationship, but remember, sometimes it’s necessary too. And the sentiment “I am done” isn’t easy to say.

It can be hard to see when a relationship has run its course. Sometimes both parties get something out of it, making it difficult for them to leave each other. But there may come a time when you realize that your relationship is no longer working. And when it’s not, the hardships will be too much to handle. You get the feeling you’re done trying and want to let go of things.

Here are some big reasons why it’s time to say ‘I’m done’

1. Unresolved Fights

Fighting about the same issues without any resolution is going to make your relationship toxic. It can put a lot of physical as well as emotional stress on a couple. These issues can be related to money, commitment, habits, etc.

To find solutions to the relationship problems, it’s important that both of you put in a joint effort. When both of you are adamant about not improving yourself, then it shows that that relationship is not worth it. It will be better for you to move on.

2. He is Abusive

There are many forms of abuse in a relationship: physical, verbal, or even emotional. You got into a relationship to add more meaning and joy to your life; you expected your partner to help you become a better version of yourself. But if being with him makes you feel frustrated, irritated, and disappointed, then this relationship is not worth your time.

3. You Cry all the Time

Everyone knows that relationships won’t always be like in fairytales, but as long as you two are generally happy, then there’s nothing wrong with it. It is natural to sometimes have arguments in a relationship. But, if you find yourself always disappointed and crying too often, it probably won’t be beneficial to continue the relationship.

Your special someone should help you become a better and happier person. They should pick you up when you are facing tough times.

4. There is No Compatibility

You two don’t really have anything in common. You’re as different as night and day. You met because you thought that you would get along, but now it’s getting a little bit more difficult to be around each other.

You are not good for each other if you find it hard to satisfy each other’s physical and emotional needs.

Suppose your personalities are poles apart from each other, and you feel dissatisfied with your relationship. In that case, it will be a logical step to say ‘I am done’.

5. You Think You Will Be Better Off Without Him

Sometimes the relationships become so toxic that it makes you feel nervous and anxious all the time. In situation like these, it’s best for you to break up with him.

When there are a lot of fights and conflicts between you two, it can make you behave in an uncontrollable manner. You may say or do some ugly things that you will later regret.

6. He Brings Out The Worst in You

Unhealthy and meaningless relationships will bring out the worst in you. You will be annoyed and irritated more often than what seems normal. We all have a different level of tolerance for conflicts, fights, shouting, and arguments. When there’s too much, we sometimes start behaving strangely.

It feels like your partner is always pressing your buttons. He brings out the worst in you and then blames you for the mess.

7. You Can’t Trust Him

When you can’t trust him, it’s typically because of a past negative experience with him. If things aren’t good between the two of you, you may feel worried that he’s going behind your back and is being unfaithful. Doesn’t matter what he does; you are always skeptical about his actions and words.

It’s hard for you to trust him because he has given you plenty of reasons not to be confident in his intentions.

When you find yourself in this position, the relationship will most likely lose its meaning. You will feel less encouraged to put effort into making things better. Trying to find out the root cause of the issue might help, but once you have stopped trusting him, it will be difficult to bring things back to normal.

8. You Believe That it was a Wrong Decision to Get into This Relationship

When you reflect on your relationship with this guy, it makes you feel that you both were not meant to be together. All the signs have been there since the beginning, but you ignored them.

Now you find it really hard to ignore these things; in the back of your mind, you strongly believe that this relationship is falling apart, and you are done trying.

When you two are poles apart from each other, and there is no compatibility, trying to make things better is only going to make you feel irritated and insane.

9. You Don’t Find Him Attractive Anymore

When you lose attraction towards your boyfriend, it could be because there has been a drastic change in his looks or the way he mistreats you. 

It could also be because of a change in your relationship dynamics -If you have taken a new job or started a new business, or due to some change in circumstances you have not been talking as much as you used to talk before.

If you’re not attracted to your partner anymore, it is a sign that your relationship may be falling apart. It’ll likely be tough for the relationship to keep going when this happens.

10. The relationship has Been Draining you Emotionally

It’s tiring when you’re always the one making compromises, doing more than your fair share to make sure someone else’s needs are met.

When your relationship is emotionally draining, you will notice that you feel anxious, tired, and depressed around your partner.

There are many people who are reluctant to admit that their relationship is failing, but it’s crucial to identify the red flags when your relationship is taking a toll on your mental health.

People feel emotionally drained when they put too much effort into a relationship that fails to meet their needs.

When you don’t get any support from your special someone, it gets hard to communicate and give each other the love and care you both deserve.

Every relationship has its flaws. As time progresses, every couple will have occasional disagreements and small fights.

But when just thinking about your partner gives you physical and emotional stress, it signifies that your relationship has started to affect you mentally.

11. Lack of Physical Intimacy

Your sex life has a big impact on the health of your relationship. If there is a lack of physical intimacy between you two, it is difficult to have a lasting and happy relationship.

When you don’t feel encouraged to get physically intimate with your partner anymore, it is a big sign that something is wrong between you two.

Every couple goes through ups and downs in their sex life, but when there is no physical intimacy between you two for weeks or months, it is a sign that your relationship is going downhill.

How To Tell Someone That You Are Done Trying?

When you have decided to leave the relationship, it will be in your best interest to plan everything in advance. You will be less likely to get manipulated this way.

If your partner is very controlling, it will be disastrous to return back to him after telling him that you are done trying.

This is why it is very important to plan everything so that you are left with no reason to get back to him.

Just tell him that you are done; you don’t find it healthy to be in a relationship where you always feel manipulated. Let him know that you want to be with someone who loves you for what you are, and continuing this relationship will be a waste of time for both of you. 

He will be able to manipulate you only if he gets the time to speak with you. Don’t allow them to talk you out. Interrupt when he starts. Tell him that you have made up your mind and don’t want to hear anything now. The more you stay with him, the more opportunities he will get to talk you out of the situation and manipulate you.



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