I Badmouthed My Boyfriend

When things are not going great between you and your boyfriend, your relationship with him can bring out the worst in you. It might make you do or say things that you later regret.

If you have been badmouthing your boyfriend behind his back, it is natural for you to feel worried and guilty about the situation.

Maybe your boyfriend has some serious flaws, or it’s just that you have got into a habit of speaking behind his back without even realizing it. By unnecessarily badmouthing your partner, you are being unfair to him.

If things have been very toxic between the two of you and you have decided to break up with him, even then, it is nothing less than evil on your part to badmouth him behind his back.

How To Fix This Situation?

1. Open Up With Him 

It is never easy to break the bad news to someone you love. This is mainly in case the bad news is about a mistake you made. But like everything in life, there is a right and wrong way to do this.

Doing the right thing is hard, but it is the healthiest option. Tell him you made a mistake and badmouthed him in front of your friends. 

Tell him how bad you feel about all this and how you regret your actions. Maybe you do not see it now, but being honest and truthful to your partner will help you to strengthen your bond with him in the long run.

2. Let Him Know What You Are Going Through

You spoke badly about him behind his back because you were not happy about something. Rather than venting your frustration in front of others, it will be better if you speak to him one-on-one.

You can overcome even the toughest challenges in relationships by opening up with your partner. Maybe he does not have any idea about what you are going through right now.

In a relationship, when you keep things to yourself, it can negatively affect your mental health. Without opening up with your partner about the troubles you are going through, it will become challenging for you to have a fulfilling and meaningful relationship.

3. If It Was A Mistake, Admit It

If you think you crossed a line, it will be a good gesture to apologize for your mistake before things go out of hand. Humans make mistakes all the time. What makes things worse is when you justify your mistakes.

If you have realized that speaking bad things about him was entirely uncalled for, then you must admit your mistake and apologize to him. When things are not going as planned in a relationship, things can go a little out of control.

Sometimes we lose control of ourselves and make mistakes in situations like these. If he genuinely loves and cares for you, he will realize what you’re going through and forgive you for your mistake.

4. Establish Boundaries

If you want to have a healthy relationship with your boyfriend, it will help if you establish healthy boundaries. Having boundaries gives both parties an idea about limits. Knowing what is acceptable behavior and what will not be tolerated will help you better control your actions. 

All healthy and fulfilling relationships have boundaries. A relationship cannot be called meaningful if the partners do not respect boundaries.

The boundaries define where you and your significant other start and stop. Agreeing to these boundaries and abiding by them works for the benefit of both partners.

5. If You’ve Been Taking Things For Granted, You Must Stop

If you think that your partner is a great guy and you would like to have a lasting and meaningful relationship with him, then he’s someone you should be grateful for. But when we have messed up priorities in our life, we start to take people around us for granted.

When you blabbered about him behind his back, probably, it was because you took him for granted. Maybe he’s very sweet to you and forgives your mistakes easily. But this does not entitle you to break his heart.

If he forgives now, it doesn’t mean he will always be like this. When you want this relationship to be healthy and fulfilling, you must not take him for granted. You are responsible for giving him the love, acceptance, and respect he deserves.

6. Improve Your Connection And Intimacy With Him

If you are unhappy with how things are going, it will be a good idea to put in more effort to improve your connection with him.

Having a better physical and emotional connection with your partner can help you resolve even the biggest conflict in your relationship. The improved physical and emotional intimacy will help you to-

– Reduce stress

– Overcome loneliness

– Have a better sex life

– Overcome feelings of stress and anxiety

– Gain more emotional strength

– Feel more secure when you are going through a phase of loneliness and vulnerability

7. Do Not Openly Discuss Your Relationship With Others

Have you been giving unfiltered information about your relationship to someone else? Many Women have this habit of discussing every minute detail about their boyfriend with their mother, best friend, sister, or office colleague.

Maybe you feel relieved when you vent out about the problems you are facing in your relationship, but sharing these minute details behind your boyfriend’s back is wrong.

This can make him lose trust and faith in you. When he shares things with you, he expects you to keep them to yourself. By divulging your relationship details to a third person, you are, in a way betraying his trust.

When you blabber a lot about your relationship with others, you sometimes cross the limits without realizing it. Therefore before things go out of hand, it will be in your good interest to put a brake on this habit.

8. Don’t Keep Things To Yourself

If you are not happy about something, you must speak up to your boyfriend.

Sometimes we feel compelled to keep things to ourselves because we fear that opening up about these issues might upset our partner and lead to a fight. You fear that having a fight with your partner will end this relationship.

We do not realize that by not speaking up about things that have been bothering us, we are, in a way damaging our mental peace. In a healthy relationship, you should not feel afraid to open up with your partner. 

Not speaking up in a relationship will affect your connection and intimacy with your partner. Bottling up your feelings for extended periods will make you feel lonely and resentful.

9. Tell Him Before He Gets To Know About It From Others

If you feel guilty about badmouthing your boyfriend, you must admit your mistakes to him before he gets to know it from others.

If you stay mum about it and he learns about your mistake from someone else, it will be difficult for him to let go of it. But when you are upfront about your mistake, he might feel compelled to forgive you.

Why It Is Not A Great Idea To Speak Bad Things About Your Boyfriend Behind His Back?

Your happiness is your responsibility

Maybe you said terrible things behind his back because you are not happy in the relationship. People fall in love with others, expecting things to become happier for them.

But once you are in a relationship, you will realize it is not only about you. Your romantic partner should not be your only source of happiness. Your happiness is your responsibility.

Your Boyfriend Deserves Respect

Even if things are not really great between you, your boyfriend still deserves respect. Nothing gives you the right to disrespect your partner behind his back.

It’s Wrong to Take His Feelings And Emotions For Granted

Because you two had a big argument or a fight, it doesn’t mean his feelings and emotions are unimportant.

Being in a relationship can be tough at times, but it will only make you stronger. You’re not his competitor, you’re his cheerleader.

If you want him to respect your feelings, it is your responsibility to give him the acceptance and respect he deserves.

Ultimately He Will Get To Know What You Did

Things like this are difficult to hide. If you have been badmouthing your partner, he will ultimately get to know about it. And once he learns about it from others, things will never be the same between you. Once he loses his trust and faith in you, it will become difficult for you to regain that trust. 



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