‘I Cut Him Off Without Warning’ – How to Make Him Miss You?

When your romantic partner breaks up with you or stops giving you the importance and respect you deserve, cutting him off may seem like the only option. You believe that doing this will make him realize his mistakes, and he’ll soon start missing you.

When you walk away from him, there will always be this fear in your mind –; ‘What if the plan backfires and he moves further away from you?’

You feel worried that things may not go as planned. What if he gets even more mad at you and decides to end the relationship? When you cut him off like this, there is always a chance of things going south.

It is a very disappointing experience when your romantic partner starts taking you for granted. It spoils the whole relationship experience. When he stops treating you as an equal, the relationship soon starts to lose its meaning.

If you know what you are doing and execute things with a strict plan, cutting him off can make him realize your value and importance. On the other hand, wrong execution can make things even worse for your relationship. It can push him further away from you.

‘When you walk away from your boyfriend, he will realize his mistakes and come back for you.’

Sometimes men only realize your true value when you walk away from them. The thought of losing you makes them look at things from a broader perspective.

If your boyfriend believes that you will stick with him no matter how rocky the road gets, he might start to take you for granted. He may stop doing the little things for you or give up on trying to prove his love and devotion. He’ll never experience the fear and impact of breaking up with you.

There’ll be fewer reasons for him to put effort into the relationship, and soon he will start caring less about your happiness.

By cutting him off, you allow him to miss you and make him realize how good a partner you are.

While this sounds like a simple solution, you must take care not to do it too carelessly as this can damage your already fragile relationship with him.

How Not To Walk Away From Your Boyfriend?

When someone you love deeply breaks up with you, your first reaction will be to try and save the relationship. You’ll chase him, apologize and make promises to prove that you genuinely love and care for him. 

But, when you fail to get any positive results, it makes you feel frustrated and burnt out. Left with no choice, you cut him off as a last and final attempt to make him want you again.

Suddenly ending all contact with your romantic partner like this may encourage him to move away from you and start a new relationship.

It Can Sabotage Your Already Struggling Relationship.

Your relationship with your boyfriend is already hanging by a thread, and when you suddenly end all contact with him without any warning, he may lose his trust and faith in you.

Sometimes, actions like these can damage your relationship beyond repair. Even when things are not going well between you and your partner, he will still have faith that you care for him.

But when you cut him off like this, he can take it as a sign that you’ve lost your interest in him.

Actions like these are sometimes big deal-breakers in a relationship. 

You Lose Control of The Situation

When you cut off all contact with him, you are giving up all the control. You will now have no way of knowing what he’s doing or if he has started seeing someone else. Suppose he has already ended the relationship with you. In that case, it will not be possible for you to stop him from seeing someone else.

Breakups are tough; they take a toll on your physical as well as emotional health. 

It is not uncommon for people to do stupid things when they are getting over their ex. During this time, people often make poor judgments and get into a rebound relationship just to avoid dealing with the psychological pain of being alone. While this is normal, the consequences of these types of choices can be serious.

It may seem like the best idea to cut all contact with him, but you’ll have no idea what he’s doing when you do that. Maybe he’ll start seeing someone new, just to provoke you.

Furthermore, when you walk away, he may think that you are no more interested in having a relationship with him. This can further encourage him to move on from you. 

How To Make Him Miss You?

When you cut him off to make him miss you, you need to focus on two things-

  • Let him know why you’re walking away from him.
  • Leave an open communication channel.

Imagine that your boyfriend broke up with you. The very next day, he wants to meet up with you. Since you are hurt and angry, you feel it is inappropriate to meet him at this time and instead tell him that you want some space.

You made sure that he knows the reason why you are cutting off with him. At the same time, you kept the communication channels open so that he could get in touch when he needs to.

This way, you successfully conveyed a clear message – Although you are disappointed with his actions, but you still care for him.

Properly communicating your message will help you in shifting the power dynamics of your relationship in your favor. There are good chances that he will feel bad for his actions and feel apologetic.

When you cut him off, do not expect immediate results. Just leave the communication channel open. Looking at things from a distance and from a broader perspective will make him realize how much you love and care for him. Soon, he’ll start missing your presence in his life. And, if the connection between the two of you is still strong, he will leave no stone unturned to get you back in his life. Just give him a chance to miss you.

How Long Will it Take For a Guy to Realize That He Wants you Back in His Life? 

Some guys are very adamant about their decisions. If they have decided to end things with you, they are likely to stick with their decisions (at least for some days)

Just like women, men also go through multiple stages of a breakup. 

Immediately after the breakup, many guys will feel a sense of excitement because of the new freedom they will get. The thought of getting to do things that they couldn’t do earlier makes them feel elated.

In between this feeling of excitement, there will be phases where he feels disappointed that you are no more a part of his life. The thought that he is no more in a relationship with you makes him miss you.

During the initial days of the breakup, this disheartening feeling may encourage him to send you cues/hints that he wants you back in his life.

Many guys during this stage of the breakup will try to maintain distance from you. This is more so in the cases where he was emotionally unavailable to you.

Every one of us is unique in our own ways; we react differently to different situations. Many guys will feel encouraged to act in stubborn and adamant ways during breakups. 

Some people need more time than others to snap out of this stubborn phase. But experts believe that it takes somewhere between 15 days to a month for a guy to realize that he misses you after you cut him off. Once he gets this realization, he is likely to make efforts to get in touch with you again.

Suppose you’ve been together for a long period of time and have had constant disagreements and fights in your relationship. In that case, it can take your boyfriend more time than others to realize that he wants you back in his life.

It is believed that the deeper the issues in your relationship, the longer your boyfriend is going to take to realize his mistake and get back to you.



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