Signs His Friends Don’t Like You

Every one of us wants to be liked by the people around us. But when you have reasons to believe that your boyfriend’s friends do not like you, it can lead to a lot of problem. In some cases, it could mean that things are about to get more difficult for you.

Is it possible to change his friend’s opinion about you?

If you think that your boyfriend’s friends do not like you, it will not be very easy to change their opinion about you. But, it’s not impossible. The best thing for you to do in situations like this is to be yourself and not try to act like someone you are not.

Friends are one of the most important features in many of our lives, and sometimes they play an important role in the decisions we make. 

Their opinions on important life matters (including love life) carry a lot of weight for many of us.

If his friends don’t like you, it can deeply impact your relationship with your boyfriend.

Your boyfriend may believe that it’s his choice who he decides to see or doesn’t see. But since he is so close to his friends, they will often influence what he does.

Not having great chemistry with his friends can sometimes create problems in your relationship. But, it would be incorrect to assume that just because your partner’s friends don’t like you, the relationship is going to fail.

You are not required to have a great bonding with his friends, but at the same time, it helps a lot when they are civil and friendly with you.

Below are few signs that his friends don’t like you –

1. They’re Sarcastic Around You

It’s difficult to define sarcasm, but it’s easy to identify it when we hear it. Sarcasm is a form of humor that uses irony to mock or convey contempt. It is often-

  • Used in the form of a phrase
  • Spoken with an intent to insult
  • It means the opposite of what it appears to say.

 It’s a way to get someone to take notice of what you’re saying without being too confrontational about it.

When someone makes constant sarcastic remarks, it is an indication that things are not going the way they should be going.

If his friends are being sarcastic with you, instead of getting upset or hurt by it, try to find the humor in it and focus on keeping your emotions in check.

Sometimes you may feel the temptation to fight back and give them the dose of their own medicine, but it will be in your best interest to control this craving.

2. They Avoid Inviting You to Group Get-Togethers

Friends always make plans to go out together, and sometimes, they also invite their significant others. If his friends are planning a group get-together and you are not invited, it may be because they don’t like you.

You need to discuss this with your boyfriend and try to know his opinion about all this. When you are constantly left out of these activities, it is important for you to understand the deal behind all this. Control your temptation to blame or accuse your boyfriend as it may create more problems for you. Just focus on getting to the bottom of the issue.

3. They Avoid Having a Conversation With You

If his friends don’t take any interest in talking to you when you’re out with them, it can make things awkward.

When they don’t show any interest in having a conversation with you, it can make you feel left out and ignored. It is normal to feel disappointed and frustrated about this. When his friends try to keep you out of the circle, it is a clear sign that they don’t like you.

When people like you, they will try to get to know you more and form a deeper connection. They encourage you to be a part of everything. If you don’t see any of this happening, it’s a sign that they are not interested in you (or feel positive about you)

4. They Don’t Greet You

When his friends like you, they’ll be very excited to see you. To make you feel accepted and welcome, they’ll greet you with great enthusiasm. They will want you to feel happy and comfortable around them.

When someone doesn’t like you, there will be a lack of energy and excitement. They’ll either greet you with a simple and low energy Hi or Hello, or no greeting at all.

They’ll treat you like you don’t exist. It can make you feel unimportant; it’s like they are trying to tell you that you are not welcome here.

The way someone greets you tells a lot about what they feel about you.

5. You’re Not Friends With Them on Social Media

They never send a friend request or follow you on social media. When you send them a friend request, they either ignore or deny it.

It is a sign that they don’t want to know more about your life, and at the same time, they also want to keep you away from their personal life.

Social media is a big part of everyone’s life right now. When they try to keep you away from their social media, they are making a very clear and strong statement – they don’t like you and have no interest in being friends with you.

6. They Pretend to Forget Your Name

When someone keeps on forgetting your name, it could mean they don’t have much interest in you. So if they do it quite often, it might be them trying to say that,” It is not that important for them to remember your name.

When people forget your name, it means that they have no appreciation for your existence. 

Ignoring this behavior can lead to more problems in the future. It is important for you to talk to your boyfriend and tell him how you feel about all this.

7. They Have No Interest in What You Are Saying

Whenever you’re talking about something, they’ll simply ignore you and start talking about something else. Their rudeness often makes you feel annoyed and unwelcomed. This behavior is often an indication that they do not have any respect for you.

8. They Never Agree With You

Maybe you are absolutely right about what you are saying, but when his friends hate you, they’ll make it a point to disagree with everything that you’ve to say.

The best thing for you to do in these situations is to focus on being yourself. Don’t let their behavior affect your mental balance.

Keep participating in conversations without worrying about whether everyone agrees or disagrees with you. Just be yourself and focus on who you are, and eventually, people will start liking you.

9. They Constantly Bring Up Topics Related to Your Boyfriend’s Ex

It’s not a big secret that your boyfriend had an ex-girlfriend. But, this is a touchy subject, and your boyfriend will always want to avoid discussing anything about his past girlfriend with you. 

When his friends know about all the dirty secrets of his past relationship, things sometimes can get awkward for you. This is especially in the case if his friends deliberately start to discuss about his ex in front of you.

If you notice his friends constantly bringing up his ex in the middle of every conversation, or if you see them making a comparison, you must let your discomfort known to them. When they do it, it is a clear-cut sign that they are not very fond of you.

I feel like my boyfriend’s friends don’t like me. What should I do?

Dealing with his friends who don’t like you can be a frustrating experience. But, there are a few things you can try to ease this tension. Below are some effective tips that’ll help you deal with this situation-

  • Try to look at things from a broader perspective. You and your partner are ready to start off a new chapter in your life, but his friends may be finding it hard to accept this change. This may be because your boyfriend is now spending all his time with you and is not able to see his friends that often.
  • Try to not take everything too personally. Be more understanding. Maybe his friends got triggered by something you did or said. Before jumping to any conclusion, it will be in your good interest to give them some time. Maybe when they understand you better, they’ll be happy to give you the acceptance and love you expect from them.
  • Try to improve your connection with his friends. Stop seeing them as just your boyfriend’s friends. Make efforts to know and understand them better. It will help you in building a strong connection with them.
  • Focus on finding something common between you and them. When you get along really well with your boyfriend, and he gets along well with his friends, then if you try, you’ll be able to find something in common with them to connect on.




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