If a guy kisses you before he leaves, What does it mean?

A guy kissing you before he leaves might mean that he is interested in you. But it could also be a friendly peck on the cheek, so you shouldn’t always read into it more than that.

Some men might kiss you before they leave because they are genuinely interested in you.

They might want to see if there is any spark between the two of you, or they might just want to show off how confident they are. Other times, the kiss maybe for good luck or for some other benign reason like thanking you for dinner or driving them home.

When he kisses you goodbye, it usually means he has a special place in his heart for you. The kiss is his way of telling you that your bond with him is something important to him.

Kissing says a lot about what he thinks and feels about you. There are different types of kisses. Most of them say something different about what the other person feels about you.

So what does it mean when someone kisses you before leaving?

Well, there are 4 potential meanings of a kiss, and you must find out which one is yours.

1) Maybe the kiss was just a friendly one – was that what you were expecting?

2) Have you noticed that he’s started to show some interest in you? He might have even snuck a kiss because he didn’t want to come out and say anything, in case it scared or turned you off.

3) It’s possible that he’s in love with you, and maybe kissing you is his way of expressing his feelings.

4) Another possibility is that he just wants to get in bed with you.

Maybe he likes you as a friend or has feelings for you. Giving a kiss may be his way of professing his love.

How to tell he loves you by his kiss ?

If you’re wondering how a guy feels about you or what they’re into, you should watch for little clues like how they kiss. It’ll give you a sense of what’s going on in their mind and heart.

Kissing stirs up the feeling of attachment and affection inside you; it leads to a chemical reaction causing a burst of love hormone in your brain.

Kissing is a great way to show affection, and it can be really exciting. It puts your body in good spirits, and releases love hormones that stirs up the feeling of affection and attachment. It is the key to starting physical and emotional intimacy.

Here are few common types for kisses and what they might mean to a guy.


1. Peck on a Cheek.

A lot of people argue that a peck on the cheek is not even a proper type of kiss. It’s usually quick, and many people do it with pursed or sucked-in lips.

It’s difficult to pinpoint what a peck on the cheek might mean. Some people think that because it’s quick and half-hearted, it’s less likely to be seen as inappropriate.

Although you may find this disappointing, he probably just sees you as a friend when he kisses you that way.

2. A Kiss on the Cheek.

Peck on the cheek is different from a kiss because the latter is done with puckered lips. But again, it’s only done on the cheek.

In many cultures, it’s totally OK to give a kiss on the cheek to people you really care about (like older relatives or really close friends.)

A peck or kiss on a cheek will indicate that he sees you only as a friend. If you also see him as a friend, then you can safely think nothing about this kiss. In fact, this kissing style will help strengthen the bond of your friendship.

3. The Nervous Kiss.

A nervous or silly kiss feels like the person kissing is inexperienced or unsure of themselves, and it may feel clumsy, awkward, and downright silly.

It’s like he lost at a game, and someone dared him to kiss you. Because this kiss comes typically from an inexperienced guy, it is often called a virgin kiss.

4. A kiss on your hand.

When a man kisses your hand, you can be sure of one thing – He is highly confident.

Kissing a woman’s hand is considered to be very romantic, and it shows that he likes you. His intentions are also clear – he wants to get close to you and express his feelings.

It’s also a sign that you’ve won his trust and affection; it’s like saying, “I like you”. Overall, it symbolizes an intense level of appreciation.

In old movies, the gentleman would often kiss his lady’s hand, and then they’d end up together.

5. Kiss on Your Lips.

A quick & dry closed mouth kiss on lips is usually how people in healthy relationships greet or say goodbye to each other.

When he kisses you on your lips at home when you’re alone, it shows that you’re a valued part of his life. However, when he kisses like that in public, it is a sign that he is pretty serious about where the relationship is heading.

If you wonder how to tell he loves you by his kiss, consider this a top sign.

He kissed you on the mouth, and you can tell he was being romantic about it by how he went for the kiss. Sometimes that’s just what happens when someone is deeply in love with you.

Sometimes the guy is likely giving you a closed-mouth kiss on the lips because he wants to know what your answer’s going to be. Can he be trusted, or should this just not go any further? It all depends on what you want.

6. Kissing Your Nose.

Sometimes you need to break the ice with your partner and get a laugh. Kissing on the nose is one such kiss because it leaves your partner laughing and reminds them of better times when they were still kids.

Some guys will kiss you on the nose just to get a kiss in, and this may be because they are afraid of being obvious about their feelings.

7. Blown Kiss.

When someone blows a kiss, it usually means that they’re attracted to you. This is not just something kids do, and it’s actually an ancient form of showing affection.

It can be interpreted as a sign that he is interested in you.

He feels he can show you his love without other people noticing by blowing a kiss.

If you like him too, then maybe you can blow a kiss back to him, and it’ll make him curious and hopefully encourage him to open up about his feelings to you.

8. A Kiss to Shut You Up.

He gives you this kiss to make you stop ranting. You usually get it if you’re sad, angry, or just not on the same page as him.

It’s important to note that this type of kiss means he sees you more than a friend. Otherwise, he would have just hugged you instead.

If a guy kisses you as a way to stop you from talking, he probably likes you, even if it’s just because he feels bad for you and wants to be your hero.

9. A Kiss Close to Your Lips.

Kissing is one of the most romantic gestures that you can do with your partner, and the kiss close to your lips falls under the category of revealing kisses.

He will kiss on your cheeks, but it will be very close to your lips.

The kiss will be on the corner of your mouth and just a millimeter away from your lips.

It feels like he is asking for permission to kiss you

10. Kiss on Top of Your Head.

When he hugs you from behind and kisses your head, you should know that friends usually don’t do this. So it seems like he sees you differently than other friends – or maybe he wants to be more than just friends. It will probably happen soon if he hasn’t already confessed his feelings.

It’s a sign that he cares for you and might be finding it hard not to take things further. He really enjoys spending time with you and wants to make sure you know how much he loves and appreciates you.

11. Kiss by Your Eye.

When people are close to each other, they may lean in for a kiss. But not every kiss is the same. There are many different types of kisses. A rare type of kiss that does happen is when a man kisses you next to your eye. This is a very personal area on our face that only certain people should have access to.

Some women might find eye kisses a bit weird because we typically don’t think of the eye area as a kissing zone.

But it may interest you to know that, When he kisses you by your eye, he is probably telling you that he loves you and he loves the way you see the world.

Even though he may find it silly, he feels so keenly about the gesture of love and appreciation that he’s got to express it.

He does this because he loves and admires you very much.

12. The French Kiss.

The French kiss is very popular and falls under the “Let’s have some sex” category. You will witness your tongue and his doing some gymnastics together during this kiss.

It is deeper and more intimate than other types of kisses. There is a common belief that french kissing always leads to sex.

It is a sign of how obsessed a man has become with you when he french kisses your face.

Many people associate this kiss with their teenage years when they probably spent hours making out. This kiss is his way for you to know how attracted he feels.

13. Forehead Kiss

When a man kisses your forehead, it is often seen as a little paternalistic, and it is like a parent comforting a child. Forehead kisses mean that he will always be there for you and will always protect you, and it also shows that he is emotionally connected to you.

The forehead kiss is like one of those endearing kisses. Guys are encouraged to do it when you’re feeling down, and it is one of the most adorable and heartfelt of all the kissing styles.

A forehead kiss can make you feel protected, safe, and attracted.

14. Passionate Kiss

A passionate kiss is a sensual kiss that should be reserved for a significant other or a person you love.

You feel like this kiss is going to end in sex if you don’t stop him.

It falls in the category of sensual kisses that signals lust, and it gives you a clear sign that he wants to be intimate with you. This slow kiss is called a show stopper because it is intense and full of passion.

Sensual kisses often include some groping or fondling.

15. The Stomach Kiss

When he kisses you in the stomach, it means he’s happy and comfortable to be around you and trusts that you feel the same about him.

Many of us don’t feel very confident about how our stomach looks. But when he kisses there, it means he’s thanking you for trusting him enough to share your vulnerabilities with him.

16. The Neck Kiss

The neck is one part of our body that is very sensitive to sexual stimulation. It is nearly impossible not to feel turned on when a man kisses your neck.

The truth is that by kissing on your neck, his only intent is to turn you on. He wants to see you aroused because it is highly likely for you two to end up having sex once you are there.

17. Kiss on Your Shoulder.

A shoulder kiss is only possible when you two are very close to each other. Rather than kissing you on cheeks or lips, when he kisses you on the shoulder, it means he intends to get sensual with you.

He is inviting you to take the first step to initiate a passionate kiss.

A shoulder kiss also means that he is thanking you for allowing him to lean on you, and it is a sign that he trusts and appreciates you.

There are also multiple other kisses, such as an upside-down kiss where you’re lying on the same surface but your feet point in opposite directions. One example is an octopus kiss, where he gives a kiss to any part of you body that makes a rubbery pop sound.



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