My Boyfriend Gets Mad When I Post Pictures of Myself on Instagram

What you should post on social media and what you shouldn’t – there are a lot of different thoughts out there when it comes to this question.

Many women complain that -‘ my boyfriend gets mad when I post a picture of myself on Social Media

If your boyfriend wants you to consult him before posting pictures on Facebook or Instagram, it is an indication that he wants to have more control over you.

Your boyfriend will come up with different excuses to defend his decision of not letting you post pictures online.

– He may blame that all you want is to get the attention of other men on social media

– Wants you to stop posting pictures of yourself on Facebook because he wants his parents to be impressed by you

– He thinks it is ugly when girls post their ‘attention-seeking’ photos online

– When there are other dudes in your photos, it makes him feel jealous

Life is short! Do not let anyone tell you what you should be posting on your social media profile. It is called your profile for a reason.

If your bf gets mad when you post a photo of yourself on Instagram, he is completely out of line. You need to stand up for yourself in situations like these.

Tell him that you have every right to decide what goes up on your Instagram or Facebook page. 

By dictating what you can post on social media and what you cannot, he is trying to control your life. If you let him do this, things will get even worse in the future. You have to tell him that he does not own you.

It’s a Big Red Flag for Your Relationship

When he wants to have control over you, it is a big Red flag for your relationship. Your partner needs to give you the respect you deserve, and he should not treat you like you are his property.

When your partner tries to tell you what you can wear and what you cannot, who you can go out with, and with whom you cannot, it will be in your best interest to leave this relationship.

A relationship starts to lose it’s meaning when your partner becomes a control freak. If posting your photos on Instagram makes you feel good, he should not have any problem with that.

Why it is Important to Take a Stand For Yourself?

Don’t give in to him when he wants to exert his control over you. But, at the same time, you need to understand that just not giving in to him will not solve the problem.

Sweeping this issue under the carpet and letting it go might make the issues worse for you.

Do not wait for your next disagreement or fight to address these underline issues in your relationship. It’s better to discuss them before these problems get worse. He should know how bad you feel when he tries to tell you what you can and cannot post on Instagram. It interferes with your ability to express yourself.

Tell him that you’ve been feeling really uneasy about this relationship, and you can’t seem to get out of it. He must know that it’s difficult for you to ignore this issue. Tell him that it makes you unhappy when he tries to control your life.

Your boyfriend may try to defend his actions by saying that he feels jealous and insecure when you post your pictures on Instagram. These feelings are natural, and everyone is allowed to have these feelings. Jealousy and insecurity are a part of human nature.

But when your significant other brings up these vulnerabilities as an excuse to stop you from doing what you want, you must refuse to accept this behavior.

To bring closure to this situation, rather than giving lame excuses, it is important that he owns his mistakes and takes full responsibility for them. Otherwise, the disappointment and creeping feeling that you got from his controlling behavior will ruin your relationship with him.

It’s Your Online Space

He is trying to cover up his insecurities by blaming you and stating he got jealous and insecure because of your photos. So, instead of taking responsibility for what he did, he’s trying to cover up his mistakes by making lame excuses. Indirectly he is trying to say that it is okay for him to ask you to stop posting your pictures.

It’s natural to feel concerned about your partner. You wouldn’t want to hurt them or do anything that might make them unhappy. But in this case, you have done nothing wrong; it’s not even about him. 

What he is really trying to do is exert more control over you. He acts like you’ve hurt him emotionally when you refuse to give in.

Your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media profiles are a part of your online space. Only you should decide what goes up there. 

Sharing on social media makes you feel happy and powerful. By stopping you from posting your pictures on social media, he is trying to take away this power from you.

In an ideal relationship, when you become powerful, it should not make your partner feel insecure. By asking you to consult him before posting anything online, he is indirectly trying to question your power.

This is not okay. You should take a stand for yourself. Tell him that you are equal in this relationship, and you don’t feel comfortable when he tries to dictate his terms over you.

He should not dictate what you can or cannot wear, or how you spend your time. Don’t let him dictate what photos you can post on social media.

When He Becomes a Control Freak, it Destroys Your Relationship

Sometimes men try to keep their significant other under control so as to prevent them from leaving. But while doing this, he forgets that the more he tries to control her farther she will go away from him.

When your boyfriend becomes a control freak, it negatively impacts your relationship with him.

People become control freaks when they have –

– Fear of failure

– Fear of abandonment

– Tendency to become a perfectionist

You need to bring it to his notice that how being a control freak is ruining your relationship with him.

Becoming a Control Freak Will Make Your Partner Defensive

Your control freak partner will often try to point out your mistakes and can be a bit condescending. It’s as if he thinks you need his help in order to do things right. He thinks that eventually, you’ll be grateful for all the bits of advice he’s given.

He doesn’t seem to realize that it might make you feel defensive when he blames you for everything.

Excessive Control in Relationships is Bad for Intimacy

When you see your partner always giving you unsolicited advice and trying to micro-manage everything in the relationship, you may start feeling suffocated and frustrated.

When he always tells you what to do and what not to do, you will feel discouraged to confide in them. Eventually, the connection between the two of you will weaken, and it will negatively impact your emotional intimacy with him.

Control Leads to Resentment

When your partner wants to control your life, it doesn’t matter how much you try; you will never be able to make them happy. 

He will always behave in a  bossy manner and will often fail to appreciate the constant effort you put in for the relationship.

When he tells you how to cook properly, blames you for things you have not done, and dictates what should go on your Instagram profile, it will develop a lot of resentment between the two of you.

Control Destroys Trust in the Relationship

Trust is the key to a healthy and meaningful relationship. But when your partner tries to control your life, you find it difficult to trust him anymore.

His tendency to become a perfectionist and his fear of abandonment will make your relationship lose its charm.

He wants you to trust him, but the way he tries to dictate your life makes you feel that he doesn’t want to trust you. 



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