My Ex Is Doing Great Without Me – What Should I Do?

Breakups can be hard on a person’s mental health. Seeing your ex doing well without you when you’re going through difficult times can complicate the situation even more.

You wonder – Why is my ex doing better than me? Why is he constantly posting his happy pictures on Instagram? Does this breakup mean nothing to him? Is he more content in this new relationship?

Why Is My Ex Doing Great Without Me?

1. He is Not as Happy As You Think He Is

If you see him smiling in a recent photo he posted on Instagram; it doesn’t necessarily mean he is doing great without you. People usually smile for pictures; they try to look happy for that particular moment.


 Furthermore, when you post something on your social media, you want people to see you as someone very happy with his life. Ideally, we do not post our depressing or sad photos on Instagram or Facebook.

Maybe you think he is doing great without you, but the chances are he is as miserable as you.

When you start assuming things and jump to a conclusion too soon, it can make a challenging situation more challenging for you.

2. It’s Easy For Him Because He’s The One Who Dumped You

Usually, breakups are easier for the person who is dumping their partner. The person being dumped has to deal with the emotional baggage of rejection, while the dumper can walk away from it.

Furthermore, maybe your ex has been preparing himself for weeks for the breakup. It would have allowed him to disconnect any feelings he may still have for you.

Maybe this allowed him to move on from you immediately after the breakup.


3. Because You Didn’t Make Any Effort to Get Him Back

Maybe he was waiting for you to make the first move after the breakup to get back together. And seeing you not making any effort to resolve the situation may have motivated him to move on with his life.

In the wake of a breakup, it’s common for people not to want contact with their former partner. This can lead to what some call the ‘no contact rule, where you never communicate with your ex again in hopes that they will panic and come back begging for forgiveness.

There is a great likelihood of these tricks getting backfired. If you want to get back to your ex, not contacting them for prolonged periods can damage your connection with him.

When you stopped contacting him, instead of feeling bad about the breakup, maybe he used that time to get over you and move on with his life.

4. He Is Enjoying The Space And Liberty

When you were together, maybe he was finding it difficult to be himself. It could be because the two of you were not compatible enough or because you were controlling.

Some of us feel compelled to tone down our personalities to keep the relationship going. For instance – Maybe you are shy and introverted, but your ex loves socializing and meeting other people. When you were together, maybe he always tried to stop being himself to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable.

After the breakup, he may have realized that you were holding him back. This could be why you think your ex is doing great without you.

If you want to get back to him, you will need to figure out ways to attract him in new, innovative, and exciting ways.

Rather than trying to find someone new (or better), he must feel encouraged to give his relationship with you another chance.

5. He’s Trying To Cope With The Breakup By Doing Things That Make Him Happy

Maybe this breakup has hit him hard, and he has been sulking about it for days. Now to cope with the situation, he is likely trying to do things that make him feel happy.

Breakups are painful; it can take 3 to 9 months for people to start recovering from the trauma. It is usual for people to try various techniques to lower this pain. To manage the pain, he could be trying to get himself involved in activities that make him happy.

During breakups, sometimes your emotions can bring out the worst in you. Stress and depression can make you feel pressured to get in touch with your ex again.

Doing this can have many negative and irreversible repercussions; therefore, it will be in your best interest to divert your attention to other things to move on with your life.

6. He’s Trying To Spend Time With People Who Can Cheer Him Up

After a breakup, he may have come in touch with people who bring out the best in him. Being with them might be making him experience his new undiscovered side. When he feels cheered up with them, it will give you a feeling that he has moved on and is happier after the breakup.

Seeing him enjoying his life and having a great time without you doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t miss you. Maybe he is dying to share his new side with you.

Assuming things and concluding too early can do more harm than good.

Even if he has moved on, it’s possible that he still have some feelings for you. In either case, if you want to get back with him again, then rather than assuming things, get in touch with him.

If he appears to be doing great, it could be for numerous reasons. Not approaching him and assuming things will not help you in any way. Furthermore, feeling inadequate and depressed because he is happy and you’re not can deeply impact your mental health.

If you’re feeling helpless in this situation, you must take a step back and try to look at things from a better perspective. Your life is too meaningful, do not waste it by unnecessarily assuming things and jumping to conclusions too early.

7. You’re Not Able To Cope With The Breakup

Dealing with breakups requires you to make special efforts to move on with your life.

Breakups sometimes fill you with feelings of hurt and rejection. Maybe it was your mutual decision to split, but still, you may go through harsh feelings of anger and depression. Your inability to manage this situation can torment your mental and physical health.

Sticking to your old routine and not making any effort to go out and have a good time with your close ones can worsen your situation. When your ex is managing this situation better, it can make you feel that he is doing great without you.

You may feel compelled to compare your life with his and think that, unlike you, your ex is living happy and eventful life.

Not taking care of yourself and trying to move on with your life can make you depressed and needy.

Rather than sulking about how your ex is doing great without you, try to figure out how you can live a happy and exciting life without him.

Involve yourself in doing things that make you happy, feel alive, confident, and excited.



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