My Husband’s Ex Keeps Texting Him – How to Deal With This Situation?

If your husband’s ex is constantly texting him, it is natural for you to feel disappointed and confused. It can mean so many things – maybe she still has feelings for your husband, or she might be trying to create trouble in your relationship to get back with him.

No matter what the reason is, your husband always has the option of blocking her number. However if you are concerned that he is not making any effort to stop his ex from texting him, it can create an atmosphere of insecurity in your relationship.

If you catch him replying to her text, it can make you lose faith in him. And once you lose trust in your partner, it becomes nearly impossible for you to have a healthy relationship with him.

If you have yet to open up with him about how this is making you feel, you must address this issue before it gets out of hand. Not raising your concerns to your partner will negatively effect your connection with him.

Is He Honest About Receiving Texts From Her?

How did you find out about this? Do you think he was trying to hide her texts from you? Or did he open up on his own about all this? If he has been hiding her text from you, it can indicate that he still has some unfinished business with her. Whatever the case, when your husband hides things from you, it is a bad sign for your relationship.

When his ex is still in touch with him, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is being unfaithful to you. But if there is nothing fishy, he should not hide things from you.

Maybe he is enjoying the ego boost that comes from getting attention from other women. He stays in touch with her because he’s getting something out of it. If staying in touch with her is essential for him, you must let him do that and end the relationship.

On the other hand, if he is not comfortable receiving a text from his ex, he will probably not hide it from you. He may even seek your help to fix this situation.

Are You Aware Of The Content Of Her Texts?

ð If they work together or have children, it’s normal for them to stay in touch.

ð If they were very close friends before they got into the relationship, there is nothing wrong with him having a little harmless chit chat with her, but only if you are comfortable with it.

But, having said that, friendly chit-chat may turn into a secret romantic relationship behind your back.

There cannot be one correct answer that suits all relationships. If you are uncomfortable with him staying in touch with his ex, you must let him know.

You must set boundaries and let him know what is accepted and what you will not tolerate. He should not take you for granted and must respect your boundaries. If his ex is trying to influence your relationship, she is being selfish, and your partner must take action.

Only you know your circumstances, feelings, and perspective. If your intuition tells you that there is something fishy, you must take a stand and tell your husband to step back.

Below are some of the reasons why she is trying to get in touch with your husband

–      She wants to vent to him

–      She realized that breaking up with him was a mistake

–      She’s feels guilty for breaking his heart

–      She Wants to know how he’s doing

–      She wants to have a no strings attached relationship with him

Has He Made Any Effort To Stop Him From Sending These Texts?

If not, It is an indication that you are not on the same page. If it’s apparent that you’re uncomfortable with him talking to his ex, but he continues to do so despite your requests to stop, then it might be time to re-think this relationship.

If you want a meaningful and satisfying relationship, you should never allow your partner to take you for granted.

He must block his ex on his phone and social media. When he refuses to take action, it means he is still not over his past relationship. Being in a relationship with a guy who still has a thing for his ex can be a terrifying experience. His fondness for his ex will prevent you from having trust and faith in him.

Has He Completely Moved On From His Ex?

If he is still thinking about his ex and not investing any of himself in this relationship, then he’s being unfair to you.

The thing you have with him will likely end sooner or later. His confusion will make it difficult for you to have a healthy relationship with him now.

On the other hand, if he has completely moved on from his ex and her texts are making him uncomfortable, you do not have much to worry about.

When you are in a relationship with a guy who has feelings for his ex, it will be in your best interest to end the relationship and tell him to deal with his ex first. Only when his feelings and love for his ex have been laid to rest should he consider getting into a relationship with someone else.

Have you told him how all this is making you feel?

Opening up about things that can upset your partner can be challenging for many of us. Just because you are uncomfortable having a difficult conversation with your partner doesn’t mean you have to keep things to yourself.

Not speaking up about things that have been bothering you can negatively impact your connection with your partner. It may be difficult for you but saying things that should be said, even if they lead to a conflict, is essential if you want to have a lasting relationship with your partner.

How To Know If He Is Not Serious About You?

If you want a serious and lasting relationship with your husband, you probably want to know whether he is on the same page with you. Seeing him getting a text from his ex can put a lot of doubts in your mind.

Below are some of the signs that he is not serious about you –

–      You are not his priority

–      You are not part of his future plans

–      He doesn’t make any effort in the relationship

–      The physical and emotional intimacy is degrading day by day

–      He is reluctant to meet your friends and family

–      He is never interested in having serious conversations with you

How Can Your Husband Stop His Ex From Approaching Him?

If he seriously wants to get rid of his ex, he can do several things. The important thing is whether he wants to get rid of her?

He can text her that it’s all over, and he doesn’t want to be friends with her.

If she keeps on bugging him, he has the option to block her from his phone and social media.

It would help if you made him understand that maintaining ‘friendship with an ex’ is always a terrible idea.


Work on Your Communication With Him

When you have poor communication with your husband, it can make challenging situations even more challenging. Let him know how all this is making you feel. Make him feel heard and understood.

Try to overcome this situation by working as a team. The lack of communication can severely damage the connection between the two of you.



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