My Husband Is A Disappointing Father – What To DO?

When your husband is bad at parenting, it can create a lot of pressure and anxiety in your relationship. Maybe you and your boyfriend are a good fit for each other, and he genuinely loves and cares for you, but because he’s a disappointing father, your already challenging relationship with him will likely become more challenging.

If he wants to be better at parenting, there are a lot of things that he can try. Getting the right encouragement, guidance, and support can help him overcome even the toughest challenges in your life.

Below are some signs that your husband is a disappointing father.

1. He Is Always Looking For An Opportunity To Criticize The Kids

People who are too critical are often under the impression that by criticizing others, they are actually helping them. Your husband may have a lot of expectations on how the kids should behave. And when they do not meet his expectation, he finds it hard to control his temptation to criticize them.

When your husband gets overcritical with the kids, it can create an atmosphere of negativity in the family. It would look as if he’s always looking for an opportunity to get mad at the kids.

His constant criticism can make things very toxic for you and your children. You need to make him aware of how his behavior affects the kids.

Rather than finding minor faults with the kids, he should focus on appreciating them for the good things they do.

When you open up about this issue with your husband, he may defend himself by saying that he has his family’s best interest in his mind.

But you will have to make him realize how his criticism makes the kids lose their confidence and self-esteem.

2. He is Overbearing

He won’t know where to stop when he’s too committed to his children. He’ll try to be involved in every aspect of their life to help them become happy and prosperous. His constant excitement about things will prevent him from recognizing when he is overstepping boundaries.

This may lead him to become overprotective about the kids. And when kids stop getting their space, they become frustrated and irritated. 

When parents are too involved in the life of their children, when they do too many things for them, they start sending a message that their kids are not capable enough to take care of themselves. 

Kids will start to feel that their father is taking away their independence.

When he doesn’t allow the kids to make any decisions for themselves, he is basically ripping them off their self-confidence. Maybe he doesn’t realize it now, but he is indirectly negatively affecting their mental growth.

If kids do not grow to be independent and self-reliant, how will they overcome the challenges that life throws at them?

3. He Discourages Them From Expressing Their Anger And Disappointment

Every child has their own way of expressing disappointment, hurt, and frustration. Some will show tantrums, while others will get rude, angry, or anxious.

By expressing these emotions, a child tries to say that he’s having difficulty managing his feelings. A parent needs to accept, recognize and validate these feelings. Rather than getting mad at them for venting, the father should make his kids feel that he is there for them. 

Discouraging them from expressing their emotions can negatively affect their mental health. Maybe he disagrees with their point of view, but he should still be there for his kids when they are going through feelings of disappointment & anger.

4. He Is Not Appreciative Of Their Achievements And Doesn’t Get Involved In Their Milestones

Participating with kids when they achieve a milestone strengthens your bond as a family. These milestones are significant for kids, and they want their parents to be equally happy for them. These milestones could be – a birthday, marriage, completing studies, getting a job, starting a business, etc.

When your husband is not interested in appreciating the kids for their achievements, the kids start feeling disconnected from the family.

A father’s responsibility is to be there for his kids when they reach a milestone and achieve something in their life. Not being there for the kids indicates that he does not value them enough.

Being a good parent means giving the acceptance and appreciation your kids deserve. They want to see your face light up when they achieve something great in their life.

Not seeing you there makes them feel insignificant, and their success does not matter to you.

5. He is Too Friendly With Kids

There is nothing wrong with being overly friendly with kids. But the problems arise when you fail to establish limits and boundaries. Having a healthy family dynamic is all about maintaining a balance.

When your husband becomes too friendly with the kids, he will start to share every information with them without any filter. This makes his role as a father a bit confusing for the kids.

Maybe his parenting style is all about sharing all the happy and sad things with the kids. But when he starts to share his frustrations and problems, the kids will stop seeing him as in charge of the house.

If he’s the one who has to enforce rules and boundaries, the kids are less likely to take him very seriously.

When he is too open with the kids, they will feel compelled to share their opinions and decisions on matters they are not mentally and emotionally prepared for.

This type of family dynamics fails to provide a healthy environment for kids’ mental and emotional growth.

My Husband Is A Disappointing Father. How Should I Help Him Become A Better Parent?

Try to understand his point of view

Before jumping to any conclusion, it will be essential for you to first understand his point of view. Try to gain more understanding about how he was parented. The parenting style of our parents usually has a great influence on how we parent our kids. 

– Try to gain more knowledge about the parenting style of your husband’s father

– Was your husband satisfied with how he was raised? Does he have any complaints about how he was parented?

– Are there any limits or boundaries he wants to enforce with the kids?

Encouraging him to open up with you will help you better understand his perspective. 

Improve The Level of Communication in Relationship

If there are some unaddressed issues in your relationship, the best way to overcome them is to improve your level of understanding and communication with your partner.

If he is reluctant to open up, you can try and make the first move. Try not to bring up sensitive topics when emotions are running high.

Wait for the right moment. Control your temptation to blame him for being a disappointing father. Arguments and blaming will not help you in solving this situation. 

Let him know that you are there for him. Tell him how important it is for him to improve his parenting style. He must know how his behavior is having harmful effects on kids. 

Find ways to improve your connection with him. Tell him how he can have a better bonding with the kids. Appreciate when he makes an extra effort for kids and family. 

Maybe you can play an essential part in reducing the friction between kids and your husband. If there is any miscommunication, encourage everyone to sit together and resolve these issues.

Try to work as a team

Relationships and parenting and never easy. There will be disagreements, disappointments, and conflicts. If you want to be good at parenting, it is important that you keep these disagreements and conflicts to yourself.

Never fight in front of your kids; never let them feel that the two of you or not on the same team. Your children should always feel that the two of you genuinely love and care for each other.

When your kids see you constantly contradicting and blaming each other, they will start to feel disconnected from you.

If you think your husband is a disappointing father, it doesn’t necessarily mean he is a bad person. You need to handle this situation with more patience and maturity.

Focus on figuring out ways to move forward as a family. Sometimes all it takes is better communication and minor compromise. If you think that making some minor adjustments can help your husband to become a better father, you must go for it without any hesitation.



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