11 Subtle Signs Your Coworker Has Feelings For You

Having a job brings a lot more to your life than just a paycheck. Whether it be your work responsibilities, some nice and some not-so-nice coworkers, the skills you learn at work, or even finding love. After all the hours you spend working with colleagues at the office, odds are you’re going to experience some hot moments at the office with your coworkers. These moments range from crushes, flirting, sexual tension to even passionate relationships. Is your coworker in love with you? You may be overreading the hints he’s been dropping, but maybe the signs are there. The more you look, the more it seems like he admires you. Romantic relationships are common at work; it creates the possibility of long-term partnerships. But workplace romance could also create awkward situations. How to tell if a guy at work likes you? Recognizing flirtatious cues is an essential skill for women to learn. By carefully looking at his body language, you will often know that he is interested in you. Suppose you notice that a coworker is paying a lot of attention to your personal details and always asks about how your day is going. In that case, he may be hitting on you. But before you go any further, you must try to find out whether he really has something for you or not.

Here are a few important signs a coworker likes you-

1. He Behaves Strangely Around You.

If you find your male coworker acting weird around you, it may be because he has feelings for you. This is a common occurrence among women in the workplace. You will probably notice a change in his Behaviour and body language – he’ll seem more nervous & a bit jumpy. You get this feeling that he might care about you more than other coworkers and feel the need to show it. You may notice that he doesn’t always know what to say. Usually, the conversation will gets more awkward and complicated between you two.

2. He can’t stop staring at you.

Just like any other human, your coworker can have his own signals to show he is interested in you. If he is constantly staring at you and seems to be always trying to make eye contact with you, it could be because of his feelings for you. If you catch him staring at you every time you look up, it’s probably not a coincidence. Eye contact is the most commonly used signal. Men will always try to maintain eye contact with someone they are attracted to or interested in. While there are many other signs of attraction, constant staring is a good indicator that there’s something more going on than just a friendly relationship.

3. He’s always offering his help.

When a guy likes you, he always tries to help you with your tasks. He might not have said it out loud, but he’s trying to show that he cares about you by being considerate of your time and workload. He might also send subtle signals, like touching or holding hands when talking together or trying to get a hug from you when you’re both in a casual environment. This is especially true if your coworker doesn’t even work in the same department as you. He will always try to find opportunities to collaborate and connect with you as much as possible.

4. He Brings You Coffee.

When a guy likes you, he often does little things to show his romantic interest. He brings you coffee all the time and remembers how you like it. Sometimes flowers, chocolates & office supplies will show up at your desk. These are small tokens of affection that let you know how much he cares about you. You may not have asked him to do these things, but he likes making these small gestures to bring a smile to your face. These are the things that make you ask yourself – “does my coworker like me ?”

5. He Always Tries to Stay Close To You

If you sometimes feel like your co-worker is always following you around, that’s not necessarily a bad thing! It can sometimes be a sure sign that your coworker likes you and he’s interested in spending more time with you. If he switches his spot with other coworkers or looks for ways to sit closer to you, it can mean that this person has feelings for you. Suppose you’re both in an employee meeting. In that case, he may try to sit close to you or even join your lunch break, which can increase his opportunities to spend more time with you and sometimes to have friendly physical contact with you.

You’ll often wonder how he’s always in the break room when you are there

He will make sure to leave at the exact same time as you. He’ll use this opportunity to take the elevator down with you and walk you to your car. It’s clear that he’s doing this intentionally because he wants to be close to you. He wants to be the first person that you’ll see when you want something.

6. Beyond Work-Related Conversations.

It is natural for coworkers to be friendly, but sometimes they will constantly seek opportunities to start having conversations that are not work-related. Suppose you find your male coworker coming up to you all the time and focusing too much on your personal life. In that case, it is most likely because he has romantic feelings for you. He may show a keen interest in knowing about your hobbies, favorite food, and other things. He will love to have conversations with you about your real life. When he has feelings for you, it’s clear that you’re a special person for him, and he wants to be closer with you more personally. One of the top subtle signs a male coworker has feelings for you is when he directly asks you if you are seeing someone. The question may not seem like a big deal at first, but it can tell you a lot about his intentions. Another sign is when you both share funny inside jokes, and he calls you by funny nicknames. Teasing and getting teased by their crush is something that most men like. No doubt, it may be friendly teasing, but it is not difficult to spot the difference.

7. He is Very Keen to Know Your Relationship Status.

Suppose you see him constantly trying to figure out whether you’re single or not. In that case, it’s probably because your male coworker likes you, and he wants to be sure before making any move. If you’re already seeing someone, he might lose hope & start to act differently around you. But if he learns that you’re single, he’ll have a hard time controlling his excitement. It’s always a sensitive topic to discuss your relationship status with a coworker, and it’s important to respect the personal boundaries of others. Suppose you feel uncomfortable and want to avoid talking about your relationship. In that case, it will be better to say that you don’t want to talk about it. Many coworkers might be hesitant to ask if you are seeing someone. They might be uncomfortable approaching you with the question face to face. They may try to figure out who you’ve been dating by sniffing around and asking other coworkers.

8. He Wants to Talk About Work Even After Office Hours.

When a male coworker talks about work with you even after office hours, there are usually two reasons: either he has a lot of passion for his job or he is looking for an excuse to connect with you on a personal level. To avoid coming out too strong, he slowly builds up familiarity with you outside of the workplace. Rather than directly initiating personal conversations, he is trying to spend time with you and slowly get close to you after office hours without being weird. When a male coworker has feelings for you, he aggressively seeks an opportunity to get close to you without being upfront about it. No doubt, it’s an intelligent move.

9. He is Always Praising You.

This is a less subtle sign but an important one nonetheless that your male or female coworker has feelings for you. Giving compliments to you that goes way beyond the usual, generic praises is a sign your male coworker likes you. He’s always paying attention and will compliment you and add some kind of emotion to it. He’ll compliment you about what you’re wearing or how you did your hair. If he really wasn’t interested in you, he probably would not have noticed those details. You are obviously more than just a coworker to him.

10. He’ll Want to take you out for Lunch.

If a guy likes you, he will always try to spend lunch breaks with you. When he does this, it is normal for you to feel that he is trying to be good friends with you. To spend time with you, He will make plans to take you out of the office during lunch breaks. When you are in a work environment office surrounded by other co-workers, it is difficult for him to connect with you on deeper levels. Taking you out on a lunch date allows him to spend quality time with you.

11. He Will Sit Next to You in the Meetings.

If a male colleague likes you, he’ll always aim to sit next to you during meetings. It may seem just a coincidence, but it’s usually not. To stay close to you during a meeting is an excellent way for him to connect with you. He’ll try to stay at your side, or he’ll break the ice by having a conversation with you during or after the meeting. He may say something like, “Hey, thanks for what you just said,” or “I want to follow up with you about something.” It does not require you to be an expert at relationships to notice that someone at your office is interested in you. All you have to do is look for the signs mentioned above. With time, he will get more obvious with what he wants.



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