12 Reasons Why Guys Act Distant When They Like You?

You’ve fallen for this guy, and he probably likes you back. But for some reason, he’ll never allow you to get close with him. Every time you move towards him, he’ll either reject or withdraw from your advances. And as soon as you lose hope, he will start showing interest again.

You like him, and you know he likes you too. You sense that there’s something that’s holding him back, but no clue what it could be. All this wondering makes the situation even more frustrating.

It’s frustrating when a guy starts acting distant when they like you, they claim it makes them feel less pressured, but things don’t make sense. It is also confusing, especially with the dating scene is already challenging to understand.

It isn’t easy to understand guys even if you try your best to figure them out. They will do strange things and behave in odd ways.

Below are some common reasons why guys distance themselves when they like you.

Does he really have feelings for you?

Understandably, you are worried because he is acting distant, but first, we need to be sure he likes you more than a friend. If he has feelings for you, you’ll notice that –

– Whenever you’re around, it feels like he can’t take his eyes off you. When you see him, you will notice that he’s looking away. Not only he remembers everything you tell him, but he also makes it a point to act on it. He’ll often find reasons to hang out with you.

11 Reasons Why Guys Distance Themselves from a Girl They Like-


1.  He’s taken.

He might be in a relationship. It may not be what you want to hear, but if your crush suddenly starts acting distant or doesn’t text back at the same pace, it could be because he’s already in a committed relationship with someone else.

It’s admirable that a guy backs off as soon as he realizes he is falling for you while he’s already in a relationship with someone else. Maybe you will start seeing him as a ‘bad guy,’ but he’ll respect you, and he’s doing what he knows is right for both of you.

He knows it’s not fair to his current partner but speaking with you and staying around you gives him a good feeling. To remain loyal to his current partner, he tries to act like he doesn’t care and stays cool around you.

2. He is afraid of commitment

Many women think that a guy starts acting distant when he is not interested in her, but there is a much simpler reason: he is scared of commitment. He might be afraid to take the next step with you and invest in a long-term serious relationship.

Men often struggle with commitment and not wanting to be tied down. They want the freedom to do what they want and not be locked into something for the rest of their lives. Some guys might also find it difficult to connect emotionally with someone, so it may be hard for them to feel committed from the start.

3. You are out of league for him.

Often, guys feel that the girl they are dating is out of their league. It is one of the top reasons why guys act distant when they like you. You might be more successful, prettier, or something else that he doesn’t see in himself.

He can’t seem to muster up the courage to talk to you and share what he feels about you, he fears that you will reject him. He feels like if he were to tell you how he feels, it would ruin your relationship. So instead of doing something about his feelings, he tries to keep his distance from you.

It can get pretty difficult to get past this barrier if he doesn’t think you are interested in him at all. If you make it clear to him that you like him too, then chances are high that he will start opening up with you.

4. He doesn’t want anything serious right now.

If he doesn’t want anything serious at this point, the guy may feel that it’s not worth getting too attached to you. When you are constantly talking about your future plans or how things will be once you guys are together, he may feel the need to pull away.

Guys who are into you but don’t want anything too serious often avoid getting close to you. They will not like to string you along, and it’s fair for them to stay away until they feel ready.

This could be because she has qualities that he doesn’t want in his life, or it could be because she lacks the qualities that he wants in his life.

However, it could also just be that he doesn’t want to get in to a committed relationship with her at this point.

5. He thinks you are seeing someone else.

Crush suddenly distant? It may be because he thinks you are seeing someone else. He may worry you won’t appreciate his attention and might even view him as a stalker. The truth is guys want a woman who is single and available for them. If he can’t have that, he’ll distance himself from you.

A guy might feel like you’re in a relationship if he usually sees you post photos with your male friends on social media.

He likes you, but he thinks it will scare you off if he gets too close.

6. He doesn’t think you feel the same way about him as he feels about you.

If you wonder why guys act distant when they like you, it may be because he doesn’t think you feel the same. Men are curious creatures, and they want to know if you have an interest in them or not before investing any more time.

When he’s caught feelings for you, it may be difficult for him to come out and tell you that he likes you; this is because he does not want to put himself in the position of being rejected. He may be trying to make sure that you like him back before he makes his move.

You might think you made it obvious to him that you like him, but Men are not very good at picking up hints. If you want him to take a step forward in such a situation, you should try to convey your feelings to him clearly.. Once he knows you are serious for him, he’ll stop acting distant.

7. He’s shy.

If you wonder why guys distance themselves from a girl they like, it may be because he is shy. Shy guys start acting distant when you’re around because he doesn’t want to do anything that makes them uncomfortable.

His body language tells you that he really wants to see you, but it makes him a bit nervous when you ask him out.

Such a guy is less likely to commit and will make the girl insecure about his feelings for her.

Some guys can get really nervous around girls they like, and it takes them a while before they even try anything. They may have seen too many guys getting rejected, or they are struggling to find the courage to take that leap of faith, so they play it safe by not making any moves at all.

8. He Thinks You’re Moving Too Fast.

Some relationships can move right along pretty quickly. Before you know it, you’re dreaming about the future together and counting up how many kids you’ll have.

Many times men feel threatened by the fact that the girl they like wants to see them all the time. They might think that she will want more if they let her in.

Guys sometimes feel uncomfortable and intimidated by how fast things are moving. It may lead him to maintain distance from you to avoid getting hurt and to slow things down.

Guys often get a bad rap for being difficult to read, but sometimes all it takes is a little patience and understanding.

Relationships are a big deal, and they’re not for everyone. He might have a lot of feelings for you but, at the same time, may want to take things slow before making a call. 

When you feel the need to act needy, or rush things in your relationship, don’t. Instead, give him some space & focus on enjoying the moment.

9. He’s Afraid.

When a guy likes you, he may start acting distant and stay close to you at the same time. It could be because he likes you but is too scared to voice how he’s feeling. Maybe he is too scared of getting rejected by you or even frightened of how getting close to you could affect the relationship between the two of you.

All this fear prevents him from being as confident as he could be and from communicating with you. It might be holding him back from taking a chance on love too.

10.  He’s waiting for you to show more interest in him.

He doesn’t seem to think you like him enough, so he’s waiting for you to show more interest before he makes any big moves.

It’s time to ask him why he is acting distant. He might need to know that you still care about him and want him in your life. 

When stuff like this happens, you both should probably try to seek some honest advice from your friends and family and think about what might be creating problems between you two.

11. He had a bad experience in a past relationship.

If he’s acting distant, it could mean that he was hurt in past relationships. He may not be ready for a new one because he needs time to heal first. Even though he may be feeling something for you, it might not be the right time for him to jump back into dating.

12. Maybe He is weighing his options.

Why guys act distant when they like you? Reason number eleven – He may not be acting distant for any reasons you’re aware of, and he might instead be deciding which of the two people he’s taken an interest in he wants to pursue. It can suck knowing someone is looking at other options, but this is common in dating games.

What to Do If He Is Acting Distant?

If you like this guy and he’s giving you the signs, don’t be shy about letting him know. It’ll make things a lot more comfortable and help him to open up.

It may look challenging, but you must find the courage to ask him what’s going on. It will help if you two can have an honest conversation. Maybe there is some miscommunication, and there might be a possibility that he feels that you are acting distant from him and doesn’t know how to tell you yet.

Honesty & great communication from the start means you’re more likely to have a healthy relationship.

If you’re tired of chasing this guy, it might be time to give up in such a scenario. Maybe he has lost interest, or he wasn’t that into you from the beginning. It can also be a sign that you shouldn’t waste more time on him.

Even though you care about him, it might be time to get out of the relationship. You need to take care of yourself by standing your ground and stopping it from going any further. If he’s not even willing to show his interest in you, there’s no other choice for you other than to split up with him.



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