How Do I Keep a Guy Interested After Sleeping With Him?

With the new, more accessible forms of dating apps and the high availability of casual-type sex, getting in bed with a man has never been easier. With no pressure on either party to maintain the relationship, you’re left wondering what comes next.

After spending a fantastic night with a man you really like, you ask yourself – will he continue chasing me? Is he still interested after sleeping with me?

You must know that – You’re not alone! Lots of women have the same question.

It doesn’t matter if it is a one-night stand or if you have been dating for some time; the following tips will help in most cases.

You will be able to easily make him respect and chase you after spending that amazing night with him.

Is he Still interested after sleeping with me?

Below are some subtle but powerful tips that will help the guy interested in you.

1. Try to Please His Mind.

Some of us might find it awkward, but many men develop a fear of commitment after a casual fling, and they get afraid that it will completely change the way they live their life.

Many men are unlikely to establish a solid emotional connection before making out with their date. They are hesitant to commit or settle down, and they enjoy sleeping around without any fear of commitment. They enjoy their sex life and are often looking for one night stands. You may have often come across men who you want just sex and are afraid to get in to a meaningful relationship.

If you think he enjoyed having sex with you, it will help focus on pleasing his mind.

Let him know your great thought, beliefs, value and ideas about life. Make sure he sees you as a woman with strong values.

Blow his mind in a way that he falls in love with your intelligence and personality.

When you do this, he will be less afraid of committing into a relationship with you.

2. Keep Things Casual.

Maybe you have developed strong feelings for this guy, and you just want to fall in love with him. But it will help if you don’t say it just yet.

It can be a bit awkward telling him that you are looking for a serious relationship just after sleeping with him for the first time. May be he was just planning for a one night stand with you, but you have managed to keep that man interested in you. What ever the situation may be its important to take it slow and keep things casual for the moment.

Taking things this fast can push him away. Try to keep it casual for now.

You may be going through many feelings, and your love for him may have grown manifold since you slept with him. But, you must take things slow and try not to make any rash decisions.

You decide when to talk about how you’re feeling, so don’t rush him and don’t pressure him. It’ll work out if you stay patient.

3. Don’t be Too Keen.

Understandably, you want to see this guy interested in you, but if you get too keen and excited at this stage, you may send the wrong signals. It is best to approach this situation with more patience. Suppose you are seriously interested in this guy. In that case, you must focus on sending the right signals and delivering the right message. It is usual for guys to develop the wrong perception about girls in budding relationships.

Almost everyone goes through this stage in their life when they have a huge crush on someone. It feels like they have you hooked. It’s an unbearable feeling when you can’t help but think about them 24/7. There’s a lot of pressure involved in hanging out with someone new, and not everyone handles it well. Remember that this is something you should handle carefully, and never be too eager to take things to the next level until you’re sure he’s on board.

4. Stay Sexy and Desirable.

It’s natural to want to develop a connection with other people so you can build lasting relationships. Making an effort to look more appealing and desirable and staying mysterious and sexy increase the odds of keep a a guy interested in you after the first date.

It is essential to try and look best for him. Wearing the right outfits as per your body shape and always trying to dress to the highest level are a few ways to project yourself as more appealing and desirable. Try to have a confident smile and show your best side to him.

Women with a healthy and confident beauty routine are often the most sought after and desired. It is a good habit to always maintain the beauty routine not only in the bedroom but outside of it as well. It is essential to be seen as your best self.

5. Be Spontaneous and Be Mysterious

When women get mysterious, it makes them the most attractive. If you can manage to get spontaneous and attractive simultaneously, you must do it.

Losing their independence is the biggest fear that men have when they think about getting into a relationship. It will help if you can resist your urge to try and contact him all the time.

If you really want to call him or text him, only do it at times when he is less likely to be busy with his work or friends.

There is nothing wrong with being fun and playful around him, but it will be in your best interest to not open too much about yourself too soon.

In budding relationships, it is essential to keep your guard up. Sharing too much personal information too early could make you feel vulnerable and exposed. It is important to be careful with what you share, while at the same time you should not be afraid of having fun and being playful around this person.

Mix thing up by-

Teasing him by sending your hot photos when he is working.

Flirt with your eyes to let him know that you want him.

Seduce him using your body language.

Make him notice you by dressing attractively.

When you do these things, you make yourself more desirable. It helps keep the spark alive and make him stay interested in you after the first date.

6. Don’t Convince Yourself Too Soon That it’s Love.

The idea of “love” is an exciting and powerful one, but it can also be a trap. When we’re feeling that spark in the early stages of the relationship, we very easily convince ourselves that we have fallen in love with him. This is especially true when you have just entered the world of dating and have not been with many partners. It takes time for our feelings to mature.

This is how your typical human brain works. When you passionately make love to someone, the resulting numerological reaction can start to make you believe that you’re madly in love with them.

Sex can be a powerful experience, and even the strongest minds have been known to misinterpret it as something more. It’s important to not let your mind convince you about things that are too good to be true; it may lead to your heart getting broken when things don’t work out.

When you spent an amazing night with your crush and felt butterflies in your chest, it is wrong to assume they really feel the same way about you. It might just mean that you’re excited, and he’s not. So the next time you find yourself thinking the two of you are so perfect together, stop and think about what’s going on in his head. Maybe he doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do about him.

7. Stay calm, and let things take their own natural course.

Try and live the moment. Trying to force things, especially when there’s nothing there, will only put more pressure on your budding relationship. You’re better off appreciating things as they are, and the feelings will just come once you start getting a sense of where you’re heading.

8. Focus on Yourself.

After sleeping with a guy, many women find it really tempting to give all their attention to him and make them feel special.. This is especially true when a woman thinks she has fallen in love with this guy.

But they seem to forget the hard truth – If you’re constantly pushing yourself towards someone, they’ll start to withdraw and lose interest in you.

When you’re trying to get someone’s attention, it helps to hold back a little bit. When he sees you like some with a lot of mystery around her, it will encourage them to have more interest in you.

It often happens that a guy really likes you, but because you are showing a lot of interest in him, they pull back and lose interest. It may sound awkward, but the truth is this is how men are wired.

9. Be confident

Men don’t like it when they are questioned; they hate being told that they are lying.

Men may not be the easiest people to deal with. Still, when you’re in a budding relationship, it may be best to start by accepting what they say and not probe constantly.

It will be in your best interest to be more confident that your partner is honest with you. Instead of continuously seeking reassurance, focus on other important aspects of the relationship.

It is completely understandable if you find these things easier said than done. If you find it hard to be confident around him, try pretending to be confident.

The more secure you seem and the more confident you come across as the more he’ll be intrigued by you.

Most guys think it’s attractive when a woman is confident and playful. There is nothing wrong with pretending to be more confident because it will help you to become more confident on your own.



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