When A Guy Looks You Up And Down – What Does it Mean?

When you notice a guy looking you up and down, it is normal to feel confused and puzzled about it. This post will discuss what it means when a guy scans your body like that.

Some guys are not very bright; they think looking you up down will make them look like a player. The true thing they should be worried about is how other people see them as idiots.

Psychologists constantly try to decode the hidden meaning behind various types of stares people give to each other.

Understanding other aspects of his body language will help you better understand what he means by looking you up and down. It brings more clarity about what he is thinking.

Below are a few common reasons why a guy looks you up and down –

1. He Is Trying to Flirt With You

By looking you up and down, maybe he is trying to flatter you. He is trying to convey that the likes you without even saying a word.

If you are confused about whether he is flirting with you or not, you should look for some other signs as well.

Staring – He is not only looking you up and down, but he is continuously staring at you. It is wrong to blame him for gazing at you when you look so amazing.

Cheered Up: Even in boring surroundings, he is all cheered up, happy and in good spirits when he is with you. 

Always looking for an opportunity to stay close with you: You will see him always finding reasons to be as close to you as possible.

Always trying to make you laugh: When you are with him, he tries to come across as a person with a great sense of humor. He will have jokes about every situation. Even when his jokes are not funny, he never stops trying.

Show off: He is always trying to show off when he is with you. Be it his new car, his latest mobile phone or a new watch, he won’t miss an opportunity to show off.

Compliments: When he wants to flirt with you, he will always look for opportunities to give you a great compliment. Whether it be about your hair or make-up or even the clothes you’re wearing. He will always be trying to make you feel great about yourself.

Great listener: He listens very carefully to everything you say and never forgets about it. Whether it’s about what your dog likes to eat or what dress you wore at a party two years back.

2. He Thinks You Are Attractive

When he looks you up and down, it’s probably because he finds you attractive. But, it is in your best interest to not make any assumptions too soon. You don’t want a guy to think you are easy just because he is giving you the up and down look.

Many times we come across guys who appear more than just friendly. Maybe you have not noticed it, but by being very enthusiastic around you, they are trying to convey that they find you attractive.

It is believed that guys fall for girls a lot faster than girls fall for guys. If you are puzzled whether he finds you are attracted or not, you can look for these subtle signs.

He tries to get personal: If you see him asking personal questions in the very first conversation he has with you, this is a big sign that he finds you attractive. He is just trying to confirm if you are available by asking these questions.

He tries hard to please you: When a guy finds you attractive, he will make extra efforts to please you. He will show extra concern for you by constantly asking if you feel comfortable and if there is anything he can do for you.

He will look for excuses to touch you: He will find reasons to touch you every now and then. You will notice that his fingers are always lingering on your body more than what seems normal. Sometimes his constant hugging will make you wonder what he is trying to do.

When he is into you, you will notice that- 

– He Will always be smiling around you.

– Will not leave any opportunity to compliment you.

– Will always appear mesmerized by you.

– Will always want you to pay more attention to him.

3. He is Into You, But He is Shy

While it’s no big deal for some guys to speak with women they are in to, but many guys are not able to gather enough guts to do that.

Next time you see a guy looking you up and down, it may be because he is nervous around you. Feeling shy can cause you to feel anxious and nervous.

We all get a little nervous from time to time, and this is a normal part of our body’s natural stress response. It comes in response to an imagined threat. In this case, maybe a guy is subconsciously worried that you will write him off.

If he is looking you up and down because of this reason, it might be an indication that he suffers from social phobia or anxiety. People who suffer from this disorder find it extremely difficult to meet new people.

4. He Likes Your Body

You are hot and irresistible; maybe this is the reason why he looks you up and down.

Apart from scanning your body, below are some telltale signs that he adores your body.

– He will often gaze at your cleavage, legs and other private parts of your body.

– He often tries to find reasons to touch your hands, shoulder on waste.

– He will be too keen to ask you personal questions about your sex life.

– He will try to get into your pants as soon as he can, and if you deny, he will immediately lose interest in you.

If you don’t mind having a casual relationship with this guy, go ahead. But if you are not comfortable, you should let him know.

5. He Thinks You Are into Him

Maybe you are doing something that is making him feel that you are interested in him. It is natural to feel angry and frustrated when he thinks you like him, but you don’t.

It can be a more frustrating experience trying to figure out what it is that is making him think that you are into him.

Rather than being harsh on him, You can do many things to convey a polite message that you are not interested in him.  Try to focus on sending a clear message without projecting yourself as rude or bad.

6. Maybe He Knows You

When a guy is eyeing you up and down, maybe it’s because he thinks he knows you.

A normal human being is expected to meet more than 10,000 people in his lifetime. So when you see him looking you up and down, maybe it’s not because he is attracted to you; he may be trying to figure out where he know you from.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve seen this person before. You think you know him, but it’s not for sure. Before approaching him, the first thing that will pop up in your mind is to have a closer look at him again and be 100% sure before saying anything. No one likes to make a fool of themselves.

7. He is Not Interested In You

When a guy eyes you up and down, he probably likes you. But sometimes, it is also a sign of disapproval.

His disapproval of you can be because of various reasons.

Maybe he heard some bad rumors about you, or you may have done or said something that he finds completely unacceptable. Rather than ignoring you, he may be giving you a bad up and down look.

When someone stares at you for negative reasons, it is not a very pleasant experience. You can quickly develop resentment or anger towards this guy.

8. He Considers You a Threat

Yes, it does sound unusual and awkward, but it does happen.

Imagine you and him are pitching your business proposal to the same client. He may look you up and down because he feels threatened that you will make him lose this customer.

In a dating situation – If you are an ambitious woman, he may feel threatened to go out on a date with you. 

Because he thinks you are brilliant and ambitious, he is fearful that you are going to reject him.


There are many reasons why a guy will look you up and down. Most of the time, it is because he likes you, but as mentioned above it could also be because of some negative reasons.

The best way to find out the exact reason why he is doing it is to ask him straight away.



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