When a Guy Calls You Honey – What does it Mean?

You’ve been friends for a while and the guy finally decides to ask you out. You go on a few dates, everything is going well, and now things look pretty great between you two. Suddenly one day, you notice him calling you honey.

Seeing him calling you with a romantic nickname stuns you for a moment. You are confused about what to do next. Should you start calling him honey too? What does it indicate when a guy you are not dating starts calling you honey?

When a guy uses the word ‘honey’ for the first time while talking to you, there’s a chance that he likes you. Another reason can be that he naturally slips into using this word when talking to women.

There are numerous reasons why he will call you honey. Probing further and figuring out a few things will help you discover his main intentions.

Below are few probable reasons why he likes calling you honey-

1. He Has Developed Strong Liking For You

If you have noticed a big difference between how he behaves with you and how he behaves with others, it indicates that he has started developing a liking for you.

This is especially in the case when you are the only person he calls honey.

When he likes you, there will be many other tell-tale signs as well –

  • Leaning towards you during conversations
  • Always finding reasons to compliment you
  • Even when you are out in a group, he will be more focused on you
  • He’ll want to spend more alone time with you.

2. He Wants to Take Your Friendship To The Next Level

If he has been your friend for a long time, maybe now he wants to be more than just a friend to you.

If this is the reason why he’s calling you with affectionate nicknames like honey or baby, he’ll probably show some other signs too. For example – Seeing you talk to another guy would make him jealous and angry.

3. He Is Saying It Out of Habit

Maybe he has this habit of calling girls with cute romantic nicknames. When he calls you with these nicknames, it is often an indication that he considers you as a good friend. If you do not know him that well, you will find it hard to read his intentions.

4. He is Trying to Hit On You

When you have never talked to this guy before, and you see him calling you with romantic pet names like ‘honey’, it may indicate that he is trying to hit on you.

At first, it can be difficult to tell if someone is hitting on you or not. Some guys get too shy and try to come across as “playing it cool”, but they’re actually trying to flirt with you! 

Suppose you like a guy; he calls you with a cute nickname – ‘honey’ and shows some signs that maybe he is interested in something more than friendship – what do you do?

Well, surprisingly, many women feel annoyed and freaked out at this situation. They keep wondering – does he like me or doesn’t he? It becomes difficult for them to completely and confidently get a straightforward answer.

This is the reason why it is very important to identify the simple signs that he is flirting with you.

If you fail to identify these signs, you will miss out on an opportunity to connect with someone great. Knowing the signs will help you eliminate the guesswork and proceed with more confidence.

If you come across a cute stranger at the bar or when that coworker from work you really like starts showing signals that he is into you, maybe you can help them along.

5. He Talks to You in an Unhealthy Way

When you spend a lot of time with your special someone, there will be some form of communication every day. Maybe it’s small talk about the minor day to day topics, or it can be a deep conversation about something more serious.

The way both of you speak with each other will have a huge impact in how good or bad your relationship will be in the long run.

Some guys use the word honey in a negative sense. For instance – “Oh, honey. That’s so wrong“. When they say something like this, it is a sign that they are talking your down.

Everyone has a different communication style, which is what makes talking to each other interesting. 

It is often said that opposites attract, and many times it is the different communication styles that attract people to each other. 

It is essential to know that there is a big difference between a partner who has a different communication style than yours and a partner who constantly disregard your feeling and doesn’t give you the respect you deserve.

6. He Wants to Get Romantic

Some guys will use the word ‘honey’ to show that they want to be more romantic with you. They call you with different romantic nicknames like ‘cutie pie’, ‘baby’ or ‘sweetheart’ to show how much they care about you.

Making these gestures is a sign that he’s into you and wants to step up the level of romance.

7. He Doesn’t Remember Your Name

It may sound strange, but guys typically use romantic pet names when they can’t remember a girl’s name. It shows that there are many girls in his life, and it’s getting hard for him to remember everyone’s name.

We find it convenient to think that a guy who uses romantic nicknames for us means well, but unfortunately, it’s not always the case.

8. He Wants to Be Condescending

Calling you will cute nicknames in some situations also indicates that he is trying to be condescending with you.

When you are trying to put your thoughts forward or when you are making any suggestion, to show that he is more superior to you – he might call you ‘honey’ in a sarcastic way.

When he is condescending with you, he will show some other obvious body language signs like smirking, having tight lips and not taking you seriously.

9. He Wants to Make You Feel Happy

When a guy wants to make you feel better, he might call you nicknames like ‘honey’ or ‘sweetheart’.

People often use nicknames during conversations where they’re trying to cheer someone up.

10. He Wants To Check Your Reaction

Maybe he wants to see how you will react when he calls you with cute pet names.

What he’s really doing is testing you by saying sweet things in the hopes that you’ll blush and smile when he calls you a ‘cutie’. Maybe he wants to date you.

If your boyfriend calls you honey, it is safe to treat it as a sweet compliment. It shows that he thinks you are kind-hearted, lovely and a person with a strong positive vibe. Sometimes it is also an indication that they like it when you are around, and they are in love with your aura.

Terms like ‘honey’, ‘sweetheart’ or ‘babe’ are some of the most popular nicknames used to express affection.

Usually, someone will call you honey only after you both have reached a certain level of intimacy. If you don’t share any intimacy with him and he still calls you honey, it is important to clarify the situation.

Many times it happens that people start misreading your body language. It becomes very important to clear the air before things go out of hand in situations like these.

Your romantic partner will call you honey when he finds you sweet. You may be thinking that he is not that into you now as he was before, but that is not always the case. Guys are believed to be less expressive as compared to girls. When they give you a cute nickname, it carries a lot of meaning in their eyes.

When your partner fails to understand your love language, it will not be a bad idea to put in some effort and try to understand their love language.

Many of us feel that calling nicknames has more to do with the habit than a sweet gesture, but it is not always true.

Notice How He Speaks With Other People

To better understand their intentions, compare the way they talk to you with how they treat others.

If he calls other women with similar cute pet names and he shows the same body language that he shows around you, then it simply means that he naturally uses pet names like ‘honey’ when he speaks with women.

If on the other hand you are the only person he calls ‘honey’ and changes his body language when you’re around, it implies that he’s into you. Again there is also a possibility that he is trying to be condescending with you. 

Consider The Time and Location

Think about where he said it and when he said it. 

If he called you honey when you were alone, it might mean that he likes you. Whereas if he said it in front of his other friends, maybe it is because he has a habit of using the word honey with all women.

Nature Of Your Relationship

The nature of the relationship you share with him will deeply impact why he likes calling you honey.

If you are just friends, maybe he wants to be more than friends with you. 

If he is not your friend, and you are not familiar with him, then there is a possibility that he is either hitting on you or he naturally uses this word with all the women.



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