What To Do When Your Boyfriend Makes You Feel Stupid?

Many men have a tendency to make their partners feel stupid all the time. When your husband or boyfriend makes you feel dumb, stupid, or inferior, it can have a serious negative effect on your self-confidence.

Belittling in Relationship

Belittling your partner is one of the most damaging and unhealthy relationship behaviors. Just like shouting and yelling, belittling is also a form of verbal and emotional abuse. Below are some signs that your boyfriend has a habit of belittling you

– He makes you feel stupid all the time

– He always speaks with you in a condescending manner

– Tries his best to prove you wrong, even when you are saying something right.

– You’ll always see him trying to correct you. It will often seem like his sole agenda is just to prove that he is correct and you are wrong.

– Makes you feel small, unimportant, and inferior.

It is a traumatizing experience to have a boyfriend who always tries to make you feel stupid. You feel that he is obsessed with the idea of making you feel incorrect and wrong. Being in a relationship with a person like this stops you from living a happy and meaningful life.

When you get into a relationship with a person like this, in the short term, his belittling behavior will make you feel a bit annoyed. But when he continuously makes you feel stupid and dumb over a longer period of time, your self-esteem and self-confidence will go down to their lowest levels.

You’ll start doubting yourself even when you know you are right. When you lose confidence in yourself, you start believing that your opinions are not worth trusting.

Your boyfriend belittles you because he thinks you are inferior, insignificant, and not worthy enough. You’ll often see him speaking with you in a condescending manner and undermining you in front of family or friends. It’ll look like he is getting some sort of satisfaction by making you feel inferior.

It is Important to Address His Belittling Behavior Before It’s Too late.

It starts from taking small digs at you or putting you down every now and then. Addressing these issues in a timely manner is very important; otherwise, it can sabotage your whole relationship experience.

When your boyfriend develops a habit of making you feel stupid all the time, life becomes very upsetting and disappointing for you.

In a relationship, you want your partner to be supportive and understanding. You don’t want them to judge you or make you feel bad about yourself. You also expect them to help you become a better version of yourself. But, When your partner starts deriving pleasure from humiliating you, then being in a relationship with them becomes a suffocating experience. 

These types of relationships are harmful to our emotional and mental health. Every one of us deserves to be with a person who gives us the love, appreciation, and acceptance that we deserve.

Below are some reasons why your boyfriend makes you feel stupid all the time

1. They Want To Have More Control Over You

A lot of people feel the need to have more control over their partners. Seeing their partner living an independent and happy life makes them feel bad about themselves. They think having more control over them will give more balance to the relationship.

Maybe they are jealous of the life you are living and wish they had the same success, happiness, and lifestyle. They might be jealous of your friends, your job, or your attitude. They think if they have more control over you, it will stop you from leaving them.

It is very important for a couple to equally share power in a relationship. It makes the whole relationship experience more fulfilling and satisfying for both of them. This is also one of the top ways to improve the intimacy and connection between a couple.

When your boyfriend tries to have more control over you, it can create a lot of imbalance in the relationship. It can severely damage the intimacy and connection between the two of you.

A happy and healthy relationship is one where both the partners treat each other equally, where they share the power and make decisions together. Ideally, both partners should have an equal say in matters like – raising children, managing finances, buying a house, or planning a vacation. But, when your boyfriend doesn’t treat you as an equal, he will always want to get things done his way.

No relationship is perfect, and every couple goes through their own highs and lows. However, for a happy, long-lasting relationship, it is important to be able to work through these issues together.

2. Your Boyfriend is Insecure

Although it may sound absurd and strange, it is true. When your boyfriend belittles you, chances are that it is because of his own insecurities. When he makes you feel stupid and dumb in front of others, it is because he wants you to feel as small and insignificant as he feels about himself.

His only intention is to destroy your confidence and self-esteem so that he can bring you down to his level. He believes that bringing you down will make him feel good about himself.

3. It’s Not Your Responsibility to Figure Out the Reason Why He is Belittling You

When you got into a relationship with him, it was because you thought that being with him would add more value and meaning to your life. You expected him to support you in tough times and help you live a happy and meaningful life.

But now that your boyfriend has got into a habit of constantly belittling you, it is essential for you to take a stand for yourself. Not bringing up these issues with him will make the situation even worse for you. In a situation like this, you have two options – either he improves upon his behavior, or you break up with him.

There could be so many reasons why he misbehaves with you. It can be a very draining experience to figure out the exact reasons.

It will be in your best interest to understand and accept that your feelings are valid. Focus on making decisions that make you feel happier and more secure.

Why do You Need to Get Out of This Relationship?

The longer you stay with him, the bigger the impact it will have on your self-esteem and mental health. It is simply wrong for your partner to question everything you say. Or to go out of his way to prove that you are wrong. Taking constant digs at you and putting you down in front of everyone shows that your boyfriend has a toxic mentality. His only objective is to prove that you are unimportant and inferior.

Your feelings are valid, and his actions are unacceptable. He has a deep-rooted urge to prove that he is the most intelligent, superior, and smartest person in the room. His insecurity is probably the reason why he acts like a jerk all the time. Living with a person who is so insecure can have serious negative effects on your quality of life. Sooner or later, he is going to drag you down to his level.

When he makes it a habit to constantly try and make you feel stupid, you’ll soon start to feel unhappy and dissatisfied with your relationship. If you still want to work things out with him, it is important that you honestly convey your feelings to him.

Tell him how his behavior hurts you and makes you lose confidence in this relationship. Maybe both of you haven’t realized it yet, but his habit of constantly putting you down in front of others can have a serious negative impact on your mental health.

When you continuously feel the need to defend yourself, it becomes very difficult for you to feel happy, secure, and safe around your boyfriend. It is important that you make him understand that if he cannot improve upon his behavior, then you’ll be left with no option but to end this relationship.

When you convey your feelings to him, he may become defensive and start blaming you for being too sensitive. He may also try to convince you that it’s not a big deal. Suppose he is not ready to accept his mistakes and is not showing any willingness to improve. In that case, it will be best for you to end this relationship.

When you are free from the toxicity of others, not only will you be able to get your mental balance back; but it will make you feel empowered and confident again. Let go of relationships that make you feel like a burden or less powerful than those around you.



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