When Your Ex Shows Up At Your Work

One of the most common reasons for your ex to show up at your workplace is to confront you about something. It can be a fight, an argument, or a disagreement. Sometimes it could also be because they have been stalking you and want to see what you are doing.

If your narcissist ex-boyfriend shows up at your workplace, there are a few things that you should do to make sure that the situation doesn’t escalate.

First, tell them they cannot visit your workplace unannounced and ask them why they came in the first place. If they are there for an argument or confrontation, then try not to get into it with them and just walk away from the situation.

If you think he is stalking you and want to know what you’re doing, then take this as a warning sign that he may be dangerous.

When your ex tries to meet you, it may be because he is feeling lonely, needy or just wanting to see what you are up to. Sometimes it is an indication that he wants to get back into your life. 

Maybe he wants something from you, such as money or a favour. He could also be trying to make himself feel better by seeing how you are doing without them.

Your ex-partner showing up at your workplace can be an awkward situation. You may feel happy to see him, or you might feel sad. It is also normal to have mixed feelings about the visit.

Some people might not want to see their ex-partner in any context, and others might not mind seeing them at work.

It is important for people to permit themselves to experience a wide range of emotions when they are in this situation.

My Ex Showed Up At My Work, And I Felt Good About It

One of our subscribers shared her experience with us:

 “I was sitting at my desk, working on a project for one of my clients. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned around and saw him standing there with a smile on his face. It took me a few seconds to process what was happening.”

I wanted to see him so badly, but I had to hold back from asking him to stay.

He was there for a reason. I didn’t want to make him feel like he was chasing me down. He just wanted to see me and say hello, and that’s all he did.

I was a bit nervous about it, but for some reason, I felt like it was ok. I don’t know what made me feel this way. Maybe it’s because we have been on good terms since our break, or maybe I am finally starting to see myself as worthy of love and attention.”

It is ok to feel excited if your ex visits your office. Depending on the reason for the visit, you may find it difficult to hide your feelings.

In some cases, people get excited seeing their ex because they still have strong feelings for them. But in other cases, they might just be happy that their ex is interested in them enough to want to visit them at work.

I Feel Uncomfortable When My Ex Shows Up At My Office; How Should I Make Him Stop Doing That?

The best way to stop your ex from showing up at work is to have a conversation with him. You need to set boundaries and make sure he respects them.

You must be firm and clear about what you want. Talk to him about the fact that you don’t want him coming into your workplace anymore because it’s inappropriate and making you uncomfortable.

If he doesn’t listen, then you might have to talk with HR about it or even call the police if he becomes threatening.

If he doesn’t respect your boundaries, you can also seek help from a common friend or family member who could talk to him about this situation.

Another effective way is to change your phone number, email address and social media accounts. This will make it more difficult for your ex to find out where you work. Another way is to tell your co-workers and boss about the situation so they can help with keeping an eye on you.

Why does my ex still come to my work?

When an ex-boyfriend comes to visit you at work, it is usually a sign that he is trying to win you back.

This is because when people are in love, they feel the need to be around the person they love and want to spend as much time with them as possible. It probably means that he still has feelings for you and misses your company.

There are many other reasons why your ex-boyfriend shows up at your work; some of them are –

He Is Seeking Attention

A person who has been in an intimate relationship with another person may experience a feeling of emptiness and sadness when that other person leaves.

If your ex visits your office, it could be because he is seeking attention. He might want to know if you are still thinking about him and if he can still be in your life somehow.

Maybe he feels tempted by the idea of getting back to you. It could also be because he is still in love with you, or he wants to keep tabs on you for some reason.

The “Grass Is Greener” Syndrome Wore Off

Many people experience the “grass is greener” syndrome when they are in a relationship. We often find ourselves thinking about how much better it would be to date someone else.

It’s a natural human tendency to want what we don’t have and to believe that it will make us happier than what we already have. We tend to compare our current situation with an idealized fantasy of what might be better elsewhere and then feel dissatisfied with what we have.

In our pursuit to find greener pastures, we soon realize that the grass is not always as green as it seems.

Maybe your boyfriend has realized that leaving you was a big mistake. When he visits your office, it could indicate that he’s trying to get back into your life.

He Is Seeking A Response/Feedback From You

Your ex might be visiting your office to get some closure and is trying to work out things with you or to find out information about the shared business they invested in or just check on what you’re up to.

Maybe he wants to know if you still care about him. It could also be that he has fallen into a depression and needs someone who cares about him to show up in his life again.

He Is Just Looking For An Ego Boost

Maybe it’s not that he missed you or wants to get back together. There is a chance that he just wants to feel better about himself. If he finds that you’ve still not moved on with your life, it might make him feel good about himself and give him the ego boost that he is looking for.

He is probably feeling really insecure about himself and wants validation from you. 

The more messed up you are, the more his ego is boosted, and the more he feels like he has power over you. 

He Wants To See If You’re With Someone Else

It will be natural for you to want to know if your ex has moved on and is happy with someone else. Similarly, It is also natural for him to want to know if you are in a relationship with someone else.

This should not be taken as a sign that he still has feelings for you. It could just be curiosity or just wanting closure.

If he does want to get back together, he will let you know through his actions.

Is He Also Showing Up At Other Places You Go?

Stalking is a form of harassment, and it is not a healthy behavior. If you are worried about your ex-boyfriend stalking you, then you might want to check if he is also showing up at other places that you go.

This can be done by keeping an eye out for him or looking for him in the background while you are at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

He might be following you because he’s interested in what you’re doing now or because he wants to see if you’re happy without him. If he has been following you around, then he would know where your routine takes you.

If you think he is posing a risk to your security, you must not hesitate to contact the police.



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