What Does It Mean When A Guy Plays With Your Hair?

Is it normal to feel confused when a guy touches your hair? You may be wondering why he did it and what does it mean?

Although it is not uncommon, the girls who experience it sometimes find it a little annoying. That’s because they’re confused about what it could mean; is he getting attracted to her? he has another reason unknown to them? or is he just interested in something else? Even if you read their body language correctly, it may still be confusion.

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There are many reasons why a guy might play with your hair; Below, we have listed nine most common reasons:

1. Attraction

Men express their affection for a woman in many different ways: taking them on fancy dates, Sending thoughtful messages, or giving expensive gifts. Every guy has his way of expressing their attraction. When he plays with your hair, he may be just expressing his attraction towards you.

what does it mean when a guy touches your hair

When you carefully notice his body language, it might help you understand if he is romantically into you or just admiring your hair. If he plays with your hair due to his attraction towards you, it will be very less likely that he touches other woman’s hair as well.

A man will only touch women he finds attractive. Remember that just because a man is attracted to you doesn’t mean he wants to be with you in a romantic relationship. It can be that he has not entirely prepared his mind yet. A lot of men tend to compliment beautiful women. If he likes your hair, he might be just touching them to praise you.

Girls are aware of the beauty of their hair, and they understand that it is the intrinsic part of their sexuality. Take a look at other girls around you, and you’ll notice that most of them have a habit of weaving their fingers through their hair. Some women may argue that this is normal; they are just trying to keep their hair organized. But the truth is, when the spotlight is on their hair, they know it makes them look more attractive. 

2. He is Dominating

Quite often, when people show a pattern of domination in their behaviour, they tend to touch other people. He might be trying to show his authority over you, trying to show that he is in a dominant role. If this is why he constantly tries to touch your hair, you’ll likely notice some other pattern of domination in his behaviour.

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This type of behaviour indicates that the man is confident and feels that he has control over you. His body language will loudly suggest that he wants dominance over someone he doesn’t already have.

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3. He Likes Woman’s Hair In General

As per a recent survey, around 74% of men believe that they notice women because of their hair. 44% of men believed that hair is the first thing they see in women, more than her legs and even clothes.

He may be touching your hair because he likes them and is just curious about how it feels. If this is the case, there is also a higher likelihood that he is attracted to you. To get the confirmation, do look for other signs as well.

Women with beautiful long hair are more likely to attract men than those with messy and unorganized hair. Men love it when beautiful hair bounces in the wind, and when they cover half of her face, it is a big turn-on for them.

4. Intimacy

Some Men love to touch women’s hair during intimate moments. Before he Kisses her neck or other sensual spots, he might start by feeling the hair. It may be an indication that he wants to get intimate.

Men do whatever it takes to ensure you have a great time. By stroking your weaves, he indicates that he wants you to enjoy every moment of this time. He wants you to experience the joy of intimacy.

5. He Is Calming You Down

If you’re feeling sad or angry about something, it might be that he is just trying to make you feel better by gently playing with your hair. When trying to console, some men might also put their arms around your shoulder.

6. It Is Part Of Their Culture.

He may come from a culture where touching someone while talking to them is considered normal. A woman’s hair usually has a great texture, and some men find it the best place to connect.

7. It Reminds Them Of Someone

Bring with you may be bringing him back fond memories. Your braids, your weaves could be reminding him of something. It could be small things like how you style it, the color, or how you flip them. Whatever the case may be, it’s catchy for his eyes in ways you can’t imagine.

Your hair may be helping him recall something very personal that is or was very close to his heart: an ex-girlfriend, a friend, or relative who is no longer in his life.

8. He Wants To See Your Reaction

Sometimes, he may play with your hair because he wants to know your reaction. A positive response from you will make it clear that you do not mind him touching you. However, if he feels you are getting uncomfortable, he may take his hands off.

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9. They May Want To Feel The Texture

When he is playing with your weaves, it doesn’t always mean that he is getting attracted to you; it could also mean that he just wants to feel the texture of your hair. Consider the situation, when you see a beautiful dress or an exciting painting or a sculpture, you will have this natural urge to feel it with your hands. It is precisely the same situation; he just has this urge to touch your hair with his hands. He may be getting attracted to the way you style your hair, the texture, or the way they smell.


Why Do Guys Like Playing With Your Hair?

As mentioned above, it could be many things, the style of your weave, texture, smell, or even the length of hair. If you are in a relationship with this guy, he may be showing his affection by playing with your hair.

To answer this question correctly, you may consider two important facts – Where it happened and when it happens.

If it happens during a party-like atmosphere, then it means he finds you attractive, or He may have been trying to get you to relax and lighten up. On the other hand, if it happens during a more serious atmosphere, he is chances that he is trying to be dominant over you. To find out the exact reason, you will have to take clues from his body language.

Is Playing With Someone’s Hair Flirting?

Depending on the situation and due to numerous reasons mentioned above in this post, playing with someone’s hair may or may not be flirting.

What does it mean when a guy pulls your hair while making out?

A guy might enjoy being aggressive while making out with a woman, or he thinks that she will find it pleasurable. If you do not like him pulling your hair, you must let him know. Many couples talk about the boundaries of what is and is not acceptable while making out.

Why Does Playing With The Hair Feel So Good?

Not many will deny that it is one of the most beautiful and highly relaxing experiences. It helps in reducing stress and elevating our mood. When a guy touches a woman lovingly, it results in a chemical reaction that further lowers the heart rate and blood pressure levels. It also may help in reducing her stress levels and uplifting her mood.



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