How to Deal with a Flirty boyfriend

You fell in love with this fantastic guy, he was so charming when you first met, but it seems now that he flirts with every girl he meets. The fact that your boyfriend has now become quite a flirt is something you can’t handle. It was great to be together when you first started dating, now you feel frustrated and sometimes even begin to question his motives.

It can be pretty challenging to have a boyfriend who is a natural flirt. But Don’t lose heart, stay calm. Keep your cool and stay positive.  This doesn’t necessarily mean your boyfriend is cheating. Do not allow insecurity to take over, Don’t let your anger take over your thoughts. This is a tough time, but if you handle things with more maturity, it will help keep your relationship on track. If you are confident that your boyfriend really loves you and sincerely cares about you, then you must try to deal effectively with his flirtatious nature. Here are some tips for you –

Are you really bothered?

Some women have a habit of making too much of a minor issue. It is not right to always assume that your guy is flirting whenever he gives attention to other females. You must ask yourself if his behaviour is really troubling you? There is a strong possibility that it is, in fact, not his behaviour but your overprotective nature that is causing all the problems.

Your guy is maybe a little too open in his way when he meets other girls. This makes you assume that he may be cheating on you. Don’t judge him; flirting is not always cheating.  Stay calm because Healthy flirting is not harmful; it should not affect you.

Confront him.

It’s not a good feeling when your boyfriend is flirty all the time, and If it is disturbing you, you should let him know how you feel. It will not be a bad idea to ask him why he is flirty with other women?. Try to ascertain if it is a part of his personality or if there is some other reason. Ask him what you can do to make him stop being flirty with other women. It will always help when you have open and healthy communication in your relationship.

React when it is needed:

When he puts you in an awkward position by flirting with other women, take him away from the group and let him know that you are getting uncomfortable with his behaviour.

Sometimes, a man will continue to flirt with other women because he believes that his partner doesn’t have any problem.  No women likes to be linked with jealousy; She doesn’t want to look insecure to his partner. Most women will be hesitant to confront their partner because they fear it will lead to a conflict in their relationship.

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If his behaviour is making you uncomfortable, you must let him know about it. It is not healthy for you to stay upset and angry all the time; hold your ground and tell him the truth.

Balance and moderation is the key to a healthy relationship; make sure, you are not constantly reacting to everything he does, it may cause harm to your relationship. React only when it is required. (In case you are entirely sure that he is cheating, you must put your foot down and confront him.)

Set Ground Rules

You do not want to be dictating terms to your man; he would not appreciate you telling him what to do and with whom he should or shouldn’t speak. However, you can communicate to him about how you expect him to behave with other women when you are out as a couple. You can tell him politely how you feel about his flirting with other women. You can give him examples of times when his flirtatious behaviour embarrassed you in front of your common friends. Tell him about what level of flirting is acceptable and the boundaries you expect him not to cross. The goal of this conversation should be that you are on the same page with your partner.


If there is no reason to believe he is cheating or having an affair, then it’s best to let go and trust him. You can’t control him all the time; if you value this relationship and believe it is worth it, you should trust him. Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. Distrust between you two will weaken your bond. If he guarantees that his flirting does not mean anything, then it most likely doesn’t.

Befriend his friends

Staying at a distance from his female friends when he flirts with them will make you look immature. Try not to portray yourself as a jealous girlfriend; instead, act naturally and befriend his friends. It will help improve the level of trust between you two. When you make friends with his friends, you probably will stop getting uncomfortable when he gets cheeky with them.


When your man flirts with another woman, it may break your confidence level; you might also start becoming insecure. If his behaviour makes you feel jealous, then it’s time you focus on getting back your confidence. You get jealous when you develop a fear of loss; you’re worried that your relationship with this guy might soon come to an end. The more fear you have, the more insecure you will become.

Re-think why you are in this Relationship.

Ask yourself, why do you want to be in this relationship? What is the reason that makes this relationship so important to you? Why do you think it’s worth it. Do you genuinely believe that you both have a bright future together? If the answer is yes, and if you have a solid reason to be in this relationship, you should not stress too much about his harmless flirting.

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Give him a taste of his own medicine

If you’ve made him aware of how his behaviour is making you uncomfortable, and if he refuses to acknowledge the problem, then you may consider giving him the taste of his own medicine. Whenever you’re out with him, have a few fun, flirty moments with other men in the group (Reciprocate his behaviour, but do not cross the boundary). If you can make him feel uncomfortable, he will most likely start to understand your situation.

Have Realistic Expectations

Let’s assume you had a healthy and productive conversation with him, and he understood all your concerns and even promised that he would change his behaviour, It will be wrong on your part to expect too much from him too early. If harmless flirting has been a part of his personality for a long time, he will not be able to get rid of it overnight. Give him time. When he tries to meet your expectations, Be patient, and instead of criticizing, encourage him by acknowledging his efforts (whether big or small),

Keep a positive attitude:

It would be best if you stopped being negative. Do not be stressed out; give your best effort to make him understand your situation; if he truly values this relationship, he will try his best to fix the problem. When you move ahead with a positive attitude, not only do you make better decisions, but you also handle issues like this with greater maturity.


His flirting with other women is no reflection of your desirability; when he flirts with other women, it’s because he has issues. Stop blaming yourself because it’s not about you- Once you accept this little truth, all your pain will disappear.


How do you know if a flirty guy likes you?

When a flirty guy suddenly becomes more concerned for you and goes above and beyond to please you, then there is a chance that he is getting attracted to you.

Look out for signs such as when he constantly takes the initiative to call or text you, asks you to meet up with him. If he likes you, then he will try to give special treatment like when he spends more time talking with you, when he always seek out the opportunity to sit next to you, sharing his secrets with you and other things that he usually doesn’t do with other girls in the group. These are some of the most obvious signs that a flirty guy likes you.

Why my boyfriend flirt in front of me?

As already detailed in this post, the reason why a men flirt with other women varies from case to case. He could be doing it for fun, he may be insecure; whatever the point is you must discuss with him, let him be aware of your concern and how his behaviour has been bothering you. If he is loyal, he will change and will try to meet your expectations.

Is sending flirty texts cheating?

If your guy sends flirty messages to another woman, it may never lead to anything. However, this does not necessarily mean he isn’t cheating. Some messages can be considered fun teasing, while others may include some level of intimacy that he shouldn’t share with anyone except you. This behaviour could be viewed as a violation of your relationship boundaries. While you shouldn’t worry about innocent flirting, but if he crosses the boundary, you need to confront him.



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