12 Obvious Signs He Wants to Marry You

Since the birth of Romantic Relationships, the women have always looked for clues and signs from their Romantic Partners; they wonder, “will he marry me?”, “Is he looking to settle down? You want to know about what the signs to look for if he wants to marry you are?

Things were quite simple in earlier times when suitors were straightforward with their intentions to you and your family, But with time, more and more importance is placed on dating and love. We now give more importance to love over “arrangements” and “perfect matches”.

Dating and romance are complex; it is difficult to understand your romantic partner’s emotions and thought process every time. Women often struggle to find if their romantic partner wants to get married or not.

Are you looking to find clear signs if he wants to marry you someday? Do you want to know if he genuinely loves you and wants to marry you? Are you able to spot the sign on your own without having to ask straightforward (And complex) questions?

Below we have listed some of the most common signs and indicators that your significant other is ready to take the next big step in your relationship.

1. He is not afraid but excited about the future with you.

When he is very confident and comfortable discussing the future with you, it is one of the strongest signs that he wants to get married to you. Men usually do not bring up topics they are not comfortable discussing; they would rather not talk about these issues. But, when he intentionally talks about the future plans, he is maybe looking for your opinion on the matter.

On the other hand, men who avoid discussing his future plans with you in it, have clearly not made up their mind regarding marrying you.

2. He Cares About You

It’s a special feeling when your guy takes good care of you. When a man is not afraid to show how much he cares about you, it is a sign that he is very committed and serious about this relationship.

You don’t see this type of care in a casual relationship. When he takes good care of you, it makes you feel special; you start seeing your partner as someone who is very compassionate, and keeping yourself happy and comfortable is his top priority. This is what true love is, if you man is showing these signs, then most likely he is planning to make you his wife.

Below are few simple signs that you can look for in your daily life to see if your boyfriend cares about you.

– If you want him to be with you, he happily cancels his other plans to be with you.
– He makes a plan to take out time so that you both can spend some quality time together.
– He believes that spending time with you is not something optional, that he can do in his spare time, but he looks forward to it as something very important.
– Every day he asks about how your day was; he listens with complete attention when you tell him.
– He texts or calls you every day to check if you reached home safely,
– He reminds you every time that he is around If you need anything.
– When you share your problem or challenges with him, he gives a patient listening and offers his help/advice.
– Doesn’t matter how old your relationship is; he still takes you out on romantic dates.
– With passing time, instead of fading, his love for you increases day by day; he just can’t get enough of you.

3. You make decisions together.

Does he consider you when making decisions, is it more “me” or more “we” in your relationship? It will be easier to tell how serious the guy is about this relationship by looking at how he involves you in the decision-making process. If you two are living as a unit, he must be making decisions while keeping your well-being, desires, and comfort level in mind. He will consider you as someone he can trust and rely upon when making choices for serious life matters.

When it comes to making decisions on things that matter to him, If he values your opinion, if he considers how his choices will affect you, then it is a solid sign that he is going to marry you in the future. When you two make a decision together, it shows how much he values you in his life. He makes decision by evaluating how his choice is going to affect both of your lives.

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On the other hand, if your partner never consults you while making big life decisions, it shows that he is not that committed to this relationship.

4. You have already met his family.

One of the strongest signs that he wants to marry you is when he introduces you to his family. Although it does not confirm that he will marry you, it is an excellent sign when a guy who is very close to his family does this. On the contrary, If you two have been together for a long time and have not met each other’s family, this can be a troubling sign.

When a man introduces you to important people in his life, he is making them know that now you are an essential part of his life. He wants that people close to him (close friends and family) should know about you. In some cases, it could also mean that your boyfriends want to consider you being his lifemate from his friends and family.

5. He misses you.

With his excellent behavior in the past, he has created such an impression on you that you know that nothing can get in the way when he has made his mind to spend time with you. When he plans to meet you, it doesn’t matter how busy he is; he will make it a point to follow through every time. It shows how serious he is about this relationship and you. On the contrary, if your boyfriend often calls to cancel the plans, it shows that you are not his top priority at the moment; it may be that he is not that committed to this relationship.

6. He wants to discuss having a family.

If your boyfriend is not planning to have a future with you, he will not discuss it with you if he wishes to have a family in the future. He very well knows that if he does not want to marry you, he should not discuss this topic with you.

Men who are not sure about having a meaningful, lasting relationship with the woman they are dating will not discuss family plans with her.

If your beau is not afraid (or shy) about discussing having kids one day, then in the back of his mind, he believes that you will be his lifemate. If he plans to marry you, this is a sign you should look for.

7. He makes sacrifices for you.

Does he always keep your desires in the forefront? Do you often see him making small or big sacrifices for you? Be it –
-choosing a destination for vacations or a restaurant for the next date?
-Accompanying you to places he does not enjoy going to?
-Sacrificing things which are important to him, just for your happiness?

When he willingly compromises for you so that you get to do what you enjoy doing, it is not only a sign that he wants to have a long-lasting relationship with you, but it also indicates that he can be an excellent husband.

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8. He Plans holidays with you.

Planning is an essential part of any meaningful relationship, be it for something big or small. While planning a holiday, you may also get an idea about how your partner values this relationship. It could be decisions like what furniture to buy or choosing a destination for holidays.

For instance, If you want to go to Switzerland, and he wanted to go to Hawaii for the holidays, and suddenly he says, “okay, let’s go to Switzerland this time, we can go to Hawaii for our next holiday. It shows that he doesn’t mind making small compromises for you. It is small gestures like this, which sow seeds for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. You don’t see men easily making compromises like these in casual relationships.

9. You are already living like a family.

You stay at the same place; you are constantly making plans for upcoming weekends, holidays, or moving to a different house. You plan about where to spend Christmas – at your parent’s or his parent’s house. You always accompany him when he visits his close friends and family members, you know them very well, and they also stay in touch with you.

Like every couple, you both have a difference of opinion on some issues, you also have small fights and arguments, but none of them are big enough to weaken the bond of your relationship.

When you act as a family, it means that he is willing to take the next big step in this relationship sometime in the future. He has decided that you are the one and wants to spend the rest of his life with you.



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