How To Make A Rebound Relationship Work

What is a rebound relationship? Why is it considered bad? Rebound relationships occur when you start dating Someone new immediately after your breakup.

Breakups can be painful, and it’s not easy to get over them; they hurt you physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s common for people to enter into a new relationship when trying to move on from their ex.

The relationship may not last much longer when you date a new partner simply to move on from your ex. After a breakup, people going through emotional trauma will often seek to get involved with Someone new to find romantic validation.

A rebound relationship can help you overcome loneliness and help you get rid of the temptation of returning to your ex. While many people will advise against these types of relationships, it’s not uncommon for people to fall in love with their rebound partner and live happily after that.

Yes, You can have a meaningful, long-lasting relationship with your rebound partner.

Suppose you think that you are in love with your rebound partner and are worried about the future of this relationship. In that case, you must understand that this is a rocky territory, unstable and full of difficulties, so tread carefully. Below are some tips on how to make your rebound relationship work.

1. Don’t date Someone just to get over the breakup.

After the breakup, many of us will strongly urge to make this feeling of hurt and pain go away. This desire to overcome or at least lessen this pain will have a significant effect on our judgment. It is one of the main reasons why many rebound relationships fail.

Before getting involved in a new relationship, ask yourself whether you want to get into another relationship? Would you consider dating this new partner if you were not rebounding? Do not just get involved with a new partner to get over your ex.

2.Stop treating the new relationship as a rebound.

If you want this relationship to last, stop considering it as a rebound. If people close to you think you have been too hasty after your breakup and label your union with the new partner as a rebound, it will negatively affect your mindset.

You must get rid of this label if you truly want your new relationship to last. The idea that this relationship is a rebound implies that this is only a temporary arrangement to help you move on from your ex; it suggests that you treat this relationship only as a short-term affair. It will be a positive step for both you and your partner to get rid of this stigma.

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3.Stop seeing your new partner as a replacement for your ex.

The most common error in a relationship is when people start comparing their new partner to the ex. This is especially true for those who were deeply in love with their ex and never thought about the possibility of a breakup. In these cases, it is challenging for anyone to take their space in your heart.

You believe that no one can love you or care for you as deeply as your ex; having these thoughts in mind will make it difficult for you to fall in love with your new partner. Instead of looking at your significant other as a replacement for your ex, consider him your next love, Someone with whom you can have a happy, healthy, and lasting relationship.

4.Do not expect too much 

Your current partner is not always going to do things the way you expect them to do. Sometimes they will do better than your ex, and sometimes they won’t. If you got into this relationship shortly after the breakup, it is normal for you to have few expectations from your new partner.

Do not fret too much about whether they will live up to these expectations or not. If you want this relationship to succeed, you must have an open mind. Accept your partner the way they are, take it step-by-step; instead of criticizing, focus on the positive things they do to make this relationship work.

5.Make long term-plan for the future

Have common plans for the future, start believing that this relationship will last long-term, and you both are going to create beautiful memories together. You don’t have to be serious with him/her straight away, but having long-term goals will help you see this relationship as a serious one.

6.Cope with post-breakout-stress

No matter how short or long your relationship was, A breakup will cause physical and mental hurt and leave you feeling broken. While there is no shortcut to get over this pain quickly, having a solid coping strategy will help you gain strength and move on from your ex with grace.

It is essential to recognize that there will be a grieving period after the breakup where you feel abandoned and insecure about your future. It would help if you felt these emotions instead of suppressing them. Be honest about your feelings, express your emotions, don’t hesitate to open up with your friends and families. It will not be a bad idea to seek help from a therapist.

After a breakup, it is crucial to focus on your well-being. Time will heal all wounds, but when you take good care of your mental and physical health, it will speed up the process of moving on from your ex.

7. Open up and be vulnerable

Being vulnerable is a vital component of any relationship, but, It can be scary and difficult to open up to Someone new after a breakup. 

You get vulnerable by being emotionally exposed – When you are no more worried about the emotional risk that comes from being open to your new partner. You foster love, authenticity, belongingness by being vulnerable. It makes you mentally strong, strengthens your relationships, and encourages self-acceptance.

Opening up with a new partner is one of the biggest fears for people who just went through a breakup. You don’t have to share your deepest secrets with your new partner immediately; However, when you settle down a bit and start feeling comfortable around him/her, you should not hesitate to open up.

8.Stop thinking about your ex

 It’s okay to still have feelings for your ex, but it’s best not to act on them. Some people will choose to keep in touch with their ex, while others will stalk them on social media. Constantly trying to know what your ex is up to will bring back old memories and make it harder for you to move on. If you are serious about your current relationship, it will not be a bad idea to block them on social media.

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9.Learn from your mistakes 

Avoid repeating mistakes you made in your last relationship; this will help you strengthen your bond with the new partner. Learning from your past relationships is not the same as comparing or bringing in old baggage to a new relationship. It just means that now you know better and won’t make the same mistakes again. It’s about trying to figure out how you can improve things this time around.

Now you are clear about what you want in a relationship and what you won’t accept from your new partner. You will also make efforts that will help your current beau understand you better than your ex.

When you think about your past, instead of regretting what went wrong, try to find out why it happened and then focus on how you can stop the same things from happening again with your new partner.

10.Have Fun

Do not push too much pressure on yourself to make this new relationship work. Take your time, have fun, forget about the past, and enjoy each moment with your new partner.

Try to enjoy each moment you spend together, make beautiful memories worth remembering for the rest of your life. These memories will be the foundation of a lasting and meaningful relationship.

Although they may not always be bad, rebound relationships can become unfair for the person who is used as a rebound. These relationships are often based on denial or deceit and fail to last. Even if you’re in a bad emotional state following a breakup, make sure you treat your new partner the way you expect others to treat you.



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